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Way To Go with The Vote

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I hear you America, your vocals are strong.
Do what feels right because you understand what’s wrong.

Yesterday’s primary turn-out had it going on. I’m proud of you.
Michigan rose to the occasion to do what they needed to do,
and came through.

I slept like a baby and dreamed quite vivid.
Good energy is up while the low energy is livid.

Unity requires a standard of respect and respect has been at lack.
Rise this morning, smile in the mirror and get your unity back.

libra.jpgAmerica is a Libra today; the balance of her positive scale looks not so low.
The world is at a better starting-point today, because of the American vote.

Atta’ boy! Enjoy the self-pat on you head
and jam the headline video of what UMI SAID.

As for that nasty-boy Covid19
the blood of Jesus can cover you from that scene.

Divine favor from your maker is real.
Someone that you know tested positive? They can heal.

Atoms and energy composes us all.
Angels are protecting you; illnesses fall.

When life presents us with a situation that has swollen out of our control
God steps in with biological winds that avert ill-will from His children’s souls.

I’m a girl of Science. I think Science is tops.
I’m a supernatural girl; I believe in God.

I’m a storyteller; you know me,
I’ll always champion the good of WE.

Last night the world saw our intentions; may the markets honestly rise,
I’m Qui
Good morning sweetheart, there’s divine help beyond the skies.


The Hand Sign for UNITY

Science. God.

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Have you ever been reading and certain phrases and words catch your eye?
Happens to me all of the time – I shan’t lie,

and in those moments my lids grow wide
as I comprehend the minds of other lives.

At the point where deep intellectualism resides
every story has peaks & valleys; today we focus on The High.

The Almighty “Oh My;” the one responsible for your spirit, mind and bod.
Let’s talk about The Most High, I call Him: Pops and God.

What do you call Him? Do you call Him at all?
If you don’t everyday, do call when your probs are tall.

I do.
And like supernatural fixin’s – He always come through.

spinning news paperSo I was reading this piece in the New York Times
that says Christians be talking but God doesn’t make “the chime.”

Folks are not talking about God everyday.
I was a bit surprised; I responded, “Whatchu’ say?

I really didn’t want to believe it.
But my guy has not only been telling me this — he heaves it

every time I mention God in conversation,
he says, “Most folks wouldn’t make that relation.”

I be like, “What?
It feels like taking one to the gut.

I suppose I did assume everyone talks about ‘The Most High.’
Especially at the start of everyday; upon opening their eyes,

but the New York Times has published otherwise – so I had to vent.
In fact, the percentage of folks that talk about God often is 7%.

That alone won’t pay the rent when Christianity is at an all time high.
What does it mean to be a Christian? Is ‘believing in God’ a time that’s still nigh?

I sure hope so.
Though Stephen Hawking and Einstein said “no.”

Both men believed more in Science as the life-creation reason
and that human stories and calendar glory created the Christmas season.

Then there’s my say.

prayingAgain, I pray and God comes through.
I believe quantum fluctuation belongs to God, too.

If you are not familiar with it,
no probQF makes life in quantum physics.

I believe creation can occur via quantum fluctuation,
and also, that God gave it to us to make such relation.

Is that okay?
No right or wrong needs to be at play

if we can come together and agree on this day
that a higher being, our God has the first and last say.

After all, it won’t be you nor I
that give quantum fluctuation or creates life.

Science is important and I am a woman of such,
but even Science has a beginning; a divine push.

Supernatural forces work for-and-against us everyday.
Please do not live this life ill-prepared for the game you must play.

Life is a game that must be played,”
be properly prepared or by stress be slayed.

Your power is present lest you allow it to be erased
by not believing in God and the schematics of grace.

You are a soldier – please take your place.
God is your power source – let this knowledge not be erased.

It’s okay to lean on Him and live in grace.
I really hoped the lack of God-talk was just a phase.

Unfortunately, I see
that this has become the norm in society.

Though it doesn’t always have to be.
You and I can change that – conversation is key.


Again, I am a woman of Science, my upcoming Bachelors degree confirms.
I’m Qui
and I think, ‘the elimination of God talk’ yields hope – a certain burn.

It’s okay to educate ourselves and to  learn —
but not to the point that we ignore our spiritual discern.

Getting Back To It

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Add it up.

As my collegiate graduation date starts to get closer than not,
I’m sitting back thinking, “I am one blessed lil’ snot.’

Academically It’s true.
I’m barely short of my desired GPA of 4.2.

Other than that,
I’m shaping up to be quite the cinematic cat.

A scientist for sure.
School is a curious kid’s cure.

Summer vacation came and went too quick.
I did a lot of editing & snacking; I got a lil’ thick.

It’s all good, child.
I’ve got a home gym inside of my domicile.

How are you doing this mornin?’
The sun in my hood – later on, will be scorchin.’

So I’m up early
exercising and feeling girly

before the sun comes up.
It’s Hump Day and I’m ISO fun.

Summer is still at hand, so whilst you can, please do pursue it.
I pray lunchtime finds me concluding my grind and Getting Back To It:

Letting my hair down if for no other reason
beyond life, love, liberty and the sunny LEO SEASON.

Leos ! ! ! ! ! ! We are back and good lordy!
Reality is long, so let’s all throw a party.

Are you in? Are you in?
Pink panties ain’t nothing but Pink Lemonade and Gin.

We can work on getting a few of those in.
Day 3 is about “we,” tho she feels like the weekend.

Let the fire season began. I’m happy to do it.
I want you to do it too; join me in Getting Back To It.

Getting Back To You and I… to me;  the two of us…
we” deserve a little more fun and a whole lot more love.

Come in a little closer and get this hug. Progress is being made.
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, it’s Leo season. Oui!! Can you come out and play?

Leo cub Love.gif

PS — Should temperatures be soaring today – stay inside as not to fry.
Go on and turn the television on and watch BIG LEO testify.


Oui Oui Oui – SHORTS TV

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I love SHORTS…

For 14 hours a day and at least 5 days a week, I am watching short films. I keep the television in my office on DirecTV’s SHORTSTV channel. It’s a way for me to feel surrounded by my peers, be entertained, educated, and inspired. It’s also a great way to stay motivated on my own scriptwriting journey. I can’t watch a movie without counting shot types and how they are composed to convey the story. It’s a science, for sure.

Inference. My creative mind immediately goes to what happened before the film started and what could possibly happen after it has ended. I dabble in inference daily. It’s the stuff new creations are made of; it’s also the stuff that encourages me to stay on the path that I am pursuing. I’ve successfully completed several collegiate projects where I had to create characters and scripts for popular films and narrative series. I’ll admit that it can be tough to watch a film that you did not write, comprehend the characters, fall in love with the storyline and substories and create breath to strengthen and sustain its life — but I’m into it. Call me a script empath.


It’s been a very long minute
since you and I have talked short films; all up in it.

So let’s begin it:

BITTER is an 11-minute film about a middle-aged man who finds himself shocked by his 21-year old daughters taste in men.
A well-seasoned rooster seems to be pecking his offspring-hen.

This is a comedy with a real gut feeling spin.
I think you’ll enjoy its ironic end.

FATIMA is a 29-minute short film
about the reality of an immigrant living in the dim.

The dim would be an “illegal status;” always over-the-shoulder looking.
For the good that Fatima was doing on her job, it resulted in police booking.

Though all could have cleared; resolved by proof of videotape
yielding one person with positional power to free or shoot to hell her fate.

That’s about all that I’m going to say about that. You should consider giving it a look.
Although revealing it could be quite healing. The ending was unexpected; I was shook.

IMPERVIA is a work of science fiction that breaths life into an impoverished family of droids. Yes – I said droids, as in androids; think ALIEN with Sigourney Weaver, remember the android on board? Formed like so, an impoverished family of droids is sought out by the governing authority to make some pretty conclusive decisions about the family’s habitation. My good friend and novelist, Marc Abbott stars as the protagonist and head of the droid family. His character is responsible for charting a vision that will yield them a taste of freedom; a way to re-enter society functionally under a system that currently deems them not worthy:

Last but not least – in fact, this one is quite the short thrill,
Christopher T. Wood reigns in this film titled: TIME TO KILL.

Not to be confused with Samuel L Jackson’s piece, A TIME TO KILL.
This short film is comical before getting comparably real:


Unfortunately, BITTER and TIME TO KILL are the only two
that I could find complete short film views for you.

As for FATIMA and IMPERVIA, if you want to catch them completely,
the best suggestion I have for you is to tune into SHORTS TV.

Me? I’m amped up today because it’s Friday and I’ve got script composition on my mind,
I’m Qui
and between you and me, I’m glad to know VCR’s did not take with them the power to REWIND.

Me, you and ShortsTV — we’re going to be just fine.
Us and this literary light o’ mine…

The Princess, The Pea: QUANTUM PHYSICS, you and me

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the-princess-and-the-pea.jpgOh yes, if there is a loose piece of lent in my sock – I will feel it.
If there’s a boo-boo that’s not progressing too well, I’m tuned-up to heal it.

I’m not a doctor nor yet a scientist, just curiously Qui.
But for the sensitivity of my senses, you may call me The Princess with The Pea.

I feel it all. Are you happy? Me too.
I emit colors in words, deeds and the actions that I do.
When you least expect it, I truly feel you.

I always wondered how such a connection could be?
I’m spiritually connected to you and you to me.

Together, we should join energies and harvest big love.
Quantum Physics reminds me that we’re in a Milky Way hug
nestled in the arms of stellar matter and such…
Together,  we should join energies and harvest big love.

Quantum Physics includes the universe and the evolution of stars.
It’ll put you in perspective as to how big you really are.

You’re not so big at all and your energy is no bigger than the dust
that is collected and perfected in the stellar arms that we trust.

There are about 50 additional galaxies  near us in this Milky Way crest
reminding me that I should remain unbiased on which star is the best.

The sun is a middle-aged star in the prime of her life,
she’s not too close or too hot to yield us a divine light.

I call light divine because when you really give it thought
the sun functions under no assumptions that it has been purchased or bought.

It shines on command
per the Creator’s plans.

The Creator’s hands… oh! they are much bigger than yours.
You’ve not made a thing in this world where greater pride should soar.

We are so little.
We’re in the prime of Earth, somewhere in her middle.

The sun is a star and stars go through completed stages of life.
To be frank with you fam, we need to learn how to travel by light.

The galaxy is big and our sun is an averaged sized star.
Our black hole is inactive but what are we really on par

Our energy on Earth is on a collision course.

Have you had a chance to study Quantum Physics? It supersedes understanding chess.
diamond shape.jpgThe world and its wars never bothered me, I’m concerned about the Milky Way crest.

She is beautiful and she is bigger than us.
We are Earthians and are capable of love.
We are beings who need more than a hug.
Take a look like Galileo — and into the quantum do thrust.

Global warming is real and every star has its stages of life.
Sure the Earth is mid-cycle, but that doesn’t mean live trife.

Plastic products: you were a take-out hit but now it’s inevitable that you be banned.
God gave us a fruitful Earth and we’re trashing the land with convenience by our own hands.

We shan’t.
Doing so throws this Princess into a rant.

There are quite a few Pea’s that we need to deal with.
You don’t want the legacy of humanity to cease to exist.

To live is to participate in more than a convenient drive by.
Have you seen the universe? It’s amazing that we have this life.

Let’s do something positive with it.
Conjur up some praise and let God hear it.

You’re comfy in your borough and suburb; for tomorrow, you don’t fear it.
Though if it’s the Milky Way’s black hole vs. Earth: we’re all ended.

See. It’s little facts like that, that mounts a pea in my sheets,
I’m Qui
a curious she; I’m interested in understanding more about “QP.”

Good morning fam, the world is a stellar jam and I’m with it.
Live a good life because the universe is alright –
and thank God for the knowledge of Quantum PHYSICS.

Quality Infrastructure

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Be it the composition of media, art, your life or the roads
Quality Infrastructure is key to support your ebb and flow.

I’ve been spending a lot of time at the museums and such
I’m smitten by Rennaissance art and the archeologists’ light touch.

I’m a student of the Sciences who’s intensely studying the history of art.
Quality infrastructure preserves well; it’s the best way to project start.

The week is still young, how’s your infrastructure looking so far?
Are you elevating well? Do you need to raise the bar?

You be the foreman of your life; utilize integrity and quality tools.
Meditate and workout; pray in silence or aloud.
Quality investments won’t ever render you ‘the fool.

A clear conscience is what maintains your cool.
Go ahead and hump the goodness that is birthed through you.

Whether you work from home or are corporate seeded,
quality infrastructure is all the more needed.

We all rely on streets, highways and toll roads
to deliver us safely to and fro where we need to go.

chimp-running-with-hubcapWhere are you going? 🙂


This is the day that follows day two.
I’m Qui
constantly evolving; to improve is what we do.

Check your core and reinforce every joint.
Quality Infrastructure requires improving many points.

Getting this 411—

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I wake up WAY TOO EARLY in Arizona
and that usually means rising between the hours of 2:30am and 3:30am. It’s something my body has grown accustomed to over the years. I was a night owl in high school. I obviously felt like I had to stay up to help usher the sun into its dawn position. However, by the time I was well into the swing of “mom duty” and raising two kids, I forfeited staying up all night for an early turn-in (usually around 11pm) and then I would be up-and-at-it again by 6am. Just early enough to be up-and-mobile by the time the girls alarm clock went off for school. The years brought adolescent maturity and by the time my last daughter was in high school, I was a master at turning in at or before 8pm nightly. That’s also around the same time that I started getting up at 3:30am.

I do quite a bit everyday before the sun and most people – still, the world is always way ahead of me, (in terms of news and headlines). Arizona is on Arizona time and at this moment the entire East Coast is 3-hours ahead of us and the South Coast is 2-hours of ahead of us — in time zone. California is on the same time zone as Arizona right now, but their clocks will drop 1-hour back once Fall comes in.

My quandary: How can I possibly stay connected to multi-regional and international news if the sun dawns in my region last?

Possible resolution in play: Get up early, put Morning Joe on in the background while I surf internet news and of course my WordPress Reader Tab. Wherein I found the following linked stories…

Todays tabs were informative. There was business, politics and fun.
Todays WordPress Reader yielded me literal dimensional 411:

Even though most don’t consider the prison population to be a helpful sum,
when it comes to extinguishing forest fires, some inmates get it done.

Get this 411: I’m speaking of no other than
California’s “Angels in Orange.”

Firefighters are in demand as the earth dries up and the sun peers hotter.
Inmates have the capacity to help. Officials gave them fire masks and a hose full of water.
What a practical problem solver…

Then over in Tennessee the air quality is far less than a 10,NBCC-harmful-TN
and the National Black Chamber of Commerce is no “person of colors” friend.

Participants in an Environmental Protection Agency research project
said 40% of the population living near energy plants are losing the bet.

That 40% is made up of people of color.
Special interests group countered – because it won’t affect their lives or their mothers.

Special interests groups conducted a study and the National Black Chamber of Commerce did bite.
They’ve caught on to special interest donor growth and would rather be funded than RIGHT.

What we know is:

“For the past year, a team of Tennessee State University students and I have been investigating the air quality in and around the Cayce Place community as participants in an Environmental Protection Agency research project.

Low-income and minority communities such as Cayce Place are often the hardest hit by the effects of air pollution and climate change.

The EPA’s new Clean Power Plan will, for the first time ever, limit power plant releases of carbon dioxide, particulate matter and related pollutants such as ozone.

Forty percent of the U.S. population living near power plants are people of color — so the plan will greatly benefit these communities. It will reduce incidences of asthma and other pollution-related illnesses, as well as create thousands of new jobs and save families money on utility and medical bills,” … but no one’s listening or heeding this report.

Tennessee get it together.
The ozone is what protects us and regulates the weather.

Stop taking special interest cash and selling off the quality of life for your residents.
No one moves to a death trap and work like slaves — only to die trying to pay the rent.

Am I my brothers keeper? – Yes I am! I yield him plenty of compassion and not pity.
I’m a soldier for human rights, though I sound like a cast member from New Jack City.

Ruthless, I am not. For those who live by the sword – die by it.
Why suffocate your brothers for the special interests of others? –  Aint that some bullshit.

Don’t be a low-moraled bitch.
Consider your own family for a bit…

NBCC:: Is a radiation hub a great residential fit?
Get out of here and off of it!
Lest you move-in your mom and keep the radiation pilot lit.

There are many fine authors and great stories on my WordPress Readers list,
but none pierce me as compassionate as our loved ones who are on a journey to FORGET.

They don’t remember your face anymore. They don’t recognize your smile.
You’ve been with them all of your life, after all you are family – their child.

Dementia and Alzheimers is wild
so while perusing I found this file:

Three films about Alzheimer’s disease


Ed Rowe of Cornblog wrote:

“Alzheimer’s disease is a ‘worthy’ issue and such issues don’t often make for great films. Even the most successful have their moment of exposure and then fade away like memories. That said, Alzheimer’s is an issue with inbuilt dramatic thrust. What could be more scary than a disappearing self? I’ve a special interest in dementia…”

He then lists 3 movies that touch on this topic.
Medical science is in hot pursuit to research a way to stop it.

For family members dementia is a huge life test and requires a loving crew.
There’s nothing natural in the scope of humanity that preps us for folk FORGETTING you.

Here are 3 films with 3 different views
all about Alzheimer… produced to help you:


At current, science does not exactly know how Alzheimers chooses its prey. 
So since God is the author of all big and small – I recommend you be vigilant and pray.

My great Aunt Hattie suffered from this. We used to be social for a familial while.
Then one day I stopped by to visit her home and she said, “You ain’t Art’s child.”

Art is my mother and Aunt Hattie is my grandmothers sister.
That was when I realized the longevity of a strong mind – had missed her.

It all came on after the passing of her hubby. I remember it like yesterday.
So yeah, science doesn’t know what to do, but God does. Do pray.

With a short list of films and couple of other headlines on my desk,
I’m Qui
Kicking all topics to thee. I find picking your brain to be the best.

It’s Hump Day baby, walk through it, smile and have fun
I’m up and at ’em, ready to bat ’em after Getting this 411.


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Ep. 252 June 15th, 2012

Last Friday’s episode was… quite informative, though no more insightful or invigorating than usual. BILL MAHER is quite the host personality and natural comedian. I so enjoyed yesterdays show that I’m going to do a little transcribing today to share it the contents of the show with those of you that missed it. HBO’s REAL TIME with Bill Maher is a continuation of ABC’s POLITICALLY INCORRECT and rightfully so. That Bill is a hoot. Let’s get to the shows contents:

The show started out with a “throw back momnent” with Kevin Costner:

KEVIN: We keep focusing on a crisis, but we don’t want to look back and our leadership has successfully let us down because of their desire to be elected to a second term… Just be content that history will judge you after 4-years. Maybe we don’t need an 8-year president. Maybe we want somebody that swings at the fence for us.

Friday nights guest panel included Joseph Stiglitz, Alan Thicke, Karen Finney, David Frum, and Kristen Soltis. First up, Dr. Stiglitz::

BILL: I must first start with a confession, I’ve been reading you for years so that when I went to cocktail parties, I could fake my way through a discussion of economics. The other day I read that you said, “Everybody’s worried [in this economy] about what’s going to happen to Europe.” In reference to Spain, and you said, “The Spanish Banks are being bailed out by the Spanish Government and the Spanish Government is being bailed out by the banks is ‘boo boo economics’.” That’s great conversation for a cocktail party. But what do I say after that?

Dr. S: How long is it?

BILL: Just a couple of minutes before I run away to get another drink.

Dr. S: No, I meant, “How long is the Spanish economy going to last”?

BILL: Well how long is it going to last?

Dr. S: A few months ago they poured in about a trillion dollars into the ECB [European Central Banks] banking system to bail out the government – and that lasted a couple of months. This time Europe poured in 125 billion dollars and it lasted, (maybe) a couple of days. So the likely hood of it working out is not good.

BILL: But how does that affect us? I mean, this really plays into Mitt Romney’s hands. Doesn’t it?

Dr. S: I don’t know if it plays into Mitt Romney’s hand, but what it will mean is that the economy will be weaker. But it does have another side to it. One of the reasons that we’re going to be affected is, that we haven’t fixed our banking system. Remember we had the crisis in 2008?

BILL: I do remember. I lost all of my money. I had it in Lehman Brothers.

Dr. S: Remember they said they were going to fix it [banking system] and they had this bill called: DODD FRANK?

BILL: Yes.

DR. S: Well they didn’t fix it. One of the things they were supposed to fix is the lack of transparency. But we don’t really know the extent to which our banks are interlaced with European banks.

BILL: We don’t really know?

Dr. S: We don’t know.

BILL: You don’t know?

Dr. S: I don’t know.

BILL: Then I don’t know. I’m the guy who gets my cues from you. Now, you have won a Nobel Prize, I have not, but I am a student of THE THREE STOOGES. Every Three Stooges Episode, (well not “every” episode) but they always do an episode (and also by the way there was Abbott & Costello and the Barrio Boys) where these comedy teams go to a rich persons mansion and they purposely put down vermin, (rats, mice, roaches) and then they come back the next day as exterminators to fix the problem. You see my point?

Dr. S: Yes.

BILL: You do? I’m just saying ‘This is how the Republicans seem to run for president. I mean, they cause the problem, then they come back the next day as the exterminator. I read this week that Americans lost 40% of their wealth from 1990-Present. But most of it happen after 2007 because of policies of the previous 10 years when Bush was in office.

Dr. S: That’s right and in fact, one of the underlying problems was that inequality was growing. And because those at the top spend less than those in the bottom. When you move money from the bottom to the top the inequality gets weaker. The Feds decided to address this problem by creating a bubble.

BILL: Wasn’t that Alan Greenspan?

Dr. S: Yes. Alan Greenspan and it was supported by his successor. And as they created the bubble, people did spend more. Average savings rate in the United States went down to zero. And that’s not sustainable. And one of the lessons we always teach in economics is “that which is not sustainable won’t be sustained”.

BILL: I’m going to remember that for the next cocktail party. That’s a good one. Sir I read this week that the cost of tickets at Disney Land has gone up to $87 dollars. It used to be $12 dollars in 1982. Now if they were keeping up with inflation it would only gone up to $28 dollars. But it went up to $87 which means a family of five would have to pay…

Dr. S: A lot.

BILL: A lot. As in too much. I mean not that I even want to go to Disney Land but it should be $28 dollars and somehow it got to $87 dollars. It seems to me that says a lot about where the money has gone and whose enjoying this country and why so many people should be pissed off.

Dr. S: That’s right. But what makes me even more concerned is what’s happening to student loans. You know one of the things that came out in the fed report early this week was that Americans have learned [a little bit] about the lessons of credit cards. They’ve figured out [they understood]that all of the banks engaged in abusive credit card practices. But as credit card debt has gone down student load debt has gone up. And what’s so invidious about this is that tuition’s going up very rapidly in 3 years for public state university – it has gone up 15% across the country, but in California and a couple of other states it’s gone up by more than 40%. Understandable given that the states are constrained, they’re cutting back – no help from Washington. And while income’s are going down [wealth is going down] and tuition is going up, students know that if they don’t get an education their life prospects are dim, not good. But if they forgo accepting the gap in education they’re going to be saddled with this for the rest of their lives. Even in bankruptcy they cannot discharge that debt.

BILL: But I must say, it’s not all the fault of the people that’s giving the education or stopping the money going there I read recently in 2009 [the last year they had statistics for this], there were only 39,000 students that graduated with a STEM degree [Science, Technology, Engineering, Math], and they had 2.5 time more students graduating with a degree in Visual and Performing Arts.

Dr. S: This is Los Angeles, so that’s pretty good isn’t it?

BILL: Yeah but Los Angeles isn’t America and when Obama says “We should fix the bridges.” I agree we should fix the bridges – with people who have degrees in Visual and Performing Arts? I think they’re are people around who know how to fix the f@*#ing bridges. [Close] I wish we had more time Doc. Thank you for coming on the show.

After transcribing this piece – that seemed to go on and on,
I realized transcribing more than this & the piece would be too long.

So If you’re interested in reading the rest of the show
Click HERE and technology will take you to and fro.

Happy Tuesday,
I’m Qui
Pt. 2 [Meet Friday nights panel and the “Hologram Barack Obama” – played by Reggie Brown]

Perusing the News

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So Irene came and went – and didn’t harm NY too much,
she did bless New Jersey with a nice lake-like flood.
The people did heed the warnings and all did hunker down.
Resulting in the bustling Times Square dubbing as a ghost town.
Give Science, Wisdom, Intellect and SELF PRESERVATION a pound.

Beyonce and Jay Z have productive news about their lovin,
Beyonce hit the red carpet (Sun. night) with baby in oven.
A little mini-her or a little mini-him is soon to come.
It’s B’s first child and Jay’s second child in sum.

I’m so glad B has decided to bare child now
And not be like Janet: stingy w/ovaries & waiting it out.

At one point America wanted so badly for Janet to have a biological kid
That tabloids sewed seeds of a child that Chico and she HAD & apparently hid.
Reebie was reported to be raising the child, when suddenly the story went cold.
Now Janet’s back on the tabloids racks with new fiance talking dna mold.

I wish her well. A prosperous career is what most skilled women want.
I’m just not sure that pregnancy is for me during my lusty 40’s flaunt.
Trust –> If I didn’t have kids by now – I’d strive to be the bestest aunt. 🙂

I understand procreating is going to always be in hot fashion.
I just wish MJ was here to encourage Janet to ‘gone & spawn a little more Jackson.
I wonder what happen between she and Dupree –
that there was no child bearing action from he?

This Texas heat is finally calming down. Today we woke up to welcomed cloud cover,
I’m sure glad, because degrees have been hellishly bad – I’m officially a new Fall lover.

School is back in session and dirty talk shows are back on the air
You know the ones filled with trailer park fun? Jerry Springer – if you dare.

My a.m. writes I am duly copping
while CW dirt talk show chopping.

9 a.m. & 10 a.m. are always good to go
First Jerry Springer – then Steve Wilkos.

Today 2 (dna) sisters are fighting over a dike’ish girl.
Yes! Jerry’s show is quite reflective of our colorful world.

CW’s dirt break is at 11 and waiting 30 more minutes is the test.
For at 11:30 it’s me and Y&R getting filthy on legacy CBS.

Speaking of dirt 2011 is on the latter with less than 4.1 more months to go
and running up close will be political debate shows leading up to the 2012 vote.

Dirty. Dirty. Dirty.
Republican runners are thirsty – thirsty – thirsty.

Will there be one who’s knowledgeable base
can step up & beat Obama in political debates?
Ooo Wee — I can’t wait.

In the meantime, I will be duly hunkered down in my filming and writes,
I’m Qui
Divvying a News Peruse complete with birth-to-dirt insight.
I didn’t make it up. I just write…. lol!

Fractal Theory in Progress

In Science on February 8, 2010 at 4:43 pm

I’m so attracted to Fractal Theory. Science is such a turn on. Are you still curious about Fractal Theory? Do you remember what it is?

Fractal Theory is a part of Chaos Theory. It describes a series of identical geometric patterns nestled one inside of the other into infinity.

Chaos Theory says the presence of chaos may actually produce order. Chaos may be necessary for order to develop, (not just order, but BEAUTY as well). Every fractal has a moment of transition – it can go one way or the other depending on which Strange Attractor it’s drawn to.

Strange Attractor is a set of points such that all trajectories nearby are drawn to it. No one really knows what it is – they can see the effect it has on what’s around it, but Scientist haven’t been able to figure out what it is. Some people actually think its final proof of the existence of God because like God we can see the effect as it repeats the pattern infinitely throughout time through beauty, and order out of chaos. But to define what it is…is not possible.

There’s usually two strange attractors in each pattern. Everything that happens around them is defined by that division. The greater the chaos the greater the beauty that comes out of it – assuming that everything follows the right strange attractor – because that’s what shapes the world around it.

The headline video shows a plethora of fractal theory patterns. Notice the two points at the top – those are the strange attractors. These patterns nestle one inside of another to create the world we live in depending on which strange attractor takes the lead. However, being that there are two strange attractors to every pattern and only one shapes our world – what kind of control do you think the weaker attraction has? Does it shape an alternate reality? Is there a parallel world out there beyond my SyFy channel?

Science can be sexy. I wonder what strange attractor is at work shaping our lives and our world as we know it? I wonder if we have any “pull” as far as which strange attractor takes the lead? I wonder if the warring chaos that our country is in will produce order and beauty in Afghanistan and Iraq? Which strange attractor is responsible for The New Orleans Saints winning SuperBowl XLIV? I wonder if the chaos that Haiti is going through will result in beauty and order? Fractal Theory is on my mind and it’s got me feeling strange.

I’m Qui
Living in theory…curiously.