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They won! They won!
and it can’t be undone.

The majority of sports bets pulled for Denver.
Seattle showed up and is all history will remember.

I’m cool with both teams, but like I told you before
I was pulling for Russell, because we’ve the same surname score.

Happy Monday to all – it’s a new weeks begin,
I’m Qui
Take a moment today, to hug on family and friends.

R.I.P. Philip Seymour Hoffman
Actor / Producer / Director

New Peruse – with a Scandalous Fuse

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The feds go at it – over NJ traffic

QE 4 Chris Christie

Christie charges ahead in the face of investigations

— So traffic was backed up for miles, and many hours at the bridge,
But what does that have to do with our beloved Governor Chris?

It seems 20 subpoenas have gone out so far
and counsel leading the investigation is Reid Shar.

It seems they are probing slight hints of bullying relations
as it pertains to the governors administration and partisan retaliations.

It seems State Senator Majority Leader Wienberg, and Mayors Fulop and Zimmer
were inspiration for the traffic jam per accusatory whimper.

The media is all over this story and Gov. Christie is trimming his staff.
His attitude has done a 360 – less sarcasm-witty; a much less rude bask.

I like the governor and I sure hope he’s not fibbing 
in saying the jamming of traffic wasn’t his for the giving.

With 2 investigations under way, via scrutiny eyes much will be seen
of the governor, a possible presidential candidate in 2016.

It’s all happening so fast. How can we possibly pull up and get past this?
A scandal’s stacking-up in Jersey so tough, like that GW bridge traffic.

Morning Joe can’t take it no ‘mo

Yes! You know I’m a lover of the show
and this morning ol’ Joe couldn’t take it no ‘mo.

QE 3 Morning JoeHe so wants folks to quit talking about Bridge Gate, 
to the point that he’s willing to down grade Benghazi Gate.

Oh wait! Cease your stray – don’t walk away from the rhetoric now.
Benghazi is a party favorite – a real partisan pow!

Joe is a pretty compelling talker in his staunch republican ways.
I may not agree to his bended plea, but I dig the way he plays.

I wake up eager to Morning Joe these days, just to see Mika’s face
and watch Joe scuffs down his Starbucks brown and hail his conservative space.

As for his boy Chris Christie, I hate to say it, but we’re just getting started.
And if details are as raw as Christies brass jaw, it won’t bode well for the faint hearted.

Be of good cheer if you support him, for among polled citizens
of those who believe he is innocent equaled 44 percent.

Polling is significant – we all enjoy consensus crunchers
So here is on Obama’s statistical numbers: Jan2014

The SeaHawks can’t rise above or get no love

Every since they clinched a spot in the Super Bowl
It seems “to belittle Sherman’s passion” is the way to go.

Why is it if a jock-like white politicians yell in press conference at others — he’s just a guys guy.
But if a jock champion yells in a microphone after clinching a title, he’s out of place – gone awry?

Seattle Sea Hawks WINHe’s barbaric on the field and t’was on the field he commented in press.
Perhaps Morning Joe should trade off Sherman’s hate mail for a Bridge Gate rest.

I rather liked Richard Sherman’s shout out to Crabtree.
Foul conversation @ NFL line’s is like traditional ooo wee.

That information is not just privy to me,
There’s a real dogmatic force behind sports broadcast on tv.

Sports live-in-the-arena are fun too and far more graphic,
but not nearly as rough as sitting 4 hours or more in traffic.

SeaHawks NO LOVE ——————————————

Learn the difference between a jock and fat guy in politics.
Double standards running rampart, really aren’t worth the spit.

And where’s the scandal in the White House? Somebody call Shonda Rhimes quick!
I’m Qui
Enjoying this News Peruse with its wide and scandalous wick.