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Looking for SOMETHING

In Communication, Griot on April 22, 2010 at 10:58 am

SECS. Not to be confused with the acronym S.E.C. [Security Exchange Commission], SECS sounds like “SEX” and stands for: Successful, Educated, Cool, Sexy as it lives in the content of a person. So maybe you’re not familiar with the new acronym SECS —and that’s okay because I just made it up. 🙂 But SECS is totally sought out on a daily by me, thus I had to put a name on it. Yes! It’s me and I’m on the hunt for good SECS.

SECS rarely eludes me because of the circles I frequent.
I observe it in women – I observe it men.
I like a unique swagger but prefers a top shelp spin
SECS is best when in proper dress with an interesting grin.

Oh it can get deep. Connecting without words is a mother
Good intellect is the segway to SECS — and it affects me like no other!
Whew! I’m getting excited, as I’m well past my due,
Of running into “what I’m looking for” – could the interest be you?

I’m looking for good SECS – do get into my view,
I’m Qui
Filming today in a reel intimate kind of hue.
…playing between the lines is something I naturally fancy to.

I hope I find it.