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Good Morning Monday!

In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on November 30, 2015 at 7:05 am

Good-Morning-MondayGood Morning Monday, what have you got up for me today?
I’m ready to comprehend, I’m ready to play.

I’m ready to make a statement, I do have a say.
I’m hard on my work. I’m hard on my play. 😀

And today, dear Monday, I’m just happy to be alive.
I’m thankful for days passed; the love did thrive.

I woke up this morning at approximately 4
with no thieves, no police trolling my door.

I knelt down to pray, then up to make a cup of jo.
My mind on the now and the future; on the to and the fro.

Yo! Yo! Yo, I’m up for it.
There’s purpose out there and I’m trying to score it.

Life? I adore it. What have you got up today?
Be good to yourself, put negativity away —

even if it’s a person that you usually see everyday.
#SelfPreservation is yours. Be convinced and sway.

Make it a Good Morning Monday and join me in feeling great!
I’m Qui
Encouraging thee to #SelfPreserve and revel in the GOOD on your plate.

Start the week off the way you want it to end.
Good Morning Monday! I’m charting for the #WIN!


Kick, Push, Kick, Push, Kick, Push, Kick, Push. Coast!

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use-fear-to-fuel-your-journeyIf at first you don’t succeed – try, try and try again.
When you gain mad speed, don’t forget “the legs” that have been your friend.

WHOSE LEGS: Yours, your friends, your agent’s, your mothers, your partner, etc. The legs of your success is everyone that supported you and carried you – whether you asked them to or not. 

Whoever it was that assisted you up and over that hill — remember them during the coast.
Whilst you coast, enjoy your accomplishments and forfeit not  to be learning the most.

Kick, Push, Kick, Push, Kick, Push, Kick, Push.  Coast!

Unsupportive folk are comparable to burnt toast –
your grill doesn’t cook that stuff no ‘mo.
Do yourself a favor and please let them go.

Remember always who had your back the most.
It takes a lot to kick and push — so  don’t forget them on the coast.

Don’t forget Lupe Fiasco either. His joint inspired me to write this lil’ o’l piece.
Go on, click the link and join me in a sweet “coasting” release.

PlumQui-2015cropIt’s Friday baby,
I’m Qui
that Griot lady
on coast for a few days… and I’m feeling good. 😀


How to Reboot YOU

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on May 4, 2015 at 6:22 am

reboot-300x222I know what you’re thinking — “But do I have to shut down?
Perhaps and it’s okay to wear the #SelfPreservation crown.

You preserve your residence by caring for your home inside and out.
You care for your smart phone data with external hd’s and backing it up to the cloud.

You take good care of your vehicle, inspections and checkups are always made.
You take care of the kids and lurking obstacles, hid – but what about you, today?

Did the computer freeze up? Apps seem to have gone awry?
Reboot first, before your brain is fried.

Save yourself the time of delving into hack level troubleshoots
by trying the easiest choice: sign out and reboot.

Often times if you’ll wait a few minutes before powering up your device
you will find all has smoothed itself out and all is alright.

That’s a lot like life. Sometimes it can become staccato,
perhaps yielding a feeling of more STOPs than GOs.

Enough with the whoas, turn off your phone and social media unplug,
you are operating in a mundane mode and it’s filled with destructive bugs.


Step in front of a mirror and give yourself a BIG hug.
You’ve been neglecting yourself. Its time to be a “self preserve” thug.

Steal a little time away just for YOU.
Take as much time as you need to reboot.

Social media will bait and wait, your cell phone holds voicemail,
the people that love you will still be there – all others can go to hell.

It’s all about you.
Meditate for a breakthrough.

It’s okay to reboot.
Don’t get lost in the groove,
take the headlines – stick and move.
Self preservation is all about you.

Good morning family — so what’cha gone do?
I’m Qui
And this is your griot word on How to Reboot YOU.

Monday Love. Come and give me a hug.

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on December 1, 2014 at 3:47 am

HUG meOoo wee. This morning I woke up smiling.
My mind refreshed and wilding

with all kinds of ideas of how to make the best
of my growing love for this place in the Southwest.

I think I’ll invest a little more in love and sew a few more seeds
that consist of a few more hugs and a few more good deeds.

I mean, I’m truly happy y’all.
The world could crumble, the world could fall –

So I’m going to smile today because I feel no sorrow.

I did my morning affirmations. Did you do yours?
I’ve prayed and debt forgave. My heart keeps no scores.

My mind holds no grudge and wisdom is mine, Monday Love.
Hello and how are you? Come and give me a hug.

My weeks schedule is full. No room to pencil-in for reasons to widen the belt.
I like money and all, but self preservation can’t be stalled and requires me to be stealth.

December is a coming and I couldn’t be happier about it.
Monday Love. Come and give me a hug.
Act like your deaf and I’ll be happy to shout it.

Monday Love! Come and give me a hug!

divider blk_south
Please don’t be shy now.
Opportunity is nigh, child.

I’m Qui
Good morning Love. Now bring it in.
HUG - Wikihow

Self Preservation

In Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on March 14, 2014 at 8:15 pm

Focus Self Preservation Each one of us shares the same instinct for self-preservation. Our first instinct is to run away from danger in order to protect our own life and safety. We act purely on the instinct to stay away from harm or a dangerous situation or a situation that threatens our survival. We have learnt to be guided by our instinct for self-preservation in other areas of our life.

It’s human nature to want to be praised, feel appreciated or feel important in our standing in a particular field. It actually boils down to self-preservation, as it assures us that we are secure in our positions. People need to promote themselves to create awareness in others of what or who they are lest the people hold a low opinion of them. Some go to the extreme to exaggerate their self-importance while others lie.

Negative feelings when expressed in moderation are natural instincts of self-preservation. But irrational and prolonged destructive emotions are positively detrimental to the health of the human body. They disrupt normal mental and bodily functions.

The need for self-preservation gives rise to morality. For morality to be truly effective, it cannot be imposed forcibly against the will of any individual or group without their agreement.

We are gifted with reasonably good health. Our instinct of self-preservation ensures that we continue maintaining our health. Nature plays a part in that self-healing is a very important aspect of self-preservation. However, the continued onslaught of deadly diseases has raised our consciousness of the importance of self-preservation.

Men set off in fear and trepidation and make new discoveries. If we were to succumb easily to self-preservation, how much less progress would we have made in the scientific and other spheres. But intense feelings of self-preservation have prevented organ donors from contributing to the welfare of others despite the impermanent nature of the human body.

People with negative attitudes are aplenty. Self-preservation dictates that we have nothing to do with them. But it will be foolish to hate or be angry with them, or to react against them with other negative emotions. Harbouring negative feelings runs counter to self-preservation.

Self preserve. Focus on the positive and live there.

[Ref. Source:]


This week — I sure did take advantage.
I did no more than I felt I could honestly manage.

I took my time and I cooled my heels.
Self preservation, this week, was my primary appeal.

I took care of self and lightly kicked it with you.
I appreciate you for all the well wishes that came through.

As we approach week 2 of Spring Break, please let me be the first to tell,
that IT IS GOING DOWN! Bring it on world, because I’m feeling well!

Happy Weekend alas, the ides of March are surely upon you,
I’m Qui
Have a drink and think of me after you designate a driver or two.

You gotta be alive to utilize

Where’s your sense of adventure, You ask

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Wile_E_CoyoteIt died under mysterious circumstances. My sense of self-preservation found the body, but assures me it has an airtight alibi.

-Captain Tagon & Captain Andreyasn”
― Howard Tayler, Schlock Mercenary: Resident Mad Scientist

I’ve been on soups for the last six days,
not sure if I’m ready to solidify my ways.

When healing up – remember to please take it slow.
The bacon smells good, but the tummy says “No.”

Happy Hump Day,
Qui Signature Logo



In Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on March 30, 2012 at 5:18 am

Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker
Have you ever woke up feeling brand new?
Feeling like there’s nothing that you can’t do?

Have you ever felt limitless from your intuitive belly
and believed you could fly like the legendary R. Kelly?

I do.
I have that feeling through and through.

A Happy Weekend is what I’m looking forward to.
A united dialogue between the media, me and you.

Life has trials lined up that we all must go through.
Life has a great silver lining in all that we do.

Are you seeking it? Are you looking? It truly resides within.
Step away from the drama and reap A HAPPY WEEKEND.

In the midst of all that you’ve lost and you’ve gained…
In the midst of it all you can still call upon His name.

And He’ll be there.
Jesus is partial to making you feel better than fair.
Put your cares and your hands high up in the air.
Let reservation run free – like the wind in your hair.

I bid thee A HAPPY WEEKEND – because you deserve it.
Goodness will come your way, because you diligently serve it.

You give like you get. And good things are destined to come in.
I’m Qui
Feeling brand new with thee
– ready for A HAPPY WEEKEND.

Smile and be happy and let God work out all ills.
Stay prayerful and faithful and most of all – stand still.

This weekend is yours.
A Happy Weekend is your score.

Perusing the News

In Griot, Music, News, Politics, Science, TV Shows on August 31, 2011 at 9:52 am

So Irene came and went – and didn’t harm NY too much,
she did bless New Jersey with a nice lake-like flood.
The people did heed the warnings and all did hunker down.
Resulting in the bustling Times Square dubbing as a ghost town.
Give Science, Wisdom, Intellect and SELF PRESERVATION a pound.

Beyonce and Jay Z have productive news about their lovin,
Beyonce hit the red carpet (Sun. night) with baby in oven.
A little mini-her or a little mini-him is soon to come.
It’s B’s first child and Jay’s second child in sum.

I’m so glad B has decided to bare child now
And not be like Janet: stingy w/ovaries & waiting it out.

At one point America wanted so badly for Janet to have a biological kid
That tabloids sewed seeds of a child that Chico and she HAD & apparently hid.
Reebie was reported to be raising the child, when suddenly the story went cold.
Now Janet’s back on the tabloids racks with new fiance talking dna mold.

I wish her well. A prosperous career is what most skilled women want.
I’m just not sure that pregnancy is for me during my lusty 40’s flaunt.
Trust –> If I didn’t have kids by now – I’d strive to be the bestest aunt. 🙂

I understand procreating is going to always be in hot fashion.
I just wish MJ was here to encourage Janet to ‘gone & spawn a little more Jackson.
I wonder what happen between she and Dupree –
that there was no child bearing action from he?

This Texas heat is finally calming down. Today we woke up to welcomed cloud cover,
I’m sure glad, because degrees have been hellishly bad – I’m officially a new Fall lover.

School is back in session and dirty talk shows are back on the air
You know the ones filled with trailer park fun? Jerry Springer – if you dare.

My a.m. writes I am duly copping
while CW dirt talk show chopping.

9 a.m. & 10 a.m. are always good to go
First Jerry Springer – then Steve Wilkos.

Today 2 (dna) sisters are fighting over a dike’ish girl.
Yes! Jerry’s show is quite reflective of our colorful world.

CW’s dirt break is at 11 and waiting 30 more minutes is the test.
For at 11:30 it’s me and Y&R getting filthy on legacy CBS.

Speaking of dirt 2011 is on the latter with less than 4.1 more months to go
and running up close will be political debate shows leading up to the 2012 vote.

Dirty. Dirty. Dirty.
Republican runners are thirsty – thirsty – thirsty.

Will there be one who’s knowledgeable base
can step up & beat Obama in political debates?
Ooo Wee — I can’t wait.

In the meantime, I will be duly hunkered down in my filming and writes,
I’m Qui
Divvying a News Peruse complete with birth-to-dirt insight.
I didn’t make it up. I just write…. lol!


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On THIS MONDAY MORNING: I’m a few hours in from my hiatus/vacation.
I took a short road trip Saturday – for a little self preservation.

It’s a good thing that I did — I needed every ounce of rested up strength
to come back home and sort through unnecessary familial bull-schtick!

I won’t bore you with the details. Trust all that you need to know
Is that destructions path wasn’t limited to good ol’ Tokyo.

In fact, Tokyo bore the least of the brunt of the recent earthquake and tsunami,
then I had to come home and bear the brunt of my beloved partners Mommy.

She’s something like the plant dubbed “Mother In Laws Tongue
and I would very much like to leave her unwatered dry sword in the sun.

…the thought isn’t very nice or fun…
But when it comes to stress– I DON’T TAKE NONE

On THIS MONDAY MORNING: I will leave drought provocation behind,
and duly get my head together for SPRING BREAKS new shine!

Economics are still crazy, and the prospect of general betterment is low,
so I’ll stick to my kind – hammering out reel grinds – and chronicle the time as we go.

Wild fires have raced through Oklahoma and dried its moisture up,
and New Jersey’s received buckets of rain that have produced an early Spring flood.
Because Hawaii & San Francisco’s (post disaster) wetness— just wasn’t enough.

Oh yes – I know I sound melancholy, though to be honest: I’m in a good mood.
There’s nothing that I like to do more than to to drop REAL NOTES through GRIOT food.

On THIS MONDAY MORNING: incase you were feeling a little short of ‘crazy views’:
we’ve got La jibber mouth Michele Bachmann back in the news.

She’s doing no new damage – just the same old misguided rhetoric as before.
Michelle is still out there twisting up our countrys historical & documented scores.

Ghadafi is on his job (so early in the week), fighting to take back LYBIA’s control.
He shouldn’t deny the peoples outcry: “YOUR DICTATORSHIP is OLD”!
Ghadafi: ☛ ☛ the people want you to go!!

On THIS MONDAY MORNING: (there's no time for yawning) WE have got to do even better,
I’m Qui
Feeling the winds breeze from the icy headlines of our early Spring & opting for a sweater.

This Monday Morning does yield A NEW START.