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empty-mason-jar.jpgGrape, strawberry, or perhaps a little peach?
No sandwich is necessary for a good life to be in reach.

Life can be sweet if you know how to make it.
Opportunity isn’t an entitlement. When you see it, take it.

A good life can go long, so you want to have a good body-quality relation.
While the day is young and most anything can be done, put in on Self Preservation.

Take a few minutes out of your day to sit in a quiet space
turn off the lights, close your eyes, focus, and meditate.

Do you do it?
Wondering how to stay still and go through it?

Meditation yields a peace that can elude you if you’re not mindful and careful.
Life is full, prioritize as a rule; being overwhelmed yields to being fearful.

Preserve all that is good about you.
Meditate and pray every day before you join ‘the group.’

Your friends duly count on you
to be yourself and help pull them through.

Surely you knew, — right? They count on your strong style.
So please relax next time you see them and flash that reassuring smile.

The all-encompassing vibe of life loves being sweet on you.
Invest in preserving; to thyself, always stay true.

Go to God when you don’t know what to do.
Go to God if you think you have a clue.
Go to God and He’ll see you through.
Preserve and reserve. This life is about YOU.

Live, love, and give to those who don’t have or understand.
Self-preserve often to keep your heart open and softened,
and stay prepared to give a helping hand.

None of this can be achieved if you are out-of-sorts and unnerved.
I’m Qui
Good morning baby, I’m most interested in your sweetest preserve.

Use it today to concentrate on your preserve and spiritual relation.
Use the opportunity of the Sabbath to be a jar called Mason.



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Yes, Bart. #ComeUP! 

Good morning baby. How’d you sleep? I’m up early — I know.

I wanted to be of the first in A-Z to see the sunrise show.

I wanted to be of the first to greet you as you awake, yawn and rise.
Nothing but good’s been pending for you – before you ever opened your eyes.

Go and get it! Don’t be surprised. You’re a beast when you’re at your best.
The way you make the fam look good, you’re not Scottish but deserve a sur name crest.

Yes, honey! Yes! Today is ours for sure.
Never mind what’s going on in front of or behind –
today was made for a score.

So let’s take it.
Let’s enjoy it to the fullest and not fake it.

Me? I’m up here on this mountain top.
Taking care of self? You know I don’t stop.

I’m up here taking-in nature and good company, alike.
I’m up here with intentions to better my life.

Inhale good vibes. Exhale all strife.

It’s the perfect awakening for girl like me on, a Friday.
I’m Qui
Up here in Sedona, A-Z. So for me, it’s an absolute high day.

Be peacefully elevated along lifes way.


Let’s talk Tao, Towel and Chakra’s

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no-coincidence.jpgThe first two words have nothing in common besides the fact that saying “towel” while softening the sound of the “w” and omitting the sound of the “l,” helps me to properly pronounce the word: TAO.

Did you know that? Give a it spin. Say the word “towel” and soften the “w” while omitting the “l” and you are well on your way to learning a little more about the practice of Tao having just mastered the phonetics.

If you recall, I was channeling Big Sean and “The Bounce Back” a few weeks ago after my dad crossed over. My fathers end journey was an expectant one, still I wasn’t completely ready.  At the cresting of my emotions I stumbled into a TAO master.  The meeting was not planned and dare I say, still, it was by no mistake.

no-coincidence2.jpegI don’t believe in coincidences.

7-days before my dad left, I was taking what I considered a random walk to clear my head. I could tell that my fathers condition was worsening. He was no longer mind strong. As I approached the outskirts of a shopping center near my home I saw a car pull up and a little Asian woman got out and proceeded to walk to the entrance of a business in the shopping center. We made eye contact. I said, “Hello as she crossed the sidewalk in front me, she responded in kind, leaned towards the door as to open it, but instead retrieved a brochure from the exterior of the door and then turned and handed it to me saying, “Your first class is free.” I smiled and said, “Thank you,” and proceeded to walk.

Curious a few days later I stopped by to read the various sign posters at their store front and saw a CHAKRA reading service that was provided therein. I made an appointment to have my chakra read a few days after my dads passing – though my appointment wouldn’t mature until after his home-going memorial. It was a whole 7-days away, I was seriously anxious, however, I waited out the days and promptly made the appointment.

My reason for wanting to have my chakra read? Well, I had no idea what a chakra was, really, but I  do have an awesome masseuse that I’ve been with for more than 2-years. She is a deep tissue, myofascial masseuse and it’s not uncommon for me to see colors during  our 90-minute massage sessions. The color I see most often is GREEN. A very vibrant green, so I was eager to see if the reading associated me with the color and what it exactly meant. I mentioned my experiences to my masseuse and she asked me if I knew anything about chakra’s? It was then my journey began…

The chakra reading that I received was provided by Chun, the shops owner. The method in which she read my chakra was via a machine that had a place for me to lie the palms of my hands on:


Remember the color green that I mentioned I usually see during my massages? Well green showed up in the spades on the computer monitor that was hooked up to the machine. This was the reading. So what does GREEN mean or represent where the chakra is concerned?


According to the chakra flow chart (above), my reading was color confirmation. I am indeed dealing with matters of the heart, starring love and grief. Chun furthermore informed me that my 2nd and 3rd chakras are congested. I’m not having optimum energetic flow throughout my body. I had a feeling that this was the case. I may not know much about Tao healing or chakras and the likes, but I can definitely tell that I am energetically all-over-the-place right now and may need some balancing and even a little (or a lot) of positive reinforcement.

I gain reinforcement via knowledge, so you can bet your sweet bottom I’ve picked up a few books and am reading with intent. Intent to utilize the knowledge I reap to realign my energy flow for optimal performance from the inside out. Tao speaks to your body and opens up communication to your brain. I think of the classes that I’ve participated in so far, they have served as an emotional and physical channel clearance.

expanded-consciousness-no-coincidence.jpgI’m finding my body and mind are getting quite the workout as I engage in strengthening my energetic connection to my core. It’s easy to do, if you know how to do it and have the time to work on it – daily.  At current – I do. I am focused and actively participating. The mental workout, alone produces enough perspiration to utilize a “towel”, but the balance of the workout usually implements a move that will release any tension that you may have felt in the previous move.  These emotional and energy workouts are yielding me substantial physical benefits, starting with mind clarity.

Inhale through your nose. Exhale through the lips.

I’m on the start to something good, a colorful path of good flowing energy.

Hello Tao. It’s so good to meet you.


I’m no Tao master, I’ve only had a few classes,
Though I can tell, early on, this is surely for the masses.

The mental and physical benefits that I have yielded from participation
Speaks volumes to my spirit, mind and body – in progressive relation.

Meditation? We all need it. We should concentrate on our own paths.
I’m getting in touch with my DAHN JON, it’s located south of the abs.

A deep breath into my depths will retrieve the coolness that I need
To temper down any anxieties, without yielding to pharmaceutical heeds.

And Ouiiiii! I’m off to having a much calmer day, participating in cooler verbs.
Tao and towel are nouns filled with vowels though the color of my chakra is WORD.

Are you taking care of yourself? Are you utilizing self preservation?
I’m Qui
Much into me; speaking to my body, mind and spirit – in healing relation.

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little meditation.

Good Morning Monday!

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Good-Morning-MondayGood Morning Monday, what have you got up for me today?
I’m ready to comprehend, I’m ready to play.

I’m ready to make a statement, I do have a say.
I’m hard on my work. I’m hard on my play. 😀

And today, dear Monday, I’m just happy to be alive.
I’m thankful for days passed; the love did thrive.

I woke up this morning at approximately 4
with no thieves, no police trolling my door.

I knelt down to pray, then up to make a cup of jo.
My mind on the now and the future; on the to and the fro.

Yo! Yo! Yo, I’m up for it.
There’s purpose out there and I’m trying to score it.

Life? I adore it. What have you got up today?
Be good to yourself, put negativity away —

even if it’s a person that you usually see everyday.
#SelfPreservation is yours. Be convinced and sway.

Make it a Good Morning Monday and join me in feeling great!
I’m Qui
Encouraging thee to #SelfPreserve and revel in the GOOD on your plate.

Start the week off the way you want it to end.
Good Morning Monday! I’m charting for the #WIN!


Kick, Push, Kick, Push, Kick, Push, Kick, Push. Coast!

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use-fear-to-fuel-your-journeyIf at first you don’t succeed – try, try and try again.
When you gain mad speed, don’t forget “the legs” that have been your friend.

WHOSE LEGS: Yours, your friends, your agent’s, your mothers, your partner, etc. The legs of your success is everyone that supported you and carried you – whether you asked them to or not. 

Whoever it was that assisted you up and over that hill — remember them during the coast.
Whilst you coast, enjoy your accomplishments and forfeit not  to be learning the most.

Kick, Push, Kick, Push, Kick, Push, Kick, Push.  Coast!

Unsupportive folk are comparable to burnt toast –
your grill doesn’t cook that stuff no ‘mo.
Do yourself a favor and please let them go.

Remember always who had your back the most.
It takes a lot to kick and push — so  don’t forget them on the coast.

Don’t forget Lupe Fiasco either. His joint inspired me to write this lil’ o’l piece.
Go on, click the link and join me in a sweet “coasting” release.

PlumQui-2015cropIt’s Friday baby,
I’m Qui
that Griot lady
on coast for a few days… and I’m feeling good. 😀


How to Reboot YOU

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reboot-300x222I know what you’re thinking — “But do I have to shut down?
Perhaps and it’s okay to wear the #SelfPreservation crown.

You preserve your residence by caring for your home inside and out.
You care for your smart phone data with external hd’s and backing it up to the cloud.

You take good care of your vehicle, inspections and checkups are always made.
You take care of the kids and lurking obstacles, hid – but what about you, today?

Did the computer freeze up? Apps seem to have gone awry?
Reboot first, before your brain is fried.

Save yourself the time of delving into hack level troubleshoots
by trying the easiest choice: sign out and reboot.

Often times if you’ll wait a few minutes before powering up your device
you will find all has smoothed itself out and all is alright.

That’s a lot like life. Sometimes it can become staccato,
perhaps yielding a feeling of more STOPs than GOs.

Enough with the whoas, turn off your phone and social media unplug,
you are operating in a mundane mode and it’s filled with destructive bugs.


Step in front of a mirror and give yourself a BIG hug.
You’ve been neglecting yourself. Its time to be a “self preserve” thug.

Steal a little time away just for YOU.
Take as much time as you need to reboot.

Social media will bait and wait, your cell phone holds voicemail,
the people that love you will still be there – all others can go to hell.

It’s all about you.
Meditate for a breakthrough.

It’s okay to reboot.
Don’t get lost in the groove,
take the headlines – stick and move.
Self preservation is all about you.

Good morning family — so what’cha gone do?
I’m Qui
And this is your griot word on How to Reboot YOU.

Monday Love. Come and give me a hug.

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HUG meOoo wee. This morning I woke up smiling.
My mind refreshed and wilding

with all kinds of ideas of how to make the best
of my growing love for this place in the Southwest.

I think I’ll invest a little more in love and sew a few more seeds
that consist of a few more hugs and a few more good deeds.

I mean, I’m truly happy y’all.
The world could crumble, the world could fall –

So I’m going to smile today because I feel no sorrow.

I did my morning affirmations. Did you do yours?
I’ve prayed and debt forgave. My heart keeps no scores.

My mind holds no grudge and wisdom is mine, Monday Love.
Hello and how are you? Come and give me a hug.

My weeks schedule is full. No room to pencil-in for reasons to widen the belt.
I like money and all, but self preservation can’t be stalled and requires me to be stealth.

December is a coming and I couldn’t be happier about it.
Monday Love. Come and give me a hug.
Act like your deaf and I’ll be happy to shout it.

Monday Love! Come and give me a hug!

divider blk_south
Please don’t be shy now.
Opportunity is nigh, child.

I’m Qui
Good morning Love. Now bring it in.
HUG - Wikihow

Self Preservation

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Focus Self Preservation Each one of us shares the same instinct for self-preservation. Our first instinct is to run away from danger in order to protect our own life and safety. We act purely on the instinct to stay away from harm or a dangerous situation or a situation that threatens our survival. We have learnt to be guided by our instinct for self-preservation in other areas of our life.

It’s human nature to want to be praised, feel appreciated or feel important in our standing in a particular field. It actually boils down to self-preservation, as it assures us that we are secure in our positions. People need to promote themselves to create awareness in others of what or who they are lest the people hold a low opinion of them. Some go to the extreme to exaggerate their self-importance while others lie.

Negative feelings when expressed in moderation are natural instincts of self-preservation. But irrational and prolonged destructive emotions are positively detrimental to the health of the human body. They disrupt normal mental and bodily functions.

The need for self-preservation gives rise to morality. For morality to be truly effective, it cannot be imposed forcibly against the will of any individual or group without their agreement.

We are gifted with reasonably good health. Our instinct of self-preservation ensures that we continue maintaining our health. Nature plays a part in that self-healing is a very important aspect of self-preservation. However, the continued onslaught of deadly diseases has raised our consciousness of the importance of self-preservation.

Men set off in fear and trepidation and make new discoveries. If we were to succumb easily to self-preservation, how much less progress would we have made in the scientific and other spheres. But intense feelings of self-preservation have prevented organ donors from contributing to the welfare of others despite the impermanent nature of the human body.

People with negative attitudes are aplenty. Self-preservation dictates that we have nothing to do with them. But it will be foolish to hate or be angry with them, or to react against them with other negative emotions. Harbouring negative feelings runs counter to self-preservation.

Self preserve. Focus on the positive and live there.

[Ref. Source:]


This week — I sure did take advantage.
I did no more than I felt I could honestly manage.

I took my time and I cooled my heels.
Self preservation, this week, was my primary appeal.

I took care of self and lightly kicked it with you.
I appreciate you for all the well wishes that came through.

As we approach week 2 of Spring Break, please let me be the first to tell,
that IT IS GOING DOWN! Bring it on world, because I’m feeling well!

Happy Weekend alas, the ides of March are surely upon you,
I’m Qui
Have a drink and think of me after you designate a driver or two.

You gotta be alive to utilize

Where’s your sense of adventure, You ask

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Wile_E_CoyoteIt died under mysterious circumstances. My sense of self-preservation found the body, but assures me it has an airtight alibi.

-Captain Tagon & Captain Andreyasn”
― Howard Tayler, Schlock Mercenary: Resident Mad Scientist

I’ve been on soups for the last six days,
not sure if I’m ready to solidify my ways.

When healing up – remember to please take it slow.
The bacon smells good, but the tummy says “No.”

Happy Hump Day,
Qui Signature Logo



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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker
Have you ever woke up feeling brand new?
Feeling like there’s nothing that you can’t do?

Have you ever felt limitless from your intuitive belly
and believed you could fly like the legendary R. Kelly?

I do.
I have that feeling through and through.

A Happy Weekend is what I’m looking forward to.
A united dialogue between the media, me and you.

Life has trials lined up that we all must go through.
Life has a great silver lining in all that we do.

Are you seeking it? Are you looking? It truly resides within.
Step away from the drama and reap A HAPPY WEEKEND.

In the midst of all that you’ve lost and you’ve gained…
In the midst of it all you can still call upon His name.

And He’ll be there.
Jesus is partial to making you feel better than fair.
Put your cares and your hands high up in the air.
Let reservation run free – like the wind in your hair.

I bid thee A HAPPY WEEKEND – because you deserve it.
Goodness will come your way, because you diligently serve it.

You give like you get. And good things are destined to come in.
I’m Qui
Feeling brand new with thee
– ready for A HAPPY WEEKEND.

Smile and be happy and let God work out all ills.
Stay prayerful and faithful and most of all – stand still.

This weekend is yours.
A Happy Weekend is your score.