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A Sippin’ Summer

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sippin-cup-stirerIt’s hot outside here in Phoenix – triple digits can be a bummer.
I’ve not ever been much of a drinker, but this is A Sippin’ Summer.

And I wonder what’s good at the bar?
I’m a writer, my sport is to “observe” spar.

I can truly sit and sip for hours and if it’s water – I’ve no limits.
Surely you’ve seen writers doing this sort of sport in the special Olympics?

No? Oh. Writers are still to be considered “special folk.”
The day they allow us into the Olympics will be “all that she wrote.”

And so I’ve taken to working-out with intent, again.
My birthday is around the corner and I want to spend

a good deal of time feeling good and having fun.
I think I’ll take to the skies and travel for a new destination sum.

The den of August is a Leo’s YUM!
Meow and Rawr! I love this month!

It’s perfect for Six Flags, it’s perfect for night walks,
it’s perfect for girl time and lots of mimosa talks.

Today is Friday and I feel it in my hair
Creativity consumes my mind, you can see it in my stare.

Get into my glare. Be the muse that fashions the scripted runner.
I’ll be sitting at the bar being true to this Sippin’ Summer.

Don’t you worry about what’s in my glass, I’m grown and uninhibited this month.
It’s water anyway, I need a clear mind to create – So rounds? I buy a bunch.

sippin-summer-Kristen-Wiig-wineIt is that kind of season.
Building writes of excite
is my chief reason.

I’ll be sitting table-side to the bar as I sip.
I won’t be doing it alone, I’ll be sipping with script.

Yes kinfolk, I am pregnant indeed.
The intro pages thus far, are a real steamy read.

I’m still in the build – I’m still in ACT 1.
A well laid foundation won’t easily be undone

and it’s so much fun. I see a little bit of you all in it.
I’ve been sippin’ your flavor, it’s a great way to spin script.

I like the way it tastes, you’ve got bite, you’re a bit of a gunner!
I confess your kool-aid is a hit and provides an awesome Sippin’ Summer.

This must be a fear to those closest to me; their darkened dim
that I would script a story or character that is fashioned after them.

All I can say to that is,

Get over yourself and please do it quick!
You know that you’re
all that – Of course you’re influencing my scripts!

So tell me more …

Please read that as a ‘flattering quip.’ Life ain’t much without diversity.
I blog, you read, WordPress serves the feed – our relationship is a working key

on so many levels. Remember “all the worlds a stage,”
I’m Qui
Enjoying A Sippin’ Summer with thee on this literal Friday.
Go out, have fun and if you see me, say “Hey!


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3-major-roller-coasters So I was feeling some kind-of-way last Wednesday,
The kind-of-way that made me want to go out and play.

So I packed my bags to get ghost- alas. Then “Adios!” I did say.
I arrived at Magic Mountain on Friday to roller coaster slay!

And I did.
If FEAR was with me, she was a chick that hid.

I rode hard and for what time alotted, I rode them all.
I approached the front cars without contemplation or stall.

I rode them #LikeABOSS y’all, in 99 degree heat.
I kept my hands up and I had no interests in grounding my feet.

I was ISO of more ENERGY. I was curious to know how it works
and if I needed to — could I use a roller coaster to personal ENERGY twerk?

My energy wave was deep, it was not the kind that I value or keep in stock.
So I counter weighted that energy with g-forces and I’ll be ding-dong! It stopped.

The energy wave –that is. The energy that I did not want.
I left it at Six Flags to roller coast haunt.

I couldn’t believe it worked. I used energy to counter balance the same.
The roller coasters that helped me – I’d like to list them by name:


The Viper
The Riddler
The Green Hornet

I also road THE NINJA; the line was impressively long.
I put fear aside and got in line to ride strong.

Here’s a video review I made. Watch it if bravity is in ya!
The name of this ride was (la sleeper aka) THE NINJA:



The ENERGY experiment worked so well that I bought a season pass!
I’m Qui
good morning to thee – if energy is not good let go like gas.

I did and I had a blast!