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Well it is done – we’re officially on relocate.
My guy is exiting the UNEMPLOYMENT line by moving to another state.
Going without me, wasn’t a topic that was up for debate. lol! 🙂
So we’re packing to move from the lone star state.

Though this means nothing to you if follow me online.
There’ll be no relocating of my griot grinding mind.
Here on QE – we will continue to intertwine
and come up together via technologies vine.


Six weeks ago my girlfriend found a breast lump
Friday night she had a mastectomy – a dual dump.

They removed both breast and gave her a tight tummy tuck
then took the fat from her belly and reconstructed her lady humps.
…and all of this during breast cancer month.

Thank God she’s got good insurance – American Airlines fits her health needs well.
That is why universal healthcare is needed, so that more victims have THIS STORY to tell.


I’ve shot scores of small business commercials for CitySquares since June’s begin;
However good tis too short lived (in my hood), as my residential status comes to an end.

You wouldn’t believe how many good people I’ve met in such short time.
Connections made will be kept, wisdom says cherish a good mind.
I’ve found many.
Good News and Entrepreneurs have proved to be plenty.


I think I’ve found a renter to occupy my home & continue its appeal.
Which is fantastic because I didn’t want the additional mortgage bill.
Whew, Thank God and For real.

And here we are facing another new week,
I’m Qui
Bidding you good
in all that you do and in what you speak.

Make GOOD NEWS happen. It’s literally up to you and me.

Happy the A/C went out in July

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I have a two story home and both of my A/C units have died during July’s most infamous triple digit run. GREAT! Had they not, I wouldn’t have thought it was possible for me to escape to a nice hotel, have breakfast in bed and sit by the poolside on a Thursday morning.

Making Lemonade out of Lemons.

I’m thinking like the alchemist; I’m making life what I want it to be. Sure the A/C units will have to be repaired by Friday – but surely until then, I can pamper myself about it. lol! I work hard, so I should afford myself rewards. Though I must admit my work isn’t work at all. Filming folks everyday is a passion…a dream of mine, so in actuality, the man that spends his days on his passion hasn’t had one day of work. It’s all pleasure to him. Yippeeeee! I am him…(*ahem) I mean HER! 🙂

Sure both A/C’s have died in the most opportune time of Summer.
But I’m not crying about it being a real ding hummer.

I’m good. No — I’m great, receiving breakfast in bed,
chopping up conversation with you amidst positivities in my head.

I have a few film shoots to do, but nothing needed tending to more than this site.
As much as I love filming commercials I do hate slacking on the global writes.

Good conversation can render such knowledge and convey uplifting insights.
It’s hard on me not to verbalize – COMMUNICATING is my life.

So imagine my good feeling this morning when I realized I had a moment,
to kick it with you and get a hold of the a/c dude- ’tis my purpose: I’m on it.

Happy Thursday baby. I’m so glad the A/C went out.
I’m Qui
Taking it easy
today and schmoozing in clout.

Clout? Oh yeah. Its always my mission to make a few new professional friends.
Once I finally start my work day, I’ll shoot a commercial for the hotel I’m in.
Benefits of fringe!