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It’s Your Big Day!

In Griot, Self Improvement on July 27, 2018 at 5:15 am
It's Your BIG DAY | Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

It’s Your BIG DAY | Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

The last time that someone said those words to you, it was probably your birthday or the day of that big promotion at work. Do you remember that? How did hearing the words “It’s Your Big Day,” affect you and make you feel? Was it excitement? A little nervousness… okay a lot. Did you feel light on your feet, perhaps you had butterflies in your belly? All of that would pair well with the resonance of those words into the universe.

Regardless of how you felt, you went with it. You continued to broach the day with certain bravery and even a boldness because you knew at that moment that ‘it’s your big day,’ and you owned it. You poised your spirit and your posture to receive it. You may have even thanked God for the opportunity before stepping foot into the day that was so perfectly tailored for you. Remember that?

That day seemed to be perfect in every way including the assumption that all of or at least most of it was perfectly out of your control. Yes? I’m not so sure nor perfectly convinced that you had a minor role in the manifested vibe of that day. It’s always been you who speaks to the universe and the universe responds and not the other way around. So, if your big day was the birth of your child, I guarantee you that you had a heck of a day 9-months back that gifted you with a birth. If your big day was a promotion at work, I’m pretty sure you put in countless hours over the past months and years that contributed to the company’s success before the promotion manifested. You get my point, right? You are the reason and the seed of tomorrow’s harvest because of the choices you make today.

What return of good would you like to manifest? Invest in the potential of it today and watch it grow. When the harvest comes in, be humble and grin then with wisdom and knowledge you do it all again. Every day is an opportunity to sow into your future. Be mindful, meditate and pray when shaping your big day.

Sow. What have you got up today for your tomorrow?

It’s Your Big Day today and you know it.
Let your poise and posture show it.

Tomorrow is coming; today you must learn to hone it.
When they say, “It’s Your Big Day,” you want to fully own it.

Nothing happens by coincidence or sole circumstance.
You’re the captain of this ship; the belle of the dance.

Take life by the horns; not just today, but every day
because good adds up to be understood
as yet another one of your big days.

You control your future – it does not control you,
I’m Qui
and It’s Your Big Day every day! Let an understanding console you.