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About Mondays

In Book, Communication, Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on April 9, 2018 at 4:46 am

alarm-clock-calendar-close-up-908298.jpgEvery morning can classify as a Monday, as in every morning is a new start.
It may read Thursday on the calendar, but it’s new opportunity at its heart.

Good morning Monday. I’m so glad that you’ve come back around.
Last night I slept quite sweetly; last night I slept quite sound.

All last week I was on Spring Break and nowhere really to be found.
I chose to hiatus in a familial space and camped out in DFW’s Ag-Town.

It was good to be on old stomping grounds. Texas is still the place that I call home.
It was good to visit every cousin, nephew, niece and kin that I can’t visit in the ‘Zone.

Spring Break was refreshing, reviving and real.
I couldn’t wait to come home and record the appeal.

I have a narrative series episode to conceptualize.
The producer is from Cow-Town and has his eye on the prize.

I’m game to help him literally birth a narrative view.
I’m into collaborating on new projects. It’s a Monday hue.

I saw a movie last week; t’was a science fiction gem,
it was Legendary Pictures, “Pacific Rim.”

It didn’t just hit the theaters, — I’m just getting around to taking it in.
It was pretty good, and well understood; I’ll have to go back and give the first one a spin.

This is the second Pacific Rim film. The first starred Idris Elba.
Part two starred his scripted son; a futurist who’s quite clever.

The film was adequately entertaining. I give it a big thumbs up –
and then Sunday rolled in with another win at the Mocha Girls Read book club.

I do enjoy this particular outing; it’s a sisterly critical analysis event.
This weeks review was of Claretta Street, by Kenya Barris’ sister, Colette.

The book club members are relentless in sharing their truths.
Each one is heavily honest, though none are named Ruth.



For a writer, a discussion group is the true telling of the tale.
I’m new to this particular group, and so far they have not failed

to remind me to come with the facts and to close all story holes.
These ladies are shaping my audience understanding into tried gold.

On honing the complexities — I am sold and today is Monday.
Another opportunity to be fly and take the road of high; a fun day.

I’m girly and up early to be down with it,
I’m Qui
happy to reconnect, compose griot and spit it.

Happy Third Day

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on March 28, 2018 at 4:34 am

dynamic 3.gifGood morning Humpday. How’s it hanging?
Spring is in the air and things are a changing.

My collegiate load is heavy but not to exceed more than I can take.
We’ve been going strong for a little long; thank God for Spring Break!

For duly on next week, it will be mine to take.
You best believe that I cannot wait.

But today is the third day; Humpday –
I’m up early to work – because later, I plan to play.

Right now, there’s Morning Joe and homework in my face.
There’s no time for the jo.’ The two of us need space.

The hiatus is temporary, I’m sure.
But to combat morning anxiety — this is proving to be the cure.

So I’m up sipping water and life is breezy. 😊

How about you?
How’s the view?

Are you in the office or are you out and about?
Are you on vacate, taking PA, or just have high clout?

Either way, enjoy this day to the fullest.
And don’t watch too much TV – that stuff can be bullish.

Hug yourself and your fam; make a sweet memory today.
Time is non-refundable nor do moment come to stay.

Take advantage.
Prioritize well and you can manage.

Happy Third Day, baby and how do you do?
I’m Qui
Up early to reap the day’s firsts; a connoisseur of opportunistic dew.


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Elevator Music…

In Communication, Griot, Music, Networking, Video on March 21, 2016 at 5:47 am

meditation-blk-womanAlright! Spring Break is over. Is everyone back? Are you back?
Did you let your hair down, did you almost go off the track?

Did you go crazy like a white girl? Did you go crazy like you’re black?
As long as you had fun, reaped no regrets and succumb to no lack —

then I’m going to say YOU WON! I’m glad to hear it and welcome back from your fundays.
I’m glad to see thee and to have you read me on this beautiful dawning Monday.

Quick – will be my say, I titled this post ELEVATOR MUSIC.
Because I didn’t DO Spring break – and a break, I could use it.

So when I thought about “a pause,” an elevator tune came to mind and I couldn’t refuse it.
I feel like I need to step in, close the doors and get lost in calm music.

Da-da-da-da-da, da, da-da-da-da-da, da, da, da, da, da, da, da…
Let it feel good. I wanna inhale deep. Exhale a sigh and let calm come nigh.

Da, da, da, da, da, da…
I’m down to try
on this Monday morning.
3am started my lively yawning.

I’m up. I’m up! and it’s 5am.
The Elevator Music is my preferred hymn.

No – I didn’t do Spring Break and no, I’m not taking off this week.
I’m over here researching and content writing as we speak. Life is sweet.

And this Elevator Music is absolutely instrumental is playing its part,
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, be ‘mind easy’ like me and let nothing hinder your awesome weeks start. red-hearts