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Keep On Trucking On

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black-truck.gifAnother morning to another day full of opportunity.
Rise early to get a start on what is about to be.

You do want IN on this – don’t you?
Good morning beloved, it’s Day 1 after 2.

You got that, right?
I slept rather hard last night

after putting in a whole lot of work.
Hard work could kill – so thank God no one was hurt.

I dated a shoot; with “the script,” I’m a flirt.
Directing myself in a scene isn’t easy; a talented skirt.

I pulled it off.
The challenge was great – I didn’t choke or cough.

It was a good time had; storytelling is something that I love.
I’m in two scenes out of seven – pulling a Spike Lee can be rough.

What about you? What have you been into?
It’s Day 3 for you and me. Let’s jit-up to push it through.

I think that it’s going to be good for you. Are you ready?
Previsualize and focus, enter with intentions; keep it steady.

Aw yeah! You’re ready! There ain’t nothing that you can’t do.
When a problem arises you just Keep On Trucking On through.

I dig that about you. Do it again today!
Tell me, love, do you meditate, do you pray?

I do, and I pray that you will be stronger all the more.
Time with you in the morn is time that I adore.

Goal!!! Let this Hump Day be a score for us,
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee, I’ve got nothing but pallets of love.

Keep pushing positivity. The route is to be dug.
You’s a MAC on the 10 – let me see your best TRUCK.

What’chu packing?

Summers Singe brings in…

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Just call me Sizzlina because I’m in Phoenix and temps are on the rise.
Last Summer was a hot fool, this Summer I have a pool and a swimsuit of a smaller size.

However small my frame the size of my residence grew.
I am a mother of daughters – I birthed 3, alive are 2.

Both are grown and have progressed on – now ages: 25 and 18.
The youngest moved into college last year and I reclaimed my scene.

Diddle Dee – Diddle Dough
It’s just me and my high school beau.

Avos-LR-June2016I literally reclaimed my life, boxed up the old and got a new crib.
I also lost 40 pounds to increase the quality of “my live,” 😀

It was Fall of 2015, all was well and I knew that Summer would come soon.
My two-story home had lots of space to roam and 2 available guest rooms

then in came the BoOM! and life said, “BAM!”
there are 4 folk residing in the house now.

Laugh out loud, cackle —  do whatever you do to cope.
I’m not going to lie, I love it – their company is dope.

I’m literally addicted to the energy that I default bid,
for back in the home are my 18-year old my 25-year old’s kid.

Those 2 guest rooms are unavailable now though my life is filled with hugs.
I’ve heard folks regret their kids coming home, but me… I think I’m in love.

Quo-Pey-RenFest2016The 18-year old’s never a bore, a Cancer at her core, whose appearance stays on shine.
She’s the most awesome social butterfly; the chique , an aristocratic-kind.

My 25-year old is a loner, a woman of her own and is off conquering the world.
I’m the supportive key who said, “Yippee!!!” When she asked me to keep the baby girl.

That was last Winter — we’re in the early throws of “Summers Singe,” now.
I don’t mind the temps rise in my new size and my family girth is this cat’s meow.
Ow! BoOM, BAM and PoW! 😀

So help me God, I’m having a blast.
The toddler has me in the pool thus I’m up off my ass.

I cried when the 18-year old initially left for college – now I’m glad that she’s back.
She always has a story to tell and her ‘fashion game’ has no seam for lack.
You gotta love that!

I’m  “style biting,” looking at her life and griot writing.
I’d be lying if I told you, I was in a pickle — this life is exciting.

I’m up at 4:36 am in the morning hammering out this relative sum
because I know when the 3-year old wakes up at 7, so does the households FUN.

Mmhm and yum-yum! The Summers 120 degree Singe has brought some fire into my life,
I’m Qui
and it feels quite breezy to me. I imagine NOT being in this position would be comparable to ice.

I love this season!


Love yours.

The Write Right: A domestic slight

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female-silhouetteThe Write Right — Langston Hughes had it. I have it. We all have the right
to communicate via song or say, by voice, text or write.

Please say what you feel inside, because I always do.
If a situation needs too much stroking – I call that a screw. 😀

Oooo! Don’t even get me started, after all I do have “The Write.”
I like to do mine when most are asleep. I own the dark of the night.

When you decide to ‘lay you down to sleep,’
and your unfaithful partner is contemplating a “creep,”

I’m the one with the iphone in voice record mode, the light in the window.
Stories of late night creeping tweak my scripted flow.

No. I don’t know where the male neighbor is ‘off to’ or where he ever goes,
though it is good food for my literary soul to see nocturnal activity – like so.

As he crept into the night, my mind yielded to the characters in my script and they started talking
they said, “if his wife gets up and cuts on the light — evidence will be on display and squawking.

Carried away in mind, the Mrs. may glance out of the front door to see what’s going on,
that’s when she’ll peep my silhouette in the window across the street — with the light on.

Ding dong! Looking at me. My light’ll go off, but I’m rarely s’ked.
I just don’t need her piping up. She should go back to bed.

That man ain’t no mono-homebody. He likes to keep it plural.
The city is a nice place to play. Her man was raised in the country rural.

Me? I was raised in the Dallas/Fort Worth
in stitched boots, a wide brim and a nifty little skirt.

I’m up early and my night hours run late.
I stay awake to keep watch of my plate.

My plate is my life, my journey, my purpose and what I am doing here.
The Mrs. will fancy coming over tomorrow to verse, but I will not be here.
freak-creepingI am a writer, a recorder of history. Invoked by realism I jot it down,
add in a little provocative mystique and we’ve got a concept script in the round.

Who’s sneaking out to see who, and go where? My neighbor is on point 3-days a week.
However, between the hours of 8am-3pm, the handyman works “the domestic recon creep.”

The Mrs. across the street finds the handyman to be a treat.
He doesn’t mind the work; he doesn’t mind the heat.

Once I asked her if her A/C or something was on the blink,
she said no, but there are “pipe issues” with her sink.

flirty-plumberShe said the handyman is good with her pipes.
She said his mannerism is one that she likes.

She said he doesn’t charge her for all services all of the time.
She said if I wanted him to stop by my home, that would be fine.

I replied, “Mine? Oh honey, never mind, my pipes are fine,” 
— besides the help that he’s giving her can be seen by the blind.”

She laughed – me too and then she said, “What’s the name of your site?
And do you enjoy spending your time upstairs writing all night?

I told her, “I do,” and that “the night hours are best.”
I told her “more pops-off in the wee hours of night while the majority of folks are at rest.”

She smiled and began to walk back across the street, looking over her shoulder in great delight,
she said, “you do what you and I’ll do what I do.” I agreed, and then produced this write.

She has the right to continue to do whatever she is doing,
and he has the right to continue creep-creeping and night screwing,

and I have the right to be vocal and record on my  iphone…
I love the night life, I am so rarely alone.

And so with The Write Right, I do believe this to be true,
I’m Qui
and if I didn’t stay up to jot it down, who’d ever find the time to write about you?

Keep doing what you do.
If it’s “on the low” – I guarantee someone is watching you.