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No Week End here

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no-weekend.jpgThere’s No Week End here, by any measure.
To work at being strong is absolutely my pleasure.

The last book that I read was a biography and it was depth-rich and information sweet.
It was on Michelle Obama, her family, her Moma…and it added strength to me.

That was Friday.
I woke up to the read; a high day.

The read set off a chain of reactions and awoke desires of stifled fires that I’d forgotten about.
So for the last 3-days I’ve been on “the creative raise” knocking incompleted work out!

There was so much to do sitting on the back burner.
What I didn’t know I read up on- I’m a real quick learner!

And so the Week has had No End for me and I remain merry.
Amidst the upload of good to my soul we lost Chuck Berry.

But don’t worry, before completing the dash ” – ” he made a fine mark.
He rolled right in and rocked folks in and out of sin, still all who knew him ‘fell for’ his heart.

He obviously lived a tad bit smart. If you question – bless your hiney.
Chuck was born in 1926 and crossed over at age 90.

Eventually the human body gets weak, gravity is a “hold-you-down” kin.
Still I rise like Maya Angelou and the skies;  I’ve yielded No Week End.

Today is a new day and per my usual, I started the day in meditation.
I hope you did what you know to do to keep mental clarity in your relation.

GOT TO —  and as often as possible these days.
Days that I forgo “the meditate” I still kneel to pray.


It helps me to feel A-Ok. Never mind prescription anxiety meds,
I’m Qui
Affirming that RULE 1 of No Week End is to always Keep your mind fed!!!

So what was the last book about that you read?

It isn’t EASTER time but

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I’m wishing you a GOOD FRIDAY, and it’s only the first Friday of the year.
I pray this new years beginning yields you lots of good cheer.

I’m happy on today, because I’ve got my life, my health and strength.
I’m happy on today because I can duly afford the rent.

I’m happy today because my children are in good health too.
I’m happy today because I’m kicking it with you. Ooo!

And so — it is GOOD FRIDAY after all.
Get up quickly if you stumble and fall.

Be like Herman Cain and his resistant 999…
Walk about in bliss – like all is well & fine.
(even if its only in his –and your– sublime).

It isn’t EASTER time but anytime is a good time to have a GOOD FRIDAY,
I’m Qui
That blissfully happy she – encouraging you to make this one a HIGH DAY.

Qui Loves Ya!

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