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MLK — More Life and Karma

In News on January 19, 2015 at 9:32 am

Happy MLK Day! I hope you have the day off
and are full of good health, with no kind of cough.

I am feeling pretty healthy – I am feeling pretty good.
However, yesterday I lost a soldier in my familial hood.

January 31st would have been the day
that he would turn 90 and we’d celebrate.

My dear friend and grand father crossed over real quick.
He was in perfect health – his exit was old age, not sick.

And THAT — dear friends is how we all want to go.
Living life like Warren Buffet until the end is so.

Life will end and if that is understood,
with each day you make Karma; so do a lot of good.

Plan to go to the Superbowl — and hang out with your friends,
I’ll be in the Phoenix-hood, making memories of good and chillin.’

The weather in AZ is fantastic, in a few months the heat will be a spinner,
right now it’s all good, The Superbowl and Tiger Woods rule the winter.

Congrats to the Patriots and the SeaHawks! Please accept my upside down frown.
I look forward seeing the shine of your beings and celebrating your super touchdowns.

No filming will be done today – I spent the weekend fully behind the reel.
The production is humming, the budget – firmly running. I love the way it feels.


As of today, many have lost it, so be encouraged to )))embrace your being(((.
Raise your cup of juice or jo to the history we know of Dr. Martin Luther King.

If you’re a boot wearer, like myself, or from Funky Town in the Lone Star State,
Celebrate with me, the life of the 90-year old O.G., the captain, a Carter: LA.

Lee Andrew “LA” Carter
January 31, 1925- January 18, 2015

Do some good, let loose and celebrate MLK.
Invest in your karma and help someone out today,
without doing it for pay! 🙂

I think the secret to reaping a long life may lie in how you live,
I’m Qui 
Loving on thee. I’ve got a lot of good karma to give.

Celebrate YOU today!
Peace and Blessings – Happy MLK.