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Get to know thyself

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PlumQui-2015cropAnd no, I’m not talking about masturbation in particular, but that is a good way to ‘get to know thyself,’ however, I’m talking about getting to know you: physically, emotionally and mentally. You don’t have to be a doctor, you just have to be in touch with yourself. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I am very much in touch with myself. If my right eye flutters 3 times in an hour you best believe I have made a note of it somewhere, either text, iPhone notes, or on my laptop. Text is a good way to document stuff. I preface my Mom as the text recipient and I guarantee you the issue will be thought about, prayed about, ¬†documented and never forgotten. My Mom is going to follow up with me more than the doc could ever afford too. It’s a great system I’ve got going – it works. Text your mom today. ūüėČ

But what about subtle stuff? I mean, I’m 44, a mom of kids 18 & 24; surely TIME¬†is looking for an opportunity¬†to lay claim on my youthful parts. I’m fighting. I stay active, I¬†take vitamins, supplements, drink smoothies, do cardio 4-5 times a week all to fight off the onset of Old Man Age. Sometimes he bypasses the obvious ‘middle-age spread’ tactics and attempt to go after your mental or emotional stability. You may find that you’re forgetting things quicker or that you’re sluggish on thought recollection — I recommend GINKO BILOBA before running for the hills or to the doctor crying Dementia. Regardless, you still have to be pretty in-tune and aware of self to be able to pinpoint such subtle changes. You may have to monitor yourself over a period of time to make sure you’re picking up on and tending to the right issue.

I’m a research junkie. If something hurts on my body, I’m researching it. I’m not into psychosomatics, however, I do believe it is real, so I avoid over researching or being led down the “rabbit hole of terminal illnesses.’ It’s futile. I research and look for clues that reasonably fit my symptoms, then I look for a hand and foot REFLEXOLOGY chart to see if I can pinpoint and massage the issue of (internal organ) concern. You do utilize¬†reflexology, don’t you? You should. All nerves end in your hands and feet. Get in touch with yourself via reflexology. It’s amazing.

When I find that a long day of research and column creating is wreaking havoc in my shoulders, I turn to Christina. Christina is my 23-year old muscular skeletal therapist. She moves mountains from my shoulders via MUSCLE MANIPULATION and threatens them to return. This is my way of countering¬†¬†physical stresses;¬†I get physical back. I currently see my therapist once a month, (they’ve got me on an auto draft plan). You should try it. You deserve it – well at least your body does.

Don’t struggle with the chattering monkey during the day or during the night. When you find yourself being overwhelmed from day to day with an influx of valid and/or invalid thoughts – stop and do something about it. MEDITATE and/or pray in a quiet space. ¬†Put a blanket and a pillow on the floor to slightly elevate your bottom while you sit in a relaxing pose, just focusing on your breath. Think: Inhale. Exhale. Think nothing more. Just breathe. Experience the rise and flatten of your tummy as you breathe. It’s relaxing. After doing this for at least 2-3 minutes, perhaps you may go into a chant, or a prayer. If you’re a praying person, go for prayers of thanksgiving. Try to avoid praying for things and that includes, people, places, material things, ¬†jobs, kids, etc. Just breathe and GIVE THANKS. Don’t know what to give thanks for? Try giving thanks for YOUR LIFE. If you nothing else – you’ve still got it.

These things: vitamins, supplements, massages, reflexology and meditation have done me a world of good. The more my body gets back into it’s original alignment (inside and out) I seem to have a more heightened awareness of self. Just last year my doctor feared I’d be a joining¬†the high blood pressure gang, and we weren’t sure why I was good candidate, other than my genetics, (I’m black). So I started incorporating massage and a consistent¬†vitamin and supplement regimen, I added in exercise and massage and voila! My blood pressure is 118/76, (as of today – which is down from 139/80). 118/76 is an ideal number for my age. I’m doing great. My diet is in transition. I shamelessly still love Cheezits, Chocolate and Dr. Pepper. Lord help me. I’m working on it everyday.

The diet is crucial. 80% of our weight lies not in our exercise regimens but what we are eating. My diet is responsible for my labanza! I know me and I can do better.


I don’t know too much, but I do know me.
I’m a DNA product from the old family tree.

I know my ancestors had high blood pressure, diabetes, amputations and the likes.
I know that I will eat every fruit and veggie in the garden to not hit that low spike.

I know that my mind is strong but Alzheimer ran up and caught my great Aunt.
My grandmother died in her right mind — we’re looking for no forgetful DNA haunts.

I know that if I eat at Golden Corral, and my stomach hurts that I have food poisoning.
You can’t eat there. The sneeze guard doesn’t care. Your good mind will caution – bells go off noisily.

I know that if I go outside and play in the rain with no shoes or rain coat on
then sneezing and coughing and heaving and hawking may be my consequential jones.

Be aware of what you’re doing, take time to Get to know thyself,
I’m Qui
and Life ain’t much when you’re sick and in a rut – indulge in full body health.


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Shaun T’s 5-Week Plan to Fix Your 5 Problem Areas

Shaun T, creator of the Insanity Workout, is back with a 5-week plan to tighten your most common problem areas. Flush the fat and revamp your butt, thighs, waist and more with his food tips and heart-pumping 15-minute workout!

Shaun T. is an all-around great guy. It appears that he can put the fitness twinkle back in anyones eye, abs or thighs.

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Click here to WORKOUT with Shaun T. EVERYDAY for FREE via online video

Shaun T. is smoking hot and he likes to FITNESS mingle,
and for all who are interested, this cutie is not single.

I bought the INSANITY workout just 3 weeks ago
and I have dropped 4 solid pounds with many more to go.

I say 4 solid pounds because there wasn’t¬†just¬†water weight shedding.
Just Shaun T’s drill instructing and me in-motion and sweating.

I’m slowly evolving my eating habits and trimming up my plate.
I take vitamins and supplements and drink chocolate recovery shakes.

Transformation takes time; it is FITNESS that I am fond of.
Mentality over Reality Рlike the ever evolving Madonna.

No one does it better – ‘Staying young and looking good.
I don’t mind being Shaun T’s billboard in my neighborhood.

I’m in no rush to drop a few sizes or to¬†even¬†fit into a new dress.
I’m in a marathon for a quality-of-life that weighs 30 pounds less.

I don’t want to be on prescriptions and I don’t want to be cut on,
I’m Qui
working out with Shaun T.
¬†because I’m ON THAT that¬†INSANITY¬†jones




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