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Dear Friend: If I gave you my word, even if only you heard: I still mean it.
If to my spirit you are true, I’ll be the same to you.
Your status as a beloved: I deem it.

In the event that we seal a bond: DNA or ideology sum –
as long as it’s right with the Lord, I’m in it FOR THE LONG RUN.

You can count on me. I mean it, hun.’
If I said I’ve got your back: I’m in it

Whether we agree or not all of the time – is not an issue.
I guarantee that if it wells up your soul, I’ll spring the tissue because I’m IN IT with you.


I’m loyal
to the soil.

Like ashes-to-ashes and dust-to-dust,
I’m in it FOR THE LONG RUN and in God I trust.

My game is partly metaphysical; I hover but don’t thrust.
Wisdom manages my time and I’m rarely in a rush.

Life is a gift and it’s not to be taken for granted.
If I said, ‘I’m down with you!” please believe that I meant it.

I’m not in a friendship for “the good times,” I want the whole sum.
Friends are precious and very rare treasures,

A good friend never imposes but respects boundaries.
I’m Qui
Always in it FOR THE LONG RUN, it’s woven into my biology.


I don’t tire easily either.

Dallas Fans in Cardinal Land

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Demarcus Lawrence – #90 put in work

I don’t want to piss nobody off — really
and I despise no NFL team like i do Philly.

cardinal-bird.gifI don’t.
So to “ride on the Cardinals” – I won’t.

What I will say
is that Dallas came to Phoenix to play.
and hey-ey!
That works for me on any day.

Good morning Tuesday. I am alread enjoyjng your seam,
I’m Qui
Appreciating the support shown across the NFL sport – from all who took a knee.


If video doesn’t open visit:

I’m his girl.

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He taught me a lot of the ins and the outs,
how to take a stance and what to ‘be about.’

He cheered for me many times from the stands.
I remember when my entire hand would fit inside of his hand.

To me, he was the tallest man in the land
until I found out he bore a towering 5’5″ stance. 😀

When my high school beau informed me of this – we laughed.
5’5″ is no jive when it’s being dealt via a parental jab.

I love my dad and this commercial still get’s my vote.
I’m Qui
a Daddy’s girlLoving him BIG TIME is always a GO.

Seems once we get grown we don’t really talk to Daddy no mo!
Gone and call your dad today and make a key sco!


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Once upon a time, and every decade or so
there’s a huge artistic shift and the revolutions are like whoa.

The movements are born out of a need to be heard, for civility and change.
Passion paints the chains that bulges ‘the mans’ veins and leaves a legacy chalk  full of names.

Unfortunately (for most) the artist is usually “just another guy”
struggling to get noticed until the day that he dies.

Post mortem, once blind curators selfishly take up the cause
to market his limited work in high priced gallery halls.

With wine and cheese the auctions are for those who ball.
God bless the artist and the reason for his [mortality] fall.
Aren’t his successes for his DNA tresses?’ — No, no. It’s all for y’all.

The patience required for the artists to endure could physically hurt,
but when  you’re living out your purpose, it’s a pleasure and no day at work.

The reality of rent, utilities and food often suggests creativity stay at bay and at home.
Still family is key to the artists survival. Family and friends are the artists patron.

The artists road is at all not easy, it is full of turmoil and uphill treading.
The needle sews beautifully when in motion, but is a beast at it’s the threading.

Anything worth having, may pain you just a little bit.
No doubt artists blow up and burn fast, but then some are a long time hit.

Longevity is key and Andy Warhol is still banging.
For a fella who died in 1987, his relativity is still hanging.

It’s a good thang that our history has embraced his artistic take.
It’s also pretty cool info that Warhol, mentored Brathwaite.

A living legend, Fab 5 Freddy was pretty wet behind the ears in the ’80’s
still he hails a history for introducing rap to global homeboys and ladies.

MTV was the horse that he rode in on with the his hip hop news
and that subway train is a historical dimension of his artistic view.

Yes! Before Fab5 baptized and delivered YO! MTV Raps
He was known as a graffiti artists, yielding the city ‘art dap.’

He spray painted a subway car, cement walls, and has gone on to tag many historical  scenes.
His taste in art and business smarts is how he’s maintained his legendary status at  our hip hop seams.

The artist always has big dreams. He paints his dreams with a certain tool.
Dantrel Boone is drawing life…  reflecting detail — with or without school.

His talents are a natural birth right, his wisdom is deep and has been taught.
The productions that he produces are telling and surely art collector sought.

D1 D2 D3
–click on the picture to enlarge it–

Lucky you, his work can be bought; caveat, he is merely dawning his stride.
The stories he draws gives personal pause and reason to Thank God for eyesight.

Wether he’s penciling a likeness of you, someone you love or that thing you hold dear.
You know heaven is real when a drawing invokes you to dimensionally hear.

Dantrel paints history, moments in movements and the unspoken sublime.
Dantrel communicates with one drawing after another, changing hearts and minds.

It’s his purpose and he’s living it out like the previous legends.
I pray he stay focused , gift submerged and reaps a long endin.’

Perhaps he’ll go on to make a lot of money that will surely need spendin’.
I don’t know, but Dantrel’s talent is swell and he has all the makings of a future legend.

Me? I’m all about the words; I like to write, direct, film, and shoot.
I’m Qui
Loving life; to produce is my right and doing so is a daily hoot!

I love what I do and I’m appreciative for you.
I, too, am the artist. Thanks for rolling through.
I’m most productive when I’m vibing you.


Getting Back To It

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Getting Back To it 2014

Good Morning Arizona! I know you wonder what it is that I do?
So in an effort to keep you in the loop, I wanted to run this by you:

Our Teen Film Production Crew is moving into production:
script reads and rehearsals keep good vibes eruptin’.

My kid is a Producer, a confident filmmaking kid from Texas;
She’s doing all that she can to rustle up a roster of good looking Extras.

She can’t help but be on the ball, if she intends to keep her dressing room star,
because another crew member has racked up 40 interested Extras alone – so far.

It’s a business of swift moves and you can’t take your eye off of the ball.
We’ve also had to move our rehearsals out of the comfort of Gangplanks hall.

I’m dealing with 7 teen filmmakers and their volume can effortlessly rise,
and what I’ve found in the open park round is that ‘it’s all good‘ under the skies.

Besides, 2 of their scenes will be filmed in the park, so I’m taking the opportunity to block.
Our SUMMER SIZZLE Concert scene – must be shot on the playground green, before it gets too hot.

I’ve already made contact with the folks that are supporting our MASQUERADE BALL scene,
I’ve got to give it up for Deb Hoogestraat and the Ocotillo Golf Course team.

Today I meet with the filmmaking teens at about 6’o clock.
Our outdoor meets are perfect, the sun’s dock has ceased to be hot.

I’ve got two new teens showing up today to add to the spice of the script.
I’ve got to sew up my kids favorite pants, because last week they ripped.

I’m also courting a realtor, because I’m looking for a new place to lease,
I’m sending out positive vibes. The Secret encourages my release.

I’m sending good vibes to you. I pray the good of your week is just starting,
I’m Qui
A lover of fresh beginnings and melancholy at scene partings.

Happy Fathers Day – Dad

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Research Father vs Dad

In researching HIM – I found ME…

So what’s the difference between a Father and a Dad?
Well not much that I can separate by fact or fad.

The DNA that is used comes from a male – it is true.
And without his DNA there would be no me or you.

But then far after the in utero process has phased ya’,
DAD is the one that stuck around and raised ya.

He doesn’t have to reside in the home with the kid,
because whenever he’s needed – his love is never hid.

Dad is the guy that brings your lunch to school when you’ve forgotten,
and tells you he still loves you when you know that you’ve been rotten.

Father is the one, we thank for coming through
and parting with the good genes that filter thru you.

Father is also known as Dad;
the one who believed marriage was more than a fad.

The one who lived in-house to support the fam.
The one who supported you (when no one else gave a damn).

Dad and Father; the two could be one in the same,
but it’s not uncommon that its two with different names.


I love my biological father and am blessed to know him as Dad.
He’s the only paternal reference that I have ever had.


He was there for me when I was being stalked by a transient when I was in high school.
Dad caught him in the act, and physically convinced the man – that this wasn’t cool.

My Dad was the one that taught me about the complexities of life,
how to be a nice person, how to be firm, and how to fight.

Gotta love your Dad. Gotta love your Father.
Gotta love the one that bore all to propel you farther.

I am happy and I am grateful that I had two in the same,
I’m Qui
And believe it or not, Dad chose to give me this name.

Be guilty of )))HUGGING((( your Dad today
for all of the LOVE he has imparted your way.

Hug him for his goods and forgive him for his bads.
Be genuine in wishing him a
Happy Fathers Day – Dad

Riding with Diddy on the LTTP

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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

Remember the FANTASTIC VOYAGE? Well this ride is much better! Diddy is the conductor and we’re headed to Paris. The CD drops today and you want to be in on it.

Why? Because there’s nothing like the power of unite, support, or utilizing music to bookmark moments in time. No matter how you see the economy, politics that don’t stick, or chemistries that don’t mix – All is well on The LAST TRAIN TO PARIS. Get lost in the ambience and make the most of your travel experience with LTTP in your CD rotation:


Hello and Goodmorning
Diddy is ba-aaack & he’s PARIS storming.
Sound the alarm and tell your moma ‘nem too
To go out and cop the CD — cause SUPPORT is what we do.

Support is a pretty hot sport – ’tis for every entreprenuer and artist.
‘Been waiting on a reason to show your support? Let Diddy ignite & start it.

Support him like you did OPRAH when she had that interview with BARBARA last week.
Jam LTTP and ride the creative beast. The prequisite to JAM does not include ‘the speak’.

Once in your ears – you’re in the clear;
No “sex preference questions” to adhere.

You either dig the hole or consume the elongated spear. 😉
However Your preference to good music is what we’re holding dear.

But you don’t care for rap music anymore; You’re done with the non creative blah-blah on a digital whim.
Well DIDDY has hijacked the video view too & is rendering his feel-good-joints like films.

Taking ARTIST INDIVIDUALITY to a whole ‘nother level in 5-star stride.
So if you want to score “Get your Ass On The Floor” – cop the CD and ride.

I’m already ON – Jamming the same songs as you do — today,
I’m Qui
On the LAST TRAIN TO PARIS. Get on now – the conductor won’t wait.
hey-eyy! Put it on REPEAT and let the CD play.


The Pro’s & Con’s of a Web Mastering Don

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The Pro's and The Con's

The Pro's & Con's of a webmastering don

Yes. I do quite a bit of web site publishing, designing, and maintaining. I’m a great asset to any web site owner, but especially the small business man. Instead of big contracts with big companies and revolving middle men – I’m the girl they contact when they want to update their site, add/delete content, create/produce marketing sales campaigns, so forth and so on. From their mouths through my skills and wah-lahh – like magic thier update has gone global (bypassing outsourced hassles and long wait times). My office is remote. Yes! I carry a MAC PRO like the Web Designer in the headline photo. How stereotypical. 🙂 I don’t however, sport the trendy beard – it’s a weird look with the red lipstick I’m usually wearing.

The whole work from home 90% of the time is great for me, because I also moonlight in filmmaking. Always a student of the craft – I’ve developed the ovaries to throw my short film works into various film festival galleries. What on earth has come over me? I don’t know, but I’m thanking God – inspiration has never left me. ‘Gotta love the journey – Never a dull moment.

I’ve been kicking it online since 1995 and acquired my own website in 2004,
An instrument used to “get literal” with you – to share a “good & knowledgeable” score.

I’ve learned alot about html, xml, and PRO film softwares that facilitate views.
I’ve learned that it’s all about endurance; for only the strong ever make it through.

I’ve learned it’s seriously about support. You have to give it if you intend to recieve.
I’m Qui
The Web Mastering SHE with REEL insight – who’s thrilled to have you on her SCENE.

The Eve before Monday Morning

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It’s Sunday night already and just like the previous days before
for every “shot” I took – I REEL‘y scored!

Something like those in the NBA: I’m “game appreciative” – I am no hater.
Tonights NBA WIN went to Phoenix – given up by the Lakers.

I peeped the weekend news in between my shoots
and was hardly shocked to find – there was nothing new.

Except for more literal confusion looming from a “red states” outlook;
I’m embarrassed that unqualified Texans are altering history books.
I’m not surprised though — I’m an observative –a born and raised Texas kid;
I’ve spent a life time looking upside the ill-rationed reasoning of a conservatives wig.

BP is going on 34 days strong – shooting flagrantly foul;
still polluting Earths waters for ungodly miles.
For marine life, fisherman, and seafood prices – it’s nothing @ which to smile.

Sarah Palin popped up with G.W. Bush in mind during media conversations
and “accidentally” blamed the Obama Administration for cozy BP oil relations
[I kid you – she “meant to” say that.] 🙂

Victoria Rowell has written a new book
She’s part of the reason that I’m “Y&R hooked”:
Secrets of a Soap Opera Diva“.

Me? I’m sure to support it – though I’m hardly curious about the fore titled lifestyle,
I’m Qui
an avid soap watcher whose been peeping Drewcilla and Erica Cane’s wilds for a while.
Oooo Child. lol.