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This Week In Blackness

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Elon James White

Please tell me you already know Elon James White? The comic sport from Brooklyn, NY…?

I didn’t know of him before, but I certainly do today.
I was taken in – by what he had to say

On “THIS WEEK IN BLACKNESS” – [a Production of BcCo]
Elon says “If the Tea Party WINS — It’s YOUR FAULT – yo!

Peep Episode 11’s YouTUBE show:

Voting for Obama and winning in 2008 was great!
But that was just the beginning of sifting “politics on your plate”.

You’ve won nothing @ all (really). You still need to “support the band“.
Stand up for your political choices – midterm elections are at hand.

Elon is a cold man – he’s a comic by profession,
I’m Qui
A literary she – who feels Elons delivery is worth the mention…

Getting involved in YOUR FUTURE is a wonderful purposed indention.

Online Voter Registration
Stay Connected


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Torrential News Peruse

It’s a default of mine to keep ten toes on the ground.
Peep the NEWS PERUSE and how hard it’s going down….

First up is the rain – it’s hitting hard in the yard with no sunshine in between;
Its charted path is set to wet up TX – Welcome o’ Hurricane Hermine.

Then there’s the Tea Party, the Republicans and folks wanting to burn Qur’an books…
Ignorance is falling hard good Lawd and has non-intellectuals hooked.

Racial issues aren’t dissipating though thier surely at thier due
We’ve not moved a positive inch since President Obama was on “THE VIEW”:

So we’ve finally retreated from the war in Iraq
Post wasted lives and years we can never get back.

President GW Bush put us on this track
and now Republicans bark about getting the White House back?

…what the frick-frack?
What in the world have THEY done to positively warrant THAT?

Torrential evidence is proving that the elephant is in a violent slump,
I’m Qui
Reflecting wired news from this mid week view that we call ‘The HUMP’.

What could have been

In Griot, News, Politics, TV Shows on August 29, 2010 at 9:27 pm

Glitter Photos

If MJ hadn’t died last year in June
This week he’d have been a young 52.

If our soldiers hadn’t been away in Iraq – fighting the wrong war
Would they have been expeditious in countering Hurricane Katrinas spar?

When it comes to reppin’ female comedy – Wanda Sykes is ON IT.
But did you happen to catch her latest, “I’M GAY” moment?

The topic was opened on LARRY KING LIVE and at 46 Wanda did say
She remembers her first inkling of “being gay” happening in the 3rd ro 4th grade.

I’ve always wondered when it happened? When did my fellow sisters decided to cross?
I remember a girl coming on to me in the 6th grade and me physically fighting her off.

Darn. She was my best friend and our inseperable ways did part in stride.
I sure hope that today she’s doing well and living out loud like Wanda Sykes.

Civil Rights reclaiming and Glen Beck
What could it mean? What the heck?

Texas re-writing text books is the perfect platform
To rally the uknowing for a little spectator showing of Becks charms.

Be Informed.
Don’t be alarmed.

If our president wasn’t such a hard worker & wasn’t duly on his job
he could spend more time fighting against the tea party mob.

As much as I’d like to steady on ‘What could have been’I’m focused on what’s about to be,
I’m Qui
Still loving MJ &
to Wanda I’m saying “Hey-eyyyy” ’cause it ain’t nothing like living free!

Imagine asking that [freedom] of the slaves of 1863
Imagine them arriving in an America – without slavery.
Oooo Weee

I’m a MONDAY Lover. 🙂