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Reel Monday

In Communication, Movies, Self Improvement, Technology on June 10, 2013 at 9:22 am
15-year old actress QuoQui C'mon

15-year old actress Dequota Wilson stars in WHAT HAD HAPPENED WAS

So I spent the last weekend filming outdoor location scenes
then dove straight into editing – that Final Cut thing.

The shots I had in mind were reeled in with ease
The weather was seering – and yielded no breeze.

Arizona is boasting triple digit degrees.

The project is a teen film; pitching a humanity connect.
Via life, our teens are learning priceless wisdom and respect.

I wrote a script of points and checks to help jog the mind
of the importance of lifes journey; a purposeful find.

It’s a narrative piece; conscience streams and I am ready.
I got the idea from Mr. Fab 5 Freddy.

He’s a documentary man; he introduced us to hip hop.
He’s a man of constant creativity. The vein never stops.

I am like a radio, ready to receive and broadcast a purposeful joint.
And whenever I talk to Fab 5 Freddy, his responses are always on point.

My beloved Reel Monday will yield me more of the same.
My career is really too much fun; a creative & skillful game.

Real talk.

Script brief: Life is full of wisdom. Learn it and earn your respect.
Folks – thats the idea I’m reeling to render at the next film festival connect.

Our children are our future and I am a nourisher of,
I’m Qui
Happy Monday to thee. Wish me and the crew some positive love.

Work and Play.
A Reel Monday

5-4-3-2-1 ACTION!
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The sky wouldn’t fall

In Communication, Networking, News on March 15, 2013 at 8:07 am

HennyPennyStill I was freaking out that I had promised to walk away from my weekly blog updates. I just feel lousy when I do. It’s as if the sky would fall in if I didn’t update the site with new stories every other day or two.

No, I don’t think that my griot spin on world news is what the masses “need” to stay alive, but it is my direct connection to my global fam, creative writing associates and social media savvy friends. The only problem with living online daily is that it tends to become addictive. Suddenly instead of writing to share a joke or an interesting bit of news that you’ve found, you resort to relentlessly searching for news updates as if your life (or paycheck) depends on it – when in reality you know, “it ain’t that serious boo“.

So I packed my bags and my filming camera and boarded a red-eye flight to Dallas, TX. For 7-days I wrote nothing. Nada. I didn’t even think about it. And that’s a good thing, because I arrived on a Wednesday morning and discovered a severe tooth pain that led me to have a molar tooth extraction by 9 a.m. Thursday morning, (less than 24-hrs into my visit).

Due to a severe negative reaction I had to the local anesthesia, I ended up  extending my stay in TX by another 2 weeks – which was cool, because I’d written a couple of scenes to a teen script I’d been working on. I  casted it Wednesday evening after church and starting my shooting  schedule by Saturday morning in Arlington, TX. A dream come true. The teen talent pool is thick in Texas, and I had a blast shooting. I worked the heck out of those kids. It was a filmmakers dream come true. 🙂

Yippee! A win. And to think had I not walked away from my daily blogging grind, I’d have never had the time to hammer out the script, cast & shoot. To me — that’s a QUALITY vacation. Good writing. Good casting. Good shooting. I am refreshed.

Today, I return to blogging, only to inform you of my literal come-up. Today is a great day. Happy Friday! WIN with me.

Who knew, The sky wouldn’t fall in on me?
I’m Qui

and I won,
by taking off to have a little fun.
5-4-3-2-1, ACTION!
2014 Film Festivals: Here we come!