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Viva La France!

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puttin-on-the-ritzSometimes life hands you rays of sunshine and today is one.
Paris caught the culprit and the terror invoked us to love.

Who’d have thought? When their intentions were to serve up divisiveness and hate?
The mere fact that NATIONS are focusing on “terroristic acts” ensures the terrors, one fate.

So many nations up their whoozah and in their face — no glory for any side to boast or floss.
Though the point “Screw with us & we’ll ‘disable your joints‘, seems to be the general cost.

France found the culprit and they did more than give him a disability jolt.
They took their terror to Abaaoud’s door, shot him and then his cousin blew a hole in the flo.’

Sharp shooters took him out from far away just as police were busting in.
The cousin strapped with a suicide vest and an automatic clip — began to start up her end.

She fired off a few rounds and a female French police officer went down.
Then Abaaoud’s cousin blew herself up, because she knew the law was finna’ clown.

spinning news paper

The female cousin may not have been the bomber, just his kin.

The story is still evolving and your girl Qui is watching updates.
The Parisian law will evaluate the cost and piece together events of yesterday.

And they are. No resident – dead or alive – will be hid.
Parisian tally: 2 terrorists meet their eternal exit. Life: rid.

8 others were rounded up. I reckon they were found in the rubble.
So what did we learn? Yes, fire does burn and “cutting up” isn’t worth the trouble.

Now, if you’re blue
And you don’t know where to go to
Why don’t you go where fashion sits
Puttin’ on the Ritz

That goes double for Paris and be sure to have your “good behavior hat” on.
Live happy and safe and sing the words of the ritzy song.

But if anyone should find themselves, at any point, wanting to do something different —
“thoughts of terroristic acts to commit” – is not what you want to simmer and sit in.

I suggest the “fake it -’til you make it‘ grin. Do whatever you need to do
to make it through, to live a good long life and reap a long and sweet adieu.

Live in the “make peace”  lane or don’t even come to Washington, DC or New York.
I’m Qui
Taking a lesson from Paris? Oui! Resist terrorizing and maintain a beating heart.

Stay tuned to the terror attacks that are currently going on in Mali too.
Regardless of what others are doing, PRAY for them and yearn not to ‘do what they do.’

PS..Recently I saw a movie trailor of which the name I am reclined,
 Victor Frankenstein is COMING; thus this jam was on my mind.

Respond with LOVE; A kiss and a hug.

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Surely you saw that awesome FRENCH demonstration in the crowded streets of Paris Monday morning as MSNBC’s Erica Hill covered the story. You didn’t?

It was both dramatic and very “French like” in my theatrical mind as I sit in the confines of southwest USA. Paris, to me, represents the city of light; it’s the city of love, so when a demonstration broke out exhibiting a man with an [infinity] ethnic print scarf completely wrapped around his face and neck standing stoic in the center of the mass crowd as various Parisians approached him, kissed him and hugged him. It was a silent statement piece. It said to me,

We know this is an act of Muslim terrorism, but we still love you [Muslims].

Napoleon was a Frenchman so I didn’t take the show of humanity to be a ‘turning of the cheek‘ kind of love, but more of a “We know the distinction between terrorists and the spreading of bad energy — from the distinction of good people, just trying to make a good life for themselves.”

We know that all Muslims aren’t bad but the hell that the bad ones are wreaking must be thwarted. I don’t know where to begin in suggesting a strategy on HOW TO comprehend, confront or correct the issue, but higher heads need to prevail. I am confident that we are headed in the right direction with the course that our country is on. Resolution isn’t always swift. God bless our friends in France, Africa and beyond that are (and have been) enduring the same activity for sometime now.


To service members of all of the great countries that will take a stand to stop the mayhem:
My prayers are with you the most because I appreciate you and I do give a damn.

I know it isn’t an easy conquer to face down the unknown.
But Bad ain’t wearing a condom and his seeds are sewn.

Yet his virus isn’t full blown but he’s infecting daily.
Children are being recruited via social media — Its crazy!

Where did we go so wrong that our kids would want to sign up
to strap themselves with arsenal and blow up folks in a public cut?

Collectively? It must be, because from many societies their [recruit] list grows.
Here and abroad we cry out “Good Lord! They’re taking our babies souls.”

But to lay down, take it and roll?
I’m going to say that is a NO-NO.

I look forward to a better day coming.
I look forward to harmony humming.

I look forward to the day when all people feel that thier life is worth living.
I send to all peace, love, resolution and healing.

Today the French are dealing. The terrorists said they are coming for Washington, DC next.
It sounded a bit like a terroristic pitch with a long-shot plea to connect.

I don’t know yo. I don’t. – But I do trust in God and am sure all will turn out well.
I’m Qui
Do I love the French? Oui!! I am their namesake “Who,” — if you had not heard my tale.

Hugs. Love. War.
 They're all verbs.