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Good Morning Monday

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on February 12, 2017 at 10:53 pm

Qui-1-28-16Good Morning Monday
, how did you sleep last night?
I slept snug as a bug  in a rug rolled up real tight.

Not that I asked a bug sleeping snugged in a rug – just how “that” felt,
but I promise I slept like a baby, after my knees knelt.

I’m a praying child and I feel better when I do it.
I always go to God before reaching point #ScrewIt.

How do you do it? Approach the unknown.
It’s good to map that stuff out before you’re too grown.

The unknown is anything that you do not know about.
I like to prepare before hand – the in’s and the out’s,

so I have.
This morning I awoke with a belly’s laugh.

All is well in my familial camp.
Today I’m hyped – Today I’m amp’d.

Good Morning Monday! I ain’t talked to you since Wednesday.
I believe I was on that #ChildhoodFriendship play

and yay! Things for me just got progressively better.
I spent the weekend in Texas and indulged in the unstable weather.beating-heart

I spent time with family and ate quite a bit.
Remember it was there in Texas where I got a little #Thick. 😀

Aw shick! I can’t deny the food in the DFW hood,
From Zaxby’s to CROWNS BBQ, good Lawd – it’s so good.

I’m sure I put on a few,
but now that I’m back in A-Z, I know what to do.

There’s no Zaxby’s in Arizona and very little food seasoning,
there’s no CROWNS BBQ and for that – there’s no good reasoning

to eat myself silly in the Southwest, from an Arizonan plate.
So Good Morning Monday, it’s a fine day for dropping weight.

I’m thrilled today beacause it’s good to be back!
I missed you baby – you gotta believe that.

I accomplished so much – it was hardly play and mostly work.
Tho I did find time to ham it up, cut the fool and twerk.

It was all fun, but that was last weekend.
It’s time to reset and mornings are a great begin.

I love a fresh start and I love what WE’VE got,
Good Morning Monday it’s good to be back in your slot.
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St. Patty, me and daddy…

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on March 17, 2016 at 9:00 am

6th Street in Austin, TX

[Back in the day] St. Patty, me and daddy…
the drink – it almost had me,

but it failed to completely conquer
and I was able to squander

up the courage to keep on (faculty) pushing it.
We walked 6th Street and drunkards were gushing it.

But I kept it in.
I’m a light drinker – I commit no sin.

2 shots in and one in my hand.
I’ve no hair on my chest – I am not a man. 😀

So I felt not the need to down that shot – quick.
My choice to do so – kept me from getting sick.

Though I looked good holding it: the glass and my consumed liquor.
Some of my partying sisters took the dare – what a nightmare… they were ‘never sicker!


Passing out in the street and peeing their pants…
Don’t let that be your St. Patty pending stance.

Have a good time today and if you do raise your glass
remember social media exists then monitor your ass.

Don’t think of drinking and driving. The two should never meet.
Don’t even think of drinking and walking – especially on 6th Street.

I’m not in Texas this year so Austin will have to miss me.
I’m Qui
kicking it in the Southwest – where a green shot glass is sure to kiss me.

St. Patty, me and daddy are feeling great.
I raise my cup of jo to you on this ‘kick-back’ day.

Have fun, hang loose and be safe.
Happy St. Patricks Day!

Awesome Christmas

In Griot, Networking, Self Improvement on December 27, 2015 at 5:13 am

Most establishments closed for Christmas where I live.
The employers were obviously feeling ‘the give’
and gave most of their employees the Christmas day off.
Now that’s corporate consideration – if properly taught.

I really can’t recall a recent Christmas of the past
where giving most folk the day off was ‘the going fad.’

I hope this year was more than a fad and more of an aced test.
Yes! Spending Christmas Day at home with your fam – will always be legacy best.

The family may get on your nerves, but you don’t have to take it.
Unlike working on Christmas, being unappreciated and having to fake it.

This Christmas was an Awesome Christmas my Texas fam came out to find
that the weather in Arizona is A-OK and boasted of clear skies and sunshine.

Ahhh. I do love this state of mine, but dare I act in remiss
about my love for the Lone Star state. Ol’ Texas – yes. I do miss.

However, today I call Chandler home. Today, (to me) is a gift.
Tri-15 has done its thing, in yielding an Awesome Christmas.

My end of the year wish is that all are well and charting to do better next year.
Just know I’ll always be here and lo, for your good strides I’ll always be happy & cheer!

Today is the first day of the last week of this year – whatever will you do with it?
I’m Qui
Post an Awesome Christmas and Oui! I think 2016 is going to be a #REEL hit!

Qui Kisses
I’ll see you in a bit…

Exit – Stage Right

In Communication, Griot, Music, Networking, News, Self Improvement on February 2, 2015 at 11:59 am

Lee Andrew Carter August2014We partied at word of his exit – you could feel the love all-on-ya;
he’s a southern boy at heart, so I put on some Jay Electronica.

Exhibit A is the first song that I jammed and then I moved more into
The jams that Sam Cook, Max Roach and James Brown used to do.

Lee Andrew Carter was an OG – TRUE – and I share his genes.
He was a bit of a fashion guru – he kept his hats and boots clean.

You knew when he was on the scene – Entrance: Stage Left
Wisdom from Texas to California and he kept it ‘fresh to death.’

He walked an incredible line.
Scaled lifes wall as if he had an ivory vine.
Those genes are mine.

He taught me a lot about life — “Always on love, do place your bet.”
He was a compassionate man, a soldier, a WWII vet.

A charming man — he maneuvered and contributed to earths scene,
He birthed of his loins Michael Carter, Joe Gordon and Marva Jean.

She was that redheaded queen.

I told her how foxy she was the last time I saw her, here in Cali.
She reminded me of my big sister Yodi and my small framed Daddy.

Lee Andrew had a big impact on the lives of the Gordon 4, I’m kid #2.
We were told awesome tales of how he came, saw and made it through.

1975 California Family Trip

Lee Andrew Carter is at the TOP LEFT hand corner. Qui is located at the bottom middle – right area, wearing a white fur coat.



I first layed eyes on him in 1975.
My fam and I travelled from Texas to the Cali skies
and the world was fine.
Lee Andrew was on shine.
The time was mine.
A babe in his legacy vine.


I was happy, wide eyed and bushy tailed in a white fur coat.
Chinchilla Qui: eyes are still wide but now a lump in my throat.

The time is still mine but the OG who started this family life
has answered his last call and taken the Exit – Stage Right.

That lump in my throat will dissipate
as I continue to revel in the great

legacy that has been laid out for every child: be it son, friend or grand daughter,
Put on your hats, dickies and/or your sharpest boots for OG LEE ANDREW CARTER.

Integrity. Wisdom. Love and Charm.
Death is a part of life. Ring no new alarms.

Please take your place in this DNA family vine
And represent what he taught ya: It’s MILDEW OR BARBEQUE time.

LA wasn’t about mildew, so I reckon we better get to stepping
in love, honor, integrity and truth – the way Lee Andrew Carter was rep’ing.

When it comes to his legacy, to me: It’s EVERYTHING!

Life is a funny thing. Will she be long or short? Who knows. Maybe.
So I live this thing like I’m a child of the queen; the offspring of ol Moms Mabley

Life is stemporary, live well, love many and LAUGH often.

4 more times

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News on December 31, 2013 at 10:43 pm

Happy New Year Wishes4U

I have endearing loved ones residing in the following states,
We’re entering 2014 together though in different zones of space:


New York just dropped the ball – Texas and Kansas are next.
Lagging in time are Arizona and Cali on their new year connect.

I’m not in a rush. I like partying with you in the hours before.
Different time zones yield me more bang for my party score!

HAPPY NEW YEARS WordPress kin and all that read this feed,
I’m Qui
Praying 2014 is good to thee and that  you prosper & succeed.

Theres no place like home

In Communication, Griot, Movies, Networking, News, Self Improvement on March 20, 2013 at 12:55 pm

16-Hour Drive takes 16 Months

Gotta love a LEO on script…

After moving to Arizona by way of a 20-foot UHAUL 16-months ago,
I finally went back home to Texas to love on my familial folks.

I intended to visit for a maximum of 7-days
but ended up enjoying a 14-day stay.

Better than good, it was great – to lone star perch,
especially for 2 Sundays in a row at the ROL church.

I’m black – my gospel roots include Shirley Ceasar and Aretha Franklin.
It had been too long since I’d seen the saints praise the lord in holyghost dancin’.

I surrounded myself in good vibes and love the entire time I was there,
then Spirit Airlines delivered me back to AZ in expeditious loving care.

And I must say, it feels good to have the southwest weather back in my hair.
There’s no place like home – and Chandler is fair.

Home sweet home, I’ve returned to my HOA habitat,
I’m Qui
A southern she, who’s quite excited to be back.

Happy Hump Day baby, enjoy it with whoever you’re with.
The day is yours to conquer and score. Today: Go out and WIN!


OZ The Great and Powerful

OzTheGreatandPowerful_WitchI saw it in 3D and it was very visually entertaining, though the script itself seemed a bit plateaued at times. I think I was most surprised to see the cast of various well known television actors heading up the film and successfully carrying through to the end. Sam Raimi left us prime for the beginnings of The Wizard of Oz; the place Dorothy would later stumble upon in a whirl winded feverish dream.

On a scale from 1-10, I’d give it a 7. Only because, for the amount of time that we sat in the theater, I had way too much time for idle thought. I thought about things like: what I was going to do after the movie, whether or not I’d put too much white cheddar salt on the popcorn and from time to time, I even had fleeting thoughts of making script notes on scenes that could’ve been written more clever.

All in all, it was an enjoyable outing. But then again, I was in the company of some pretty outstanding folk when I saw it, so if I had to rate the outing, I’d give it a solid 10.

Check out a few of the IMBD member reviews,
sometimes it’s good to critic peruse.

It’s good to sit in a theater anytime
and relive the magic of childhood sunshine.

There’s no place like home, it’s the soil that connects us.
I endearingly saw this film, with my kinfolk in Texas.

Kiss Kiss
I’m a wizardly happy Ms,
I’m Qui

Make this Hump Day a childlike one filled with bliss.


Out in the field – He starts with Isreal

Picture 11

President Obama is in Isreal today
A day of work – no vacation play.

A Middle Eastern tour is underway,
and President O is having his say.

Naturally his speeches yields quotes that are remembered in grand,
like: We’re proud to be Isreals “strongest ally and greatest friend.”

Indeed, it is true. Todays visit isn’t about stretching the trace of black oil,
I’m Qui
and I dig the Pres. going abroad, but I prefer he be on American soil.

Michelle will hold the family down while Air Force 1 is on charted roam.
I’m cool with that, (though weary of next-to-succeed stats), still There’s no place like home.

The desert is a lot cooler…

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Self Improvement on June 25, 2012 at 11:59 am

Prayer Shade TreeWhen you’re standing under a shade tree.
In my case that shade tree would be PRAYER.

Do you do it?
Are you into it?

I’m living in Arizona, but I’m from the southern T-X.
I’m a spiritual being & praying is what I do best.

I moved from the 3rd Coast to the desert 7 months ago
and have found myself visiting the Dr. for a myriad of whoas.

There’s sinus and asthma and girl-parts to boot.
Im also trying to find a dentist to fix my broken tooth.

There’s homemaking and filmmaking and a kid that cheerleads –
going to a 90210 school filled with Beamers, Mercedes & weed.

Money rules the day, but that doesn’t make it right.
My brain is pulled multi directional – I sleep hard at night.

I’ve always been a praying girl – though I’m even more on the ball.
I’m out here in the desert with no spiritual family at all.

So I started to the feel the heat with no shade tree to retreat.
Then God showed favor upon me and led me to FCC.

FCC is a Christian Center with plenty of prayerful shade.
the F at the beginning of CC immovably stands for “FAITH”.

Alas The desert is a lot cooler – now that a prayer corner has been found.
It’s not a mirage, it’s rooted in God yielding BIG SHADE all around.

ROL Christian Ministries is my beloved shade tree in TX.
Distance is no issue when good PRAYER still connect us.

I believe in the power with all of my might.
ROL fluidly stands for the “RIVER OF LIFE”.

So I’m a praying girl, and it sure helps me out throughout the day,
I’m Qui
Posted up under a shade tree – always happy and ready to pray.

How’s your life? How’s your day?
Are you living in the shade?

What about Jeremih

In Communication, Griot, Music, Networking on November 27, 2011 at 10:05 am

20111125-204142.jpgOkay, his real name is Jeremiah Felton, but he sings under the name JEREMIH), and his birthday is on July 17, 1987, (he’s a Cancer), and his voice is an absolute turn-on. Absolutely! Ooo.

Do you know him? One of his hooks that absolutely speaks to me while driving (that 32hour round trip drive from Az to TX and back), can be found on a Wale joint – the name of the track is “That WayJam it with me: featuring Jerimih.

The hook resounds in a melodically sweet voice:

“I apologize, I don’t recollect your name,
But lemme tell you that them heels really compliment your frame.
Girl let me get them ‘ooh ahhs’ – then I gotta catch my plane.
Say ya’ miss me and ya’ wishing for some private time…
Girl how could we get that way?
Girl how can we get that way?”

The beat that he’s singing over is dope so kudos to Wale for implementing Jeremih all over it. I’m listening right now. I’m liking it too. I think it’s a mood enhancer. (-: I think it’s the little vocal notes he inserts in between the lines of the chorus – that help make it sexy. Ow!

I was just beginning to miss the days when songs would instantly woo a girl.
Then the young and good looking Jeremih stepped into my craving world.

He’s not bad looking either, and quite easy on the ear.
When you’re crossing the lands like me & my clan –
He’s quite the treat to hear.

I’m diggin’ his tempo – he’s only 24 – that’s a fact; I researched no rumor.
So I’m thinking to myself, ‘This young man is reason to become a cougar.LOL!

I kid you. I kid you. But I am diggin’ his flavour.
He’s in radio rotation a lot – which I think is quite hot,
because his sounds are right for the savour.

A full bodied sweetness, I am a harmony connoisseur,
I’m Qui
If you’ve been missing LOVE SONGS as of late – JERIMIH is your cure.
Yes ma’am & for sure.

Water Cooler Chat

In Communication, Griot, Networking, News, Politics, Technology on August 25, 2011 at 6:30 pm

So Rick Perry is heading up the Republican candidacy in the race
and Michelle Bachman is now pulling a real dismal last place,
and Mitt Romney is humming along just fine –
likely not studdin’ the polls until debate time.

Preserve the mind; I’m loosely watching the race,
Though entertaining debates will soon be in our face.
And rightfully on the sofa, I will take my place
but until that day – I will yield a real loose chase.

Politics – Schmolitics it’s all fun and games
to see who will speed to be the Republican seed
& end up getting maimed?

There’s fun coming up, though at the present all I can think about
is how hot this TEXAS weather is and trying to survive this drought.

In my back yard, I have a 15 foot classic palm tree of West coast pride,
that is surely suffering the most – it’s duly leaning (hard) to the right.

I have an automated sprinkler system in my back yard picture,
though I haven’t been able to utilize it due to water restrictions.

About that beautiful deck that we’ve erected a few feet out into the yard?
Under it is a cracked and dry ground – looks like the desert. Ooo Lord!

It actually looks as if the cinder blocks are going to fall right through the cracks.
I don’t entertain on the deck during heat waves like this. My melanin’s too black. 🙂

We need rain – and I pray for it often.
Perhaps I should do a dance in my kids moccasins.

Have you seen those ugly little shoes? Teenage kids think they’re a fashion gain.
All I ever think about when my kid puts hers on is….can she dance and make rain?

It’s silly
but really
Have you seen these shoes?
They remind you of “pray for rain” or “snooze”.
Yes! They look like house shoes too.
Complete with fir lining to not let your foot cool.

I can’t wear them, but then I can’t do a lot of things,
I can write, produce and even act, but frog up when it’s time to “SING”.
Honestly. I don’t belong on GLEE.

I’m a technology lover. Y’all know I love to gadget dibble and dabble,
so please let me render a big hug to the resignation of STEVE JOBS at Apple.

Steve has been sick for a while – he’s got issues with his pancreas and liver.
I pray God he’s not in pain – for he’s been the biggest technological giver.

To lose Steve made investors quiver. But we’re going to be okay
So far he’s resigned as CEO but his CHAIRMAN status is still in play.

Also, I heard about the congestive heart issues of a very dear soul to me;
She is in need of central A/C to minimize the health effects of this damaging heat.

If there is anyone that can aid her in her time of need
Please FACEBOOK MESSAGE the saint who put “the plea” in the streets:
Her name is Lynn aka GG.

Brotherly love get’s a bad rap as the saying often rings untrue,
but you know it is real when another (unselfishly) goes to bat for you.

So what have you been up to, how’s the weather at your place?
Are you watching the news and remotely following the Candidate race?

Are you as busy as me with your career on fire?
I’m doing double time, because my kids no longer for hire.
She worked with me this summer, but that’s all gone away.
As of August 22nd when the 1st day of school came into play.
Poo! & Yea!

I do have my solitary days back – though it was surely more productive with her in it.
I’m Qui
Wishing a Happy pre-Friday to thee, and encouraging you to go out and win it!

Falling back into FALL

In Communication, Griot, News, Science on March 30, 2011 at 12:06 pm


What is going on with this crazy world weather?
I was hoping it was just TEXAS but world reports tell me better:

First dawn was on a time trip – she seemed sluggish in her rise,
now northern winds have found a seasonal friend under the ‘Spring deemed’ skies.

All of this is going on while Japan is slowly but surely rolling down hill;
Our oceans waters that marine life swallows
have been contaminated by the radiation spill

We sprang our clocks forward but Mother Nature & weather weren’t with us.
The ground hog came out of the hole, for the ground hog show –
but a “spring dap”he did not give us.

At 44 degrees in the DFW — in the Spring,
questions are raised about this ‘springing forward’ thing.
We’re at the end of March in a cold sling. lol!

So are we Falling back into FALL?
Is there an explanation for Springs stall?

Does anyone besides me really care at all?
I’m Qui
Falling into a sweater
because Springs show has been real small.

F.Y.I. Just in case you didn’t know,
by weeks end the DFW will be in the 80-90 degree flow.
Allergies are like: ‘woah’.