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No Time for Woozy – The Weekend is a Doozy

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I couldn’t have planned to “avoid protestors” when I made plans to travel a month ago.
Therefore, my weekend plans for Cali did not pop-off like I had planned, yo.

The hotel that I frequent is a beautiful downtown erection.
Memories are rooted in the brick; my personal connection.

So when I’m out in Cali, I relax and do what I do.
This time Cali’s sweet embrace tasted a little brut.

Ooo-ooo. It was the collected pain of a united people crying out loud.
Protests for George Floyd reminded many state’s about disappointing crowds.

Protesting is a serious process and is no process by which to play;
I appreciate the mild understanding of law enforcement on the first two days.

Folks were marching by day and looting by night.
Police were present; most did not fall to provocation and fight.


I saw a collected effort.

It was truly an amazing sight, by and large.
Though a few folk on both sides may be charged.

No protest is perfect.
When change is needed society works it.

I appreciate how the majority of law officials behaved,
“to vent frustration” — is what the people crave.

And they did.

Their frustrations (with high-end stores) – were not hid.
Did the protesters make a point? Why yes, they did.

Cali got serious and imposed a curfew.
I was just on hiatus for a day or two.

It’s clear that I could have stayed home and hidden inside of my place.
It would have cost me no gas, no hotel, no road trip — just safe.

Safe living is everything.
Though traveling to and fro makes my heart sing

and my creativity ring!
Until things calm down, I’ll curb my hiatus scenes

to be more conducive to what the writer in me essentially needs.
I am inspired to produce after watching you; you are my script-seed.

Ooo wee, I’m so glad the Sabbath has finally arrived.
Thing were much clearer upon the opening of my eyes.


In the thick of it – I remained unharmed.

I have survived a hairy hiatus; I am grateful and alive.
I think I’ll fashion a hiatus room at home. It may be high-time.

What do you think? I think I just might.
How have you spent your weekend days and nights?

Did you have a little fun, is your health alright?
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee. For us, there is a new day nigh.

Join me in sending up thanks beyond the sky.
If for no other reason — because we are both alive.’

I will woosah again once I’m home and safe inside.

Walking the Plank

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Arrrgh! I’m being blessed to walk the plank 
and I have Derek Neighbors and Rich Frazier to thank.

Yes, I’m a pirate but I don’t wear a patch,
for reel creative vision isn’t something I lack.

A chance to collab and give back – thus I’m building a scene
of talented crew members, none above the age of teens.

I’m feeling like Janelle Monae‘, I’m on a futuristic thing.
I’m looking for the next Spike Lee, John Singleton and Steven King.

I’m looking for the next Shonda Rhimes and Oprah Winfrey too.
I’m looking for those future creative minds; does one belong to you?

I needed a place to house future talent in
that’s when GangPlank stepped up and called me ‘friend.’

Therein is collaborative work space shared by many minds;
Collab not compete – what a productive environment find.

The awesome studio that has been given to me to use
cost me nothing in paper – so how could I refuse?

So I put on my pirate wardrobe and joined others at the plank.
My heart is grateful – to my mission I’m faithful & I have Rich & Derek to thank.

The Law Of Attraction

Who knew, that when I offered my help to this seasons Youth Advisory Council that I’d be paired up with one  of Chandlers hottest fundraisers whilst we interviewed incoming members? During a brief intermission in our interviewing process I mentioned to Rich Frazier that I wanted to bring back those awe inspiring ABC After School Specials of yesterday (1972-1997) but produce them with a full teen production crew. I figured I was just airing out my thoughts, my wishful thinking, however, by the end of our interviewing session Rich reached into his pocket and pulled out a card and handed it to me, asking, “Qui, do you ever need a producer for any of  your Qui Films projects?” A producer? Who doesn’t need a producer? I can’t tell you how long Rich stood there with his card in his hand waiting for my response, because I was in my mind pondering, ‘Does he really mean a producer? Does he know the hard work that film producers do? Is he pulling my leg?’. None of that actually came out of my mouth, but then suddenly as if a switch inside of me overrode my internal pondering, I turned to Rich and said in my (honest to God) Scooby Do voice, “Well yes I do.” Rich’s facial expressions did not respond to the voice I answered him in, he just smiled and continued to extend his hand to me with his business card. I snatched it from his fingers – quick – and put it in my wallet, saying nothing more. As we exited the interviewing room, Rich said to me, “Qui we should get together and grab a cup coffee or something.” I, (still stunned a bit), replied “Absolutely Rich and we shall.”

connecting people and professionsI emailed him a coffee date inquiry that same night and he responded within 8 hours with a date. We met. We sipped the bean (for an hour and a half) and by the end of our sip Rich contacted 3 of his associates that he thought could be of help to me in establishing my dream.  4 hours later Derek Neighbors  emailed me and offered studio space inside of their downtown GANGPLANK building. I’m still stunned.

What is GangPlank? Wow! It’s an awesome concept for the creative types, like myself. They introduce their mission as:
“Creating quality jobs and opportunity by focusing on people. GangPlank provides the physical infrastructure for those entering the new economy. We are a space for innovative ideas to spawn from new collaborations, existing businesses to grow and established companies to support future entrepreneurs. We have more than 25 mentors specializing in operations, finance, legal and design/marketing volunteering their time to move these companies forward and increase the retention rate of smart minds in Arizona. By providing mentoring, educational opportunities and connecting people, GangPlank supports those considering starting companies, as well as those already in business, to be more successful.”

And so, in my effort to help YAC, Rich ended up helping me.
I told him, I’d charge the kids nothing – and he found me a studio for FREE.

You get what you give – be it add or subtraction.
I’m always giving my best – The Law Of Attraction.

There’s no other way in the world I could have come across such a blessing.
I’m Qui
Thanking God for providing for me – with absolutely no corporate stressing.

And now I’m a creative pirate of sorts – and I have the Law of Attraction to thank.
I’m also grateful to Rich Frazier, Derek Neighbors and those creative collabors at the plank.

Arrrrgh! Walk it with me
as we make REEL teen history.

It’s time for ACTION that equals reel fun.

Because you were born

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dear.momDear Mom, because you were born:

I had a shot at winning the swim contest.
I was rightly born – because I swam the best.

I was loved a lot and spoiled a little.
Born 2 of 4, I’m the kid in the middle.

I’ve always looked up to you – you’ve always been smart.
I thought it was a biological bi-product of having lady parts.

Dad is cool but he never worked at GM while maintaining his style and shakin.’
Dear Mom, you did it all – a trend setter who brought home the bacon.

I picked up your work ethic and some of your sense of fashion,
I also picked up that secret feminine lingo dubbed ‘pig latin.’

I use it a lot and am duly teaching my kid
about those generational-niches that do bind us as kin.

Thanks for teaching me how to cook, baby sit and comprehend what may not always be spoken.
My praying spirit yields foresight and strong is my intuitive (guiding) token.

Thanks for yielding me book knowledge and a great deal of common sense.
It is because you taught me to love and good-vibe-hug, that I have matured into hence.

I pray God favor me with grace – as you look like you’ve never seen a day of scorn.
Wisdom runs deep, I marinated and peeped – a recipient of because you were born.

You mean the world to me young lady and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY,
I’m Qui 
I’ll-ay ove-lay ou-yay or-fay infinity-ay! Hey! 🙂
[pig latin translation: I’ll love you for infinity!]