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ICE-T on The ART of RAP

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It’s still lunch time in the life of RAP MUSIC and while reading Ebony Magazine [July 2012], I came across a caption that read, “Where’s the beef? Finally, a documentary focusing on the process of Hip-Hop”.

Sounds interesting enough. It caught my attention – so I read on: here to read more

Introducing The ALCHEMIST

I first learned of the book, “THE ALCHEMIST” by Paulo Coelho a few years back when Will Smith raved about its simplicity on The Tavis Smiley [Talk] Show.

Had you ever heard of the book …Click here to read more


Negro Please!

So I’m reading EBONY Magazine (in paper form because I’m old school) and on page 36 I see Henry Louis Gates Jr. discussing DNA and why the majority of us have Caucasion– not Native American– blood.
Adrienne Samuels Gibbs reports:

here is one major misconception that Black people need to stop perpetuating about our history, says Henry Louis Gates Jr., the boisterous Harvard professor, prolific writer and TV personality who is soon to unveil a new season of Finding Your Roots on PBS.
“In all my series and work, I’ve only found one guest who actually descended from a Native American,” says Gates. “The biggest myth in African-American genealogy is, “My grand-great grandmother had high cheek bones and straight black hair.”

He even gave away 10,000 free DNA testing kits to upper-class Black businessmen to prove his point. “Brothers in the streets say DNA don’t lie,” says Gates. “[At this event,] 1500 Negroes in three piece suits lined up all day to spit [into a DNA collection tube]. I told them, ‘None of you Negroes got Native American ancestry. …click here to continue

Happy the A/C went out in July

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I have a two story home and both of my A/C units have died during July’s most infamous triple digit run. GREAT! Had they not, I wouldn’t have thought it was possible for me to escape to a nice hotel, have breakfast in bed and sit by the poolside on a Thursday morning.

Making Lemonade out of Lemons.

I’m thinking like the alchemist; I’m making life what I want it to be. Sure the A/C units will have to be repaired by Friday – but surely until then, I can pamper myself about it. lol! I work hard, so I should afford myself rewards. Though I must admit my work isn’t work at all. Filming folks everyday is a passion…a dream of mine, so in actuality, the man that spends his days on his passion hasn’t had one day of work. It’s all pleasure to him. Yippeeeee! I am him…(*ahem) I mean HER! 🙂

Sure both A/C’s have died in the most opportune time of Summer.
But I’m not crying about it being a real ding hummer.

I’m good. No — I’m great, receiving breakfast in bed,
chopping up conversation with you amidst positivities in my head.

I have a few film shoots to do, but nothing needed tending to more than this site.
As much as I love filming commercials I do hate slacking on the global writes.

Good conversation can render such knowledge and convey uplifting insights.
It’s hard on me not to verbalize – COMMUNICATING is my life.

So imagine my good feeling this morning when I realized I had a moment,
to kick it with you and get a hold of the a/c dude- ’tis my purpose: I’m on it.

Happy Thursday baby. I’m so glad the A/C went out.
I’m Qui
Taking it easy
today and schmoozing in clout.

Clout? Oh yeah. Its always my mission to make a few new professional friends.
Once I finally start my work day, I’ll shoot a commercial for the hotel I’m in.
Benefits of fringe!