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50 CENT on The BEAT

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Curtis Jackson kicked-it with Ari Melber today
and reiterated that he doesn’t drink or smoke a lil’ hay.

That’s what up! He presented a very clean and clear say,
so Ari took him to task on his rap lyric lay.

50 Cent is all about business action
so he pointed to pop culture in the voice of Mr. Jackson

and made it abundantly clear
that an artful perspective is what he divvy’s the ear.

With his knowledge of the drink and the smoke
he made a niche for himself while avoiding the okie doke.

He has written about the art of his structure in a book, yo:
chronicles a successful hustlers to and fro.


The art of perspective therein…

Now that’s ART like baroque. I do like his style.
From his lyrics you’d think that ‘Fiddy lives a life of wild.

Ooo child, it is refreshingly great to know
Mr. Jackson is about business action;
and that it’s his business to “put on a show.”

To think that he has composed a rap persona that yields his reality much dolla’s,
makes a sapeosexual like myself want to stand up and holla:

Do that thang’ Mr. Curtis Jackson, “50.”
Don’t ever stop. Continue to cop and do rock the slang name “Fiddy.”

I think your smile is pretty. Thanks for flashing for all to see,
I’m Qui
Dropping griot about Ari, The Beat and 50 Cent on MSNBC.

It’s the weekend, y’all! Get sharp or get pretty;
put your web cam on and jam a song produced by 50

or a series.

It used to be ALL GOOD in my hood

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K104 has been [97.9] BEAT OUT

It hasn’t been the same since NANNETT LEE left the gang…

[RADIO in Dallas, TX] What happened here? Dallas was known for playing the crunkest street jams on the radio and K104 was at the helms.

The year was 1993 – SKIP MURPHY was on the scene and NANNETT LEE was a part of The K104 Morning Team. The laughs were great, the community support was fantastic and no one could rally up the people for a good cause better than K104 and The Morning Team. It’s true. They became an a.m. staple. Only K104 could start the day off with a corny inspirational “I LOVE SCHOOL” song sung by sunday school kids and have the whole community not only ‘love it’ but actually look forward to it at the start of their day. Once in the car and in route to work/school the a.m. chemistry and 4-1-1 couldn’t be beat. We laughed. We cried. Sometimes we laughed until we cried — and the community was on one accord.

Then there was GREG STREET at 6 o’clock and shortly thereafter we were introduced to SKIP CHEATHAM and Flava TV. Remember that? Good days.

The summer of 2003 one of my homeboys from TN rolled through Dallas on business – I was playing chauffeur for the weekend. I asked him about his music preference, (which CD he’d like to listen to) – he quickly replied, “K104 is cool. Dallas is the only city I can travel to and not have to bring a ton of CD’s. The songs they play are stupid sick compared to the local air waves in Memphis”. What a compliment. He hasn’t had IT work in TX for a minute, but I’m sure when he does visit again he’ll bring “a ton of CDs” because the music here is garbage and the morning show is anything but something you want to wake up to. [smh *shaking my head*]

When K104 was at the top of their game: WIG was the Producer of The Morning Team and SAM PUTNEY (fan of a “big legged woman” ;)) played the Weather Man. I say “played” because I don’t think Sam had the necessary credentials to be a meteorologist, his assistant or his gopher — but it sure was fun to hear his take on this crazy Texas weather among other things. Their chemistry was proper and raw with Skip Murphy and Nannett Lee heading up the a.m. party. At the time, Skip Cheatham was the new kid rocking the afternoon slot. Flava TV is how we largely became familiar with the good-looking golden brown brother who really couldn’t host his way out of a box – but he looked great trying.

It was good times. Then all of sudden we wake up to ☛ NO NANNETT LEE. No Nannett Lee? Wait! Let’s rewind…The path that Nannett was on before she dropped into former radio host oblivion was gastric bypass surgery and getting fit. She was also hosting a weekly comedy night at Addison Improv: “PHAT TUESDAYS”. It was quite the popular weekly and was my whole reason for even socializing at the establishment. Nannett Lee is someone you WANT TO see. The amount of fun you could have in the presence of Nannett’s Comedy was SO BIG it made her look like a waif. That’s saying a lot, considering at the time she had to be in upwards of 250 +/- lbs on a 5’3 frame. She is hilarious and affectionately relative. Her fan following is HUGE. Which is cool, because Nannet looks almost half her former size & is apparently in collab with some other show doing “finger food cooking”. I found a couple of videos on YOUTUBE of Nannett cooking (2010) – Check ’em out: Click HERE.

K104 and The Morning Team

Chris Arnold, Skip Murphy, Nannett Lee, The WIG & Sam Putney

Anywho, to make a long story short – Nannett got fired, for some bull corn excuse
and Skip Murphy took the opportunity to tell the public and ☛ ☛ insert “the juice”
that was a cross breed between “maybe” and “factual truth”.

But it really seemed like the “air-it-all-out-show
was nothing more than a kick-in-Nannetts-side on the low.

Skip Murphy said something about her, HR & “being tardy”
Then one year later ol’ Skip lost his seat at the party.

K104 landed on her feet and scooted Skip Cheatham into the spot
But then just a year or two later – lil’ Skip slipped the knot.

Management (in swift motion) duly CUT HIM too —
as well as their ‘loyalty to family’ per the listeners view.
and now the station is boo boo. lol!🙂

Oo-oo-oo You know I just wonder why
Blacks don’t support blacks but will criticize their lacks – as if a high.

There was no reason for Skip M. to act like Nannett’s firing was on point,
Then without telling listeners before hand – he, too abruptly exited the joint.

Skip Cheatham was quick with the rebound; and a REBOUND is all he was.
He was boring as hell, but gave 150% each spell –so I give him “respectful” ❀HUGS❀.

What the station did wasn’t right and all of its loyalty has gone away.
I’m not interested in getting Wild with Buck or listening to ‘the green’ Lady Jade.

K104 today gets no car play when I’m in the drivers seat,
I’m Qui
and if I want to hear that “trash called radio rap” I digitally search: THE BEAT.
Ooo Wee you never should have gotten rid of Nannett Lee.