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rip-prince-april21-2016Prince took the elevator out. He crossed over on April 21 from his Paisely Estate in MN. We all know so much of why we loved him but in the end I realize that I actually know so little about the man. I was a fan. I’m still a fan of the moves he made in the music industries face that said loud and proud, “I am not your property.” He lent us his talents – no one owned them. That’s sexy and he will be missed.


He produced music and movies at will –
solely out of passion and thrill.

Nothing could be better.
He made the men look confident and the girls get wetter.

Sheila E. knew him better and she loved him the most.
Let us raise our lighters and glasses for a Raining Prince toast.
In such brief time he did the most.

Oh and as far as internet rumors go –
Haywood Nelson is not his brother, yo.

Many have been researching relative information on the late Prince, Mr.
Take heart, he had quite a few half siblings and left us one full blooded sister:

Meet Tyka Nelson…


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Sipping LEMONADE in the shade

then theres…


Laugh a little.
It will tighten your middle. 😀


What’s happening Today

Well, Politics ain’t new and the Donald is still running
he’s got nothing on Hillary but his campaign is cunning

and I can imagine in the general election, nasty hands will be played.
I am confident in the end that Donald Trump will get slayed.

politics-2016-hill-bern-trumpHill will be executing her Beyonce side,
she’s planning to rack up the votes and white house ride.

Bill Clinton’s long-time bride… but this is no easy sack.
Trump’s got a strong stump and a mouth full of smack.

I like that. I like a challenge presented via convenient friends.
Post The Bern love fest – Hill’s political knowledge wins.

What’s Happening Today is surely the same as yesterdays logged sorrows
but if we utilize intellect and make the VOTE-connect, we can better influence tomorrow.

Stay focused on you and your truths.
Vote in November. You are counting on you…


Getting High can be

getting-high-keyA blessings and a curse.
It depends on which song and which verse.

If you’re doing drugs by mouth or vein –
You’re missing out. I’m HIGH off BRAIN.

I’m a fan of glue, but do take a closer look —
I’m fan of the bind it yields the pages of a book.

I’m a fan of the drink – it is so very true.
My preference is H2o and little Jesus juice.

I don’t mind sharing my truths, I’m not into “the lie.”
I’m all about making historical strides. I’m HIGH on LIFE.

Not a Miller High Life thang – though that was my grand daddy’s drink.
The former spokesperson was my HS alumni and delivers me to think

about him, he has passed, not much more than a year ago,
just as I was getting used to the commercials of the Miller High Life show.

Windell was an alright dude and while he was drug free he loved a good meal.
Comfort food is good (best when found in the hood) but can take you down. For real.

Don’t use food as a drug.

Getting High can be awesome, but it need not come with an added burn.
I’m Qui
Getting High everyday from the things I read and rehashing the lessons I’ve learned.

Lift your mind and your behind will do amazing things.

Black History – NEWS PERUSE

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Good morning family, friends and WordPress kin
in one more day the weekend will begin
and we can all celebrate our end-of-week WIN.
I’m happy to partake in another day that BLACK HISTORY is IN.

IN SEASON – that is. Black History is only yielded 28-days
and there’s much to cover – I have much to say,

Starting with REV. AL SHARPTON He’s a headline that’s fun
but last night on Chris Hayes he was on “The BERN” sum.

BEN JEALOUS was on Rachel Maddows and he, too was pretty firm
on the differences between Hil Clinton and the strength of “The BERN.”

I like ol’ man Bernie Sanders too, I really do
I just wonder if he has THE STAMINA to pull his ideas through.

President Obama had BIG IDEAS when he was running too,
He was young and strong – a constitutional lawyer all day long,
still Congress stopped him at most of his ideal truths.

Ooo. What can Mr. Bernie do to defeat the jaws of Congress?
I’m all for who can serve the best – so on his AGE – I digress.

He claims to be a lot of things and I’ve heard the media’s chatter
about his radical support of the folks that comprise BLACK LIVES MATTER.

But then this morning Steve Kornacki
and the two were on topic “Hil C.” –
when Rep. Jeffries said ‘he ain’t with “The B.”

“The Bern,” that is. He absolutely acknowledged Sanders movement and the youthful cheers
and said Bernie has said more about BLACKS in the last 40-days than in the previous 40-years.

happy divider

I thought, that’s interesting indeed. I heard him out.
I see SECURING THE BLACK VOTE is what this is all about.

WOW. What folks will do and/or say
to gain the Black vote today.

Saying you’ll address OUR ISSUES is great,
but being PRESIDENT put’s a lot on ones plate.

Who is better poised to lead the plight
Do we need to go far left, knowing we’ll have to pull right?

If we gravitate towards the progressive which would be Bill’s Mrs. C
will she do something about the long sentence impositions implemented by Mr. C?

My vote is not sold, I revere it like gold. My vote is not cast.
I’m listening and I’m learning – no decision making, too fast.

I’ve just heard that the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) PAC endorses Mrs. C.
Breaking News was made on the mic from [NY] REPRESENTATIVE GREGORY MEEKS.

I’m going through it with you, FAM. Taking the info and putting it on the table.
I’m Qui
Down with the “D” and in choosing a winner, I think that we’re able. 🙂

Stay tuned to the news and educate yourself today.
Your vote is so very WANTEDEDUCATION is the way.

I’ve got your back!