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The Haunting of KE$HA

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This one was good. It came on strong
and Kesha is known for good DANCE music and songs.

It was in my home town that she did have a confession.
She once encountered a spirit or rather spirit encountered Kesha.

I betcha you’d believe that she sought out the haunted spot.
She looked up paranormal activity in Texas and Molly’s B&B was hot.

She requested the room with the most paranormal vibes.
And true enough her silly haunted wishes did come alive.

Her room always felt strange but she thought it was in her head
until she saw the apparition that stood at the foot of her bed.

It was a young girl and she was just looking at K.
She became unseeable once Kesha had looked away.

It was only for a second, she looked away because she couldn’t believe her eyes.
She was sharing a bed with her mom that night – the young’s presence was a surprise.


Kesha stayed up until sunrise. She told and mom and they just moved on.
Kesha sought out Kim’s help because the haunted memory was so strong.

Well as it turns out in old Fort Worth, Texas
there’s more than “the direct approach” that connects us.

The young girl (gone) lived there in the past, sure.
Showing face to Kesha was no resolving cure

for what her life had been.
She was a pre-teen girl and a brothel working kin.

She was dooped into the lifestyle by a nasty man named Wild Bill.
But he was also flinging with the brothel owner and she instructed him to kill.

The young girl was stealing Bill’s heart and the brothel owner didn’t like competition.
So apparently oneday against his hearts feeling, ol’ Wild Bill got to killin.’

So while Kim was laying out the tale she started a little hand to throat hugging,
like she was being choked — then stopped and asked Kesha about “cutting.”

She said, “Were you a cutter? Did you used to cut yourself? What is this that I see?”
Then Kesha’s mom, who was in on the read, raised her hand and said, “it was me.”

Whaaaaaat? Is this read about mom? Kesha was caught off guard.
Mom confirmed when she was younger, for her too, life was hard.

She was depressed a lot and so was the young girl that stood at the foot of Kesha’s bed.
Kim had to correct Kesha from thinking the apparition and other cues have all been in her head.

The visions/sightings have indeed been real and Kesha is a sensitive spirit.
I’m Qui
and Kesha was hardly HAUNTED at all – and she was pretty glad to hear it.

Another case closed.

The HAUNTING Of with Kim Russo

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Have you seen this show? Perhaps a better question is have you seen a ghost? If you have, the next step should probably be to call Kim.

Last weeks broadcast aired 2 episodes back-to-back that I had not seen before, starting with The Haunting Of Meatloaf and then we youthfully rested on Melody Thomas-Scott. Good stuff.

I could transcribe, but that would take all day – these were 1-hour shows each, so you’ll just have to feed on the griot and put the pieces together with your awesome imagination until LMN does re-runs. Without further ado let us do get to…

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meatloaf-the-haunting-ofMeatloaf is an interesting character – let’s just shoot that out straight.
As a child, I never understood why MTV put so much Meatloaf on my plate.

But I ate and I enjoyed the story in his songs.
I began to like him so much I shamed myself for being wrong

in judging him by his beefy exterior and I fell further in love.
His songs are quite substantial – he’s a teddy bear, I’d give him a hug.

Anywho, something happened at the studio some years back
He saw an apparition a female ghostly vision and really hasn’t gotten over that.

So he called on Kim Russo to journey with him and go back
but Meatloaf is a natural MC and his lead in the show exhibited that.

I did laugh at the number of times he took the lead and cut Kim off.
His honesty and curiosity and knowledge of self & energy – couldn’t be bought.

So Meatloaf and Kim met at and entered the studio and went back
to the day Meat and friends were residing there working on tracks.

In fact, the track that they were working is legendary, a melodic “can’t miss.”
The song was BAT OUT OF HELL and its drop was a hit!

Meatloaf was the –ish, but while that song was in utero
a ghostly girl in a white nightgown roamed the balcony to and fro.

Meatloaf, at that time in his life – was experiencing a low.
The music was his gal, under pressure he produced ‘the flow.’

There was a time when life felt dark and heavy was his strife
and that’s when dear ol’ Meat took pills and tried to take his life.

He ended up in the hospital, stomach pumped and life still on.
Wow. I’m always amazed at the troubles of great artists with great songs.

God bless.

Anywho Meat just wanted to know what the apparition was all about
and he felt there was also a male spirit roaming the house.

In fact when he and Kim entered the building Meat did share
that there was a male entity peeking down on them from upstairs.

Yes! Meatloaf said that – Kim didn’t have a chance.
Meatloaf was the lead singer and Kim was the band

on this episode.
Kim, as usual, was a gracious host.

Back to the ghosts — Kim walked Meatloaf walked room to room, going through it.
Meat felt the male spirit invokes suicidal thoughts and wanted him to ‘do it.’

But when the camera crews equipment stopped working that’s when Meat said ‘Screw it. 
The spirit is mad at me because I beat him and he couldn’t make me do it!

Kim took a backseat and let Meatloaf express himself.
I don’t think he really needed Kim, but for the sake of company – oh well.

I love them both and Meat worked through his paranormal problems.
Again, Kim was good company but he didn’t need her to solve them.

He’s a natural, and he’s okay.
He’s in a good place – having put yesterday away.

And then came the next broadcast, I’ll try to introduce it at my bestest,
It was The Haunting of with Melody Thomas Scott from the Young and the Restless.


eyeglass divider_long
170644363PA044_The_40th_AnnMelody, a primary star of the Young and The Restless
experienced a paranormal strange – as she describes best.

She was about 24 and her daughter was just a cooing and cuddling infant
when a female spirit appeared — and at her daughter’s doorway did stand.

Melody was dating at the time – she didn’t have a married man.
Melody told no one & chose to ‘move out as soon as she can.’

And she did so, immediately. She admits she has never looked back.
But it’s something nagging about that day which atop her recollections has sat.

So Melody took a deep breath after much thought, as nothing is done on a whim,
and she bit the bullet – curiosity pulled it – and Melody called ol’ Kim.

Something happened in that house at another era in time
and Melody was “brought in on it” during her residing time.

Not sure of what is going on, all that Melody can recall
is an older and short woman outside of her bedroom motioning a ‘beckoning call,”

Kim received that vibe but was picking up on also,
a younger woman and an angry man — residuals of past souls.

The younger woman is filled with whoa.
Melody’s chief concern was the older woman though…

The two continued to tour the house and Kim touched Melody’s heart
when Kim said to her, “Your grandmother came through to me in the car.”

Melody bowed her head and Kim continued to read
she then described grandma down to her social misfeeds.

Grandma suffered a lot of anxiety yet Melody’s reflection has always born a smile.
Grandma told Kim that Melody was sheltered and kept home — away from others, as a child.

Melody thought that was wild, that Kim would know,
but Kim didn’t KNOW – the grandma told her so. 😀

Grandma reminded Melody of how she always made “lemonade out of lemons” with life & Melody did confir
‘that was a story not even grandma knew. No one knew that story but her.

Melody couldn’t believe Kim brought up ‘that particular phrase’, then Kim said, “Sprit does that. Spirit will show me anyway to let me say it — and then it will mean the right thing to you.”

Melody emotionally recalled this story,

“I was selling lemonade at the corner one day and a white 4-door sedan pulled up, 4 men got out and tried to kidnap me and throw me in the back of the car. I don’t know how I was able to do this, but I somehow got loose and I ran to my house and instead of calling the police, which I’m a mother now, and I think if that happened to a child, I would call the police – she [my Mother] decided, she said, “Go get in the car quick, we’re going to go and find them.” Which was such just a part of all of the weird things that she had, of course, we didn’t find them, but I would say — and I was not kidnapped, but that is a story that nobody knows about.” Not even grandma… “she knows everything now.”

Kim: And she’s of clear mind. Your grandmother keeps saying, “I’m sorry.”  She started apologizing for the lingering effects that you walk around with to this very day… [Melody breaks down in tears]

The episode then takes a turn onto the “counseling side”
Melody’s life book was open and it was open wide.

Kim in short, said, that Grandma, was sorry for the mental blur,
and Melody responded, “I want to — but I don’t know if I can forgive her.”

Because there were certain choices grandma made that were to evil and too creepy.
But she loved grandma so much that just the mere thought of her makes her weepy.

Kim then clarified that grandma’s not asking for forgiveness, shorty,
and Melody, said, oh, yeah, my bad, she said she was sorry.

I was like WOW! Grandma is something else,
then before a commercial break, it all went to hell,

and Kim said, “Wait, grandma is getting loud….”
Then we go to commercial– and I was like, “ooo child.

Back from commercial and 15-min before the hours close
We get back to grandmas spirit and Melody’s whoa’s.

They are validated whoa’s but as we gathered an understanding
grandma became defensive in her position and vibe-convey handling.

She had something to say and the message was vile,
she told Kim to ask Melody if she knew she [grandma] was molested as a child?

Melody was informed and shocked. She believed… but did not know,
and Kim concluded THAT is what started her downhill mental slope.


And so, Melody took a breath and said for long, she had wanted to know,
and she marveled at Kim for conveying the necessary info.


On with the show, they went outside to the backyard space
and Kim crept up on a social scene, with a ‘domestic disturbance face.’

She was feeling the story of a mom and her daughter – some sort of abuse.
There was a man involved in a murder. Dual.

The woman who was beckoning for Melody outside of her daughter’s door.
Is the lady who was in an abusive situation in that space in an era before.

Turns out the lady was beckoning for Melody’s help for her and her kid.
Because fate served them a double death — in real, life when she did.

In the past woman life, she ran from the abusive man and into the streets
In need of help from anybody near — the scared mom was on the seek.

But what happened in the end, Kim told us this fact,
the abusive man shot the daughter in the head and the running mother, in the back.

Get back! You say what???
That was my response, sitting in my cut.

And YES! There was a periodical confirming the story, that the broadcast ran online, see it below:



But what did this all have to do with Melody you ask?
Kim took “making the connection clear,” to task.

Melody was a new mom in the space protecting her daughter,
the spirit of a mother doing the same is the one that sought her.

And all that talk about not being able to forgive
upon examining what she learned — was extremely short-lived.

In the end, the Y&R beauty did conclude without a stall,
that she understands grandma more and then forgave all. 😀

BoOm. Bam! Detective Kim has done it again,
and the mystery unraveled family secrets about Meldoy’s kin.

Good was all that was found therein
and Melody is much lighter at her current life’s begin.

Wooo! That was a mouthful and two episodes of view,
I’m Qui
Always happy to relay it to thee. I appreciate that you keep coming through.

Child that says a lot about you.

The Haunting Of T-PAIN

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kim-russo+t-pain2015He was in love with a stripper but then he bought that hearse
and his zest for producing slid down hill – and the apparitions got worst.

What you say? I know child… I said the same thing too.
What in the world is T-Pain talking about? A hearse bought by whom?

Here it is, let me rewind, slow down and tell the tale:
T-pains crib in Florida looks sweet but the ghosts were wreaking hell.

He called on Kim for a visit. He just wanted to know ‘what was going on.’
Kim showed up, gave dap and a hug then admitted she’s a fan of his songs.

Already. I could tell that Kim has good music taste
but there was obvious Pain on T’s hairless face.

I noticed he was wearing a hat as well, no long dreads hanging out
Kim actually asked T-Pain, what that was all about?

He told her later on, amidst his admission of dreams that he has had in that house.
The apparitions went deep and a hearse was at the heap of what this was all about.

Before Kim could enter, “William introduced himself in front of the home.”
William is a spirit who did not go to the light but was on the earthly roam.

Kim told T-Pain William greeted her, and the expression on his face changed quick,
T-Pain went from masking a bleak smile to looking pretty nauseated and sick.

He doesn’t know a William, so he began by giving Kim a tour of the 1st activity room.
It was his garage. He’s an antique car collector. How sweet and Vroom! Vroom!

Boom-boom and there’s more – even though you’re not going to want to hear this,
but antique cars, old homes and 2nd-hand items are often attached to spirits.

Pray over your purchases – no need to fear it. But T-Pains acquisition list got worst
when his wife, Ashley told Kim that he used to own a hearse.

A hearse, T-Pain? “Whatever for?“ Kim asked.
He said because it seemed to be a purchase that not many others had.
It proved to be a unique acquisition gone bad.

While he and Kim chatted, T-Pains Uncle Rick showed up on the spiritual scene.
He’s the guy that T-Pain sees and listens to in his dreams.

It was then T-Pain did duly confess
It was his uncle Rick that told him to cut his dreads.

T-Pain was experiencing a low moment even though he has a productive and successful life.
T-Pain faced a couple of low moments that made him yield to thoughts of suicide.

Now that was interesting, because that was exactly Williams story.
He felt kindred to T-Pains life but self-exited before reaping glory.

So who the heck is William and where did he come from?
Kim informed T-Pain, that the hearse transported his sum.

It’s not that his house was full of ghosts, it’s just not all spirits go to the light.
Some roam the earth and in the hearse that hailed their last connection to life.

We didn’t get a film glimpse of that hearse ride, so I don’t know if he still owns such.
If it was his propriety at filming – time remained post Kim, shouldn’t have been much.

T-Pain had a garage full of nicely kept antique cars.
Each has a history of shine points and a history of scars.
Some went to church and back – some went to war.


T-Pain, [wife] Amber, [daughter] Lyric and [son] Music – Not sure who the lovely blonde @ T-Pain’s left is.

T-Pain’s son, Music – has a tiny door in his room on an adjacent wall,
Kim asked what was this door for? TP didn’t want to talk at all.
He almost walked away – could’ve posed a filming stall.

Kim said, “Are you serious? You don’t want to open the door?
That’s when T-Pains wife came in to give us a rundown of the score.

It seems that one day in the past Amber had gone to wake Music for school,
his sleep was un-naturally deep; he was lifeless – no drool.


Why the miniature door, mr. homebuilder? It’s creepy.

There was a little door in his room that was always locked.
A draft at her back… the little door open and Amber was shocked.

She called Musics name and shook him as panic set in for sure lay,
then the child sat straight up and said, “Mommy if you make circles he’ll go away,”
and then he was back in a deep slumber lay.

Scary and very hairy.

Amber informed Kim that furthermore
what’s scarier is the shadow man who paces the floor.

She can see him and so can her daughter.
T-Pain was always feeling drained; losing composure and order.
It was during the height of those times that T-Pain wanted to make a change,
Uncle Rick showed up in his dream and told him to start with cutting his mane.

So he did and he followed through with restructuring his business.
While the office ran smoother the low domestic vibe was still amidst.

Again, it was William. His energy was low; he bore a dark loom.
William shot himself in the stomach and died in his own master bedroom.

William was in his 20’s, he was glitzy and lifes lows threw him to ‘the drink,’
that decision clouded his judgment and his glitzy lifestyle began to sink .

shadow-manHe was thriving on T-Pain’s lows to validate his own death choice.
Imposing all kinds of bad energy that fed through T-Pains inner voice.

T-Pain was tortured, but Kim’s visit stopped that noise & afforded T-Pain to regain control of his life.
Kim instructed T-Pain on HOW TO show William the door; to direct him to the light.

Now — as much as I like this show, I felt like I was left hanging in the middle,
when no dated periodical was shown to validate Williams existence – not even a little.

Normally when Kim uncovers a story, editors will insert a snapshot
of periodical validation that proves Ms. Russo hit “dead-on” a spot.

I suppose for this episode there will be no periodical validation verse
since William rode into T-Pains life with the purchase of that hears.

Tsk-tsk-tsk. We have got to be more careful.

Oh well, in the end, it remains
Kim was able to help the Music/Film Producer T-Pain.

He smiled and looked more confident, but I would like to say,
that calling Kim is all well and good, but if you really mean business: PRAY.

And if you still feel uncomfortable brother, then, by all means, do MOVE.
I’m Qui
and The Haunting of T-Pain revealed no old strippers in its groove and painted the Producer a pretty chill dude.

I don’t think he’s loving on those strippers anymore.
So Stay Tuned for the next T-Pain jamming score.
… also he ain’t vibing with William no more.