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Yep! It’s that time again
that we thumb through the news to see what is IN::

Looks like Michelle Bachman was committed to botching up the authorized Republicans surmise,
reading straight ahead – but filmed from the left – gave her a look of ‘roaming eyes’.

Chris Matthews and Bill Maher both they think she’s talking while “hypnotized”.
Boehner and Palin better WATCH OUT! Michelle Bachman (+ fan base) is on the rise.

Post hearing Michelle’s speech Chris called it THE BIG CARTOON SHOW & topped it off with “LET ME FINISH”…:

“I speak in all objectivity here –anyone who calls on the American media to investigate Congress for Anti-Americanism has no knowledge of the General McCarthy period. No notion of what McCathyism was. Anyone who says as Bachman did this week that Slavery in this country, (our original sin) ended with the Founding Fathers is beyond hope. We fought a Civil War to decide to end slavery. 600,000 men on both sides were killed to end this evil and the Founding Fathers DIDN’T END IT.

Slavery is written right there in The Constitution — the part to treat slaves as 3/5 of a person. People know this. You and I know this. Most Americans know that it took the Civil War to end slavery and it hurts in our national memory. Slavery hurts. It’s hard to imagine people accepting it. Justifying it – but they did, and it took almost a century of our history to end it. And another century to end JIM CROW.

I don’t doubt that there are some decent and knowledgeable people who are going to Tea Party events — but what I don’t get is why they sit there and let their movement be represented on national television by a loony tune”.

WHAT IS MC CARTHYISM? I’m glad you asked….
The term McCarthyism, coined in 1950 in reference to McCarthy’s practices, was soon applied to similar anti-communist activities. Today the term is used more generally in reference to demagogic, reckless, and unsubstantiated accusations, as well as public attacks on the character or patriotism of political opponents.[2]

Chris went off explicitly. Right?
Catch the re-run of his broadcast later on tonight.
Knowledge is power & Chris drops insight.

So what did you think about the STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS?
I think he did good. He would’ve said more – but couldn’t have said any less.

He’s focused on the futureas we all should in looking ahead,
because the steel mill work is forever outsourced & corporate security is dead.

He’s focused on getting America in shape & back up on her feet.
He’s into moving forward in being a force in future technological competes.

Yeeeee! I’m with he. Let us be progressive and stake new claim.
I’m glad The SOTU was about the future & not a show of upcoming campaigns.
Yep-Yep Our president is duly doing the dang thang.
Whether he means to or not – this brothers got game. 🙂

Pre-Friday is at hand, and I feel like we’re already there,
I’m Qui
Enjoying recent news
, such an uplifting and folly affair.

PS — here’s a broadcasted “lesson to learn” for breaking districted rules:
Ohio Mom is jailed for enrolling kids in a better school.

Our Current Position

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The State of The Union Address

It was better than an Oprah’s “Favorite Things to Give Away” Show. There was a burst of applause with every other word the President spoke, (or so it seemed), on the other hand he was “giving the people what they wanted to hear”. How do you shut up a whiney people? You can either say, “You get a car! You get a car! and You get a car! (like Oprah does), or you can recognize and address the burdens of the middle class union and state processes and procedures that you have put in place to relieve them of their economical woes, among other things. …and that’s pretty much what President Obama did last night in his 1st State of The Union Address. Check it out::

CBS conducted a poll after the ‘applause laden’ address that proved 83% of Americans who tuned in approve of the proposals the President made.

A Few of the Highlights:
 He said jobs would be “the number one focus in 2010”
 He reiterated the need for health care reform
 44% of speech viewers polled were Democrats & 21% were Republicans.

Not bad at all. I’m stoked. In fact I’m standing & clapping @ the positive percentages right now. Hey – it feels like I’m on an Oprah Show or in the House of Representatives chamber at the United States Capitol. 🙂 What did you think about the address?