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Mayhem’less Monday

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super-hero-womenAnd so all of the weekend long
I remained strong & in my dome.

I watched a little TV & went out a short bit.
I ate so caloric little – I thought I’d have a fit.

Yeah I’m on a health kick but dare I say
I couldn’t even eat my lettuce because of TMJ.

I do say — but that has gone away
and your girl Qui is a skinnier she on this health kick sway.

I’m happy, I’m healthy and out looking for MORE good
So I perused for bright spots via the Internet hood.

And I’m glad that I did – peep what i’ve found –
There’s some nourishing GOOD going on in the Flagstaff town:



To read more about it – Click HERE or on the pic,
This is positive proof of NAU’s Project: GIVE.

There’s so much life to live – someone didn’t wake up today
So as hard as you remember to work, please don’t forget your play.

But when it comes to politics – they ain’t playing & it ain’t funny.
Each candidate is on the hustle for top billing, power & money.

Sister Carly Fiorina, Im gonna have to have your back.
Your intelligence more than makes-up-for what your smile may lack.

How dare folks stack like that on your visual reflection???
The hair of Trump? Christies fat rump? I see “uglier” connections.

Your intellect is beautiful and I want to credit you
for the connecting response you gave to Joy on The View.
Yay YOU!

Kick ass & vie swiftly for the head of the class.carly-fiorina
Waters mid-way; how do you see your glass?

Go for it!
You’ve got the GOODS to score it!

I may not share her political views but forget not that WE ARE SISTERS.
You don’t see this topic of nonsense between the political misters.

Let’s get it together ladies if we are to have any kind of sister hood at all.
We love jumping “the new picked-on” – not realizing it’s OUR OWN historical FALL.

hillary-clinton-jimmy-kimmelI feel the same way about Hillary Clinton – why are women in a race to hate on her?
Do unto others as you’d have done unto you… suddenly YOUR OWN LIFE becomes a blur.

Choose not to stand by, respect and understand women? Then choose the same for you.
While women are insulting women, men are winning the race and bidding us adu.

I love a woman who won’t succumb to the poo.
We need more unity between me and you.

I think Carly’s response strengthened her stance in dimension.
Also, I’ve got more good to divvy on my new ‘health kick system.’

So I’ve been EATING CLEAN since about June, but more seriously since September.
I have currently lost 15 pounds and am seeing a NEW ME I barely remember.


I quit all processed foods, I don’t even use canned goods.
I let go of the chocolate candy and became a new girl in this hood.

I feel great and I’m happy. Being good to my body is my play,
I’m Qui
Good morning to thee. I bid you well on this Mayhem’less Monday.

2 Stories, 1 Heart, 1 Mind.

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Good morning WordPress kin,
the year shan’t wind up until we’ve met begin.

This week week will be short in the year of 2014
and while I’ve loved every moment, we need a new scene.

Saturday eve caught me “in-read” on Google and Yahoo.
Twas on the latter search engine that I found this dude:

Calvin Hennick is his name and he’s quite the writer.
His stories are so good, I had be a biter.

I had to share them with you – he’s a dad of biracial kids.
And my heart goes out – from this world that we live in,

and my arms are stretched open, because he’s not alone in his plight.
I peacefully protest for his son to have the same rights as whites in his life.

It breaks my heart that Calvin Hennick would have to voice such concern,
I wish no one to feel the pain of hate, racism or prejudices burn.

However, through Calvin, we can all learn. He has more than a few points.
Race has no humane place and is due to exit the joint.

Have you got a few minutes? Well if you do kick back and read,
the most awesome two stories I found on this weekends YAHOO feed:

7 Things I Can Do That My Black Son Can’t

Calvin Hennick

The writer with his son. Photo courtesy of Calvin Hennick.


Since Yahoo Parenting launched on Oct. 23, the editors and writers have posted nearly 600 stories on the site. They chose this article – originally published on Oct. 27 – as a highlight of the pieces that offer trusted advice, inspire provocative conversations, and hopefully add a little fun to your life, every day.

In the days after the Michael Brown shooting, I wrote an essay titled “I Hope My Son Stays White,” detailing my fears about what might happen to my biracial three-year-old son if he grows up to have dark skin. The upshot: America, to its shame, is still a place where black males are feared, and I don’t want that fear to turn itself on my son in a way that leads to his arrest or death.

I published the piece on, and the reactions from black readers ranged from “sad but true” to allegations that I myself was engaging in the very racism and colorism that I was decrying. But buried among these was a comment from a white reader who accused me of “sucking up to black folk” and then went on to list the supposed advantages of being black in America. (Apparently, according to this reader, my son will have an unearned fast track to a career as an air traffic controller. Um, okay?)

I can’t help but think that, if the essay had been published in an outlet with a larger white readership, many more commenters would have chimed in to deny the continued existence of racism. In my experience, white people (and straight people, and male people, and Christian people — all groups of which I’m a member) tend to dismiss the notion that we’re privileged. It’s an uncomfortable thing to acknowledge that you’re the recipient of unfair benefits, especially when those benefits are often nearly invisible to those who receive them.

But when you’re a parent, those privileges stop being invisible. It’s the reason why male congressmen with daughters are more likely to support women’s issues. It’s the reason why Ohio Sen. Rob Portman suddenly declared his support for same-sex marriage after his son came out as gay. And it’s the reason why, everywhere I look, I see hassles that my son will have to face that I don’t. Here’s a partial list of things I can take for granted, but which will likely be problematic for my son:

1. I Can Walk Through a Store Without Being Followed

To take one high-profile instance, Macy’s and the city of New York recently settled with actor Robert Brown, who was handcuffed, humiliated, and accused of committing credit card fraud after buying an expensive watch at the store.

I never have to worry about this happening to me.

2. I Can Succeed Without It Being Attributed to My Race

When my wife, who is black, received her acceptance letter from Boston College, a peer told her she must have gotten in due to affirmative action, effectively ruining the experience of receiving the letter.

When I succeed, people assume I’ve earned it.

3. I Learned About My Ancestors’ History in School

I can tell you all about Louis XIV, Socrates, and the Magna Carta, but I always wondered when we would finally learn about African history (beyond Pharaohs and pyramids). The subject never came up.

4. I Can Lose My Temper in Traffic

Once, an acquaintance who got into a confrontation while driving told me how scared she was of the other driver, describing him as a “big black guy.” When I get heated, no one attributes it to my race  … continue this piece on

 Wasn’t that an amazing and heart felt write?
This next piece is just as equally out-of-sight:

divider blk_south

Dad’s Conversations About Race: ‘Most White Kids Don’t Get This Talk

The writer with his son. Photo courtesy of Calvin Hennick.

The writer with his son. Photo courtesy of Calvin Hennick.

Race doesn’t exist for my kids yet. To my 3-year-old son, I’m “blue” or “gray” or “yellow,” depending on the color of my shirt. And my 5-month-old daughter is primarily concerned with whether or not I’m holding something shiny.

Soon, though, they’ll notice that Mommy has dark brown skin, that Daddy’s skin is sort of pink, and that theirs is somewhere in between. Eventually, they’ll figure out that these differences actually seem pretty important – that people who look like Mommy and Daddy tend to live in different neighborhoods from each other, tend to attend different schools, and are often portrayed differently in the media.

And they will have questions.

I have no idea what I’m going to say to my kids about race (or sex, or bullying, or any other number of complicated topics that haven’t come up yet). So I set out to talk to parents of older black and biracial kids, as well as a couple of experts, to get some tips.

Here’s what I learned.

I’m Already Doing Some Things Right …

Susan Linn, a psychologist at Harvard Medical School and coauthor of Talking to Children about Racism, Prejudice and Diversity, says my kids are already getting positive messages about diversity through the books we read (The Snowy Day and Jazz Baby are two favorites) and the people we interact with in our diverse neighborhood, family, and social circle.

“It’s important to have books and toys that reflect cultural differences and racial differences,” she says. “You’ve surrounded him with people who are a variety of races and ethnicities. That’s an important start.”

he writer with his son. Photo courtesy of Calvin Hennick.

The writer with his son. Photo courtesy of Calvin Hennick.

…But That’s Not Enough

“There is research showing that, unless there is some kind of intervention early on, young children do pick up societal norms,” Linn says. “Doing nothing, or pretending that race or racism doesn’t exist, doesn’t shield your kids from it, and could result in them picking up the societal norms about racial inferiority – all the things you don’t want to happen,” … continue this piece on

brown bow divider

I mean, I don’t know what to say, Mr. Calvin Hennick is on his lifes purpose,
as were Mayor De Blasio’s comments, (I’m sure by now you’ve heard this).

I wish racism and prejudices didn’t exist and I wish the right of life
were the rights of all men, not just to my family that’s white.

I wish that when Calvin intitially brought this up – it had been whole heatedly received.
Don’t be so quick to judge. Sit for a spell in our daily seats.

Calvin has a lifetime to raise his awesome bi-racial kids.
Mayor De Blasio know’s first-hand — because he’s got his.

Rosie Perez raised a good question last week on The View
Does everyone need a bi-racial kid before they GET IT too?’

Hm. I read every last word in each of Calvin’s writes. Very interesting stuff.
I know with black men being killed, Calvins outlook must look rough.

But I want you to take heart Calvin, you are indeed on the right road.
Your son will learn well, after sitting a spell to read all that you’ve wrote.

He is a very blessed child indeed, I wish him not one day of gray.
I’m Qui
and I love each and every one of you. Let’s eradicate prejudices and hate.

Not Tomorrow.



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santa-is-coming_5153023_GIFSoup.comThe ladies have an awesome view of collective vision at the ABC Daytime Show round table. Please tell me you caught The Views HOT TOPICS discussion Tuesday morning? No? It was a repeat of the December 4th broadcast, (the day after the NO INDICTMENT VERDICT for the officer that killed Eric Garner). So, you didn’t see it? Well you’re in luck. The broadcast was so HOT and HEAD ON that I could really go on and on about it all day, but rather than paraphrase it for you, I’m going all out. I’ve transcribed it, so that you don’t have to miss a word. Whew! Good stuff.

Sit back, grab a cup of jo – read and get into the know.

12-04-14 Broadcast – Rebroadcasted 12-23-14, 10:00am – 10:13am

WHOOPI: Let’s get right to this, because this is the story that’s on everybodys lips, you know one-week after Ferguson – their verdict, New York grand jurers cleared police of any wrong doing for killing Eric Garner. Now when you heard this, were you kind of surprised, that this was their verdict?

CINDY LAUPER: Well let me just preface this by saying this one thing really quick, there are a lot of policemen who are really dedicated and they are good good cops but there is also an element of people who are bullies and to me, those kind of people should not be police officers. They are in the service, undercover. And I was proud of those kids last night, ’cause you know we were at tree,

ODONNEL:  Yes, and you were fantastic!

CINDY: Thank you, but it was Billy Porter.

WHOOPI:  Billy with the hat. I love it.

CINDY:  Billy looked good. That was Billy Porter from Kinky Boots. Every Christmas. Yes! He won a Tony for that.

WHOOPI:  Yes he did and you won a Tony for writing it, not that we’re bragging.

CINDY:  No, but thank you.

NICHOLE:  Can I just say that I’ve been like, a fan of yours forever and I can’t believe I’m sitting next to you, this is so totally cool. I love it. I love it.

CINDY: Well, it’s like Christmas for you.

PEREZ:  Well I thought, with Eric Garner, when I saw it was that, New Yorkers are forward thinking people and I was disappointed. I was very, very disappointed. What I wasn’t disappointed in was the protestors. They kept their cool and they stayed on course.

NICHOLE: Let me just add, the protesters were magnificent last night and the NYPD had a banner night last night. The NYPD could have taught a master class last night on HOW TO RESPECT THE PROTESTERS. I was out at Macy’s with my 2.5 year old last night and I was glad that the protesters had the freedom to protest, to shut down the West side highway. But I was also glad that police sort of  kept them away because tourist don’t know our ways and you know, I thought the police could have done a master class last night on How to really respect the will of the protesters and keep some order in our massive city. It was a good night for New York city.

ODONELL:  Yes. They worked really hard, although you know, sadly, I did expect this to be the verdict.

CINDY: You did?

ODONNEL: I did. I said it yesterday in the meeting, this is what I expected and it’s sad to me to live in an America and expect this to be our democracy. And I feel that there was a grave injustice. Not only that, but there were minor charges that could have been filed: assault. We have had to watch this man die on television.

PEREZ: Over and over and over again.

ODONNEL:  And overtime it breaks my soul just a little bit more. And as I was sitting on the couch with my god son and my daughter, watching it, I just started to cry, and my 12 year old asked me, “Mommy why are people racist?” and I really didn’t have an answer for her.

NICHOLE: You know, in his testimony he said that he ‘put his hands on Mr. Garner, in a maneuver taught to him at the police academy.’ I mean, if that’s true we need to change what we’re teaching police officers, because I don’t think anyone who saw that… this was — there also seems to be complete absence of judgment. He wasn’t — they weren’t engaged with each other because of a violent crime that had taken place. He was selling loose cigarettes. There has to be some trigger…

ODONNEL: He had none on him.

NICHOLE:  The way this would have ended if all of this had gone according to code, would have been with a written ticket. So I didn’t see anything on camera that interfered with the police officers ability to take out a ticket, a pen and write a ticket. So, I think it’s more than just this incident. This is just the one that breaks our heart today, but if his testimony is to suggest that they are taught this maneuver in an encounter that doesn’t begin with anything violent or threatening the neighborhood, that needs to change.

PEREZ: But it was on camera! It was all on camera! You think in Ferguson, there are these questions , we weren’t there, we really didn’t see what happen — which is a reason for an indictment! You know so we can go to trial– but here it is on camera and we’re talking about putting cameras on policemen. And I understand the outrage, because it’s like ‘well what would be the point?’ If you have it on camera and we saw a man die.

ODONNEL: And we need to have a bigger conversation.

NICHOLE: There’s a federal investigation going on.

ODONNEL: But it shouldn’t have to go to that point right? The conversation about systemic racism in the United States needs to be opened up for all of us in a dialogue;  not just when atrocities like this happen but all of the time because it’s prevalent in America and we need to look at ourselves.

NICHOLE: And I think it’s a broader conversation. I think its also about ‘what are our police officers are being taught to do.’

WHOOPI: And I, I don’t know. For me, it’s just like, I’m sorry, the coroner said, you know, listen, ‘yes  – he was overweight, Mr. King.’  Yes he was an overweight gentleman, but he could have lived if he was just standing there Peter King. You see, the coroner said, he died because he couldn’t breath, which he said 11 times and also, the fact that he was asphyxiated — now, I get maybe, you weren’t sure or all of you who said, ‘ he was overweight and that’s why he died,’ — that’s NOT why he died. He had been overweight a long time and walking around, okay. So, if you hadn’t sat on him…

NICHOLE: Can we explain who Congressman King is…

ODONNEL: Sadly is from Long Island and I’m embarrassed to say that he is from Long Island.

NICHOLE: I’m a fan of Peter King, but not of what he said yesterday. He suggested that the death was because of his [Eric Garner] size.

PEREZ: He didn’t suggest, he stated.

NICHOLE: He stated.

WHOOPI:  Look, the idea of having heard people say, ‘no we don’t do that practice anymore, a practice that stops you from breathing is an issue, I think. Now maybe I’m crazy. Anything that allows people to take you under here [placing her forearm under her chin – as if to constrict breathing], and pull you back is an issue.

NICHOLE: And step on your head…

WHOOPI: And step on your head. Why didn’t anyone else [say anything], how come there were no other people?

NICHOLE: Why weren’t those other people guilty?

WHOOPI:  I don’t understand why everybody wasn’t up [on charges]. I heard rumor that maybe they were given immunity. I don’t know that for a fact, but that’s what 3 or 4 of the outlets have said.

PEREZ: I like what Mayor Bill Deblasio said when he stood up. You know he is married to the first lady who is an um…

WHOOPI: black – she’s a black lady.

PEREZ:  She’s a black woman and their son is mixed and he understands first hand and it’s sad. What,  [does] everyone have to have a mixed child or a child of color to understand? You know, and I think that what he was saying…

NICHOLE: I don’t think that’s the case.  The protesters were a beautiful diverse group of protesters on the street last night…

PEREZ: That’s not what I’m saying. No, no no. I’m not saying that.

WHOOPI: Clarify what you’re saying. Go ahead.

PEREZ:  What I’m saying is, is that there are a lot of people who don’t understand what people of color go through. And it usually is that when you have an offspring of color and you’re not then you go ‘Oh! I get it!’ –that’s what I’m saying, in a deeper way.

ODONNEL: I agree, and the bottom line, is do we have equal justice in America, under the law? Are don’t we? And after these grand jury verdicts, we need to discuss that in a way to resolve it.

WHOOPI: Or maybe we need to discuss who’s on the grand jury and how it’s being done. Because, I’m sorry, what it sounded like to me was the same exact thing that was said in Ferguson. It almost sounded word-for-word apology suddenly sounded much like we suggested it should and I was like.. ‘You know, you’re missing the point, you still can’t say, “I did this. This is what happened because I was over zealous.” See, I…

NICHOLE: He did say that thought, the officer said, ‘It was never my intention to harm or injury anyone,” and the grand jury was made up of,

CINDY:  Then he shouldn’t have stepped on his head.

NICHOLE: Listen I agree, but you were talking about “saying the right thing,” and this grand jury was diverse.

WHOOPI: Yeah, I don’t see, I know we have to wrap.

CINDY:  It’s not The Hunger Games.

WHOOPI:  It’s not and also I think it’s also a much bigger thing – it’s much bigger than race. It’s about whose out there protecting us and whose doing their background checks? Whose saying, ‘Hey you know what, you should be getting some help before you become an officer.’ Where’s is that? You know? I don’t know. You know what? I’m hot. We’ll be right back with more HOT TOPICS.


The ladies of The View took this week off for Christmas, I pray the mayhem follows suit. 


divider blk_south

The people don’t like the tally of police brutality, so they protest in peace.
The police seem to take issue with the people taking to the street.

We, the people, have an issue with the police taking unarmed lives.
Our plight: that justice acknowledge the wrongs and make right.

We, the people are up for this HUMANE fight.
Protest in LARGE VOLUME. We’re doing it For LIFE.

I’m a lover of life and I will not stop.
My heart was further broken by the killing of two cops.

My heart is still aching because I fear this
more lives will be lost, thwarted — dismissed.

Whether cop or civilian, my love is the same.
Karma serves all – please stay out of her lane.

Live by the sword, die by the sword — you know the line.
I respect your life and your journey. Respect mine.

We can do better. We all know it’s a choice.
Be not offended by the plight in your brothers voice.

Be not trigger happy and he won’t return the same.
Acknowledge and stop this. We all deserve change.

It’s Christmas Eve 2014 and so many are crying this morning,
I’m Qui
Praying for us all. It’s the best thing to do following that ‘wake up yawning.’

This holiday, consider being good to yourself by being good to someone else.
The gesture will come back to you in spades. You win.
We all win!!

Falling into something a little more comfortable

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It Feels Good...

It Feels Good…

Like The QUEEN LATIFAH SHOW. Have you been tuning in to the daytime flava? It’s pretty good. Queen is a pisces, so she’s a chameleon by sign rite therefore, that makes her a natural at talking to anyone about anything.

I love the show. This week she had Zoe Saldana on the show, which is interesting because I’ve been wondering whatever happened to the Nina Simone biopic project? I have always been a fan of Zoe’s work and was very verbal about not agreeing with her choice to play Nina Simone in the unauthorized biopic, sometime back. I’m not sure whatever happened to that project, but I want to be clear, that I absolutely love Zoe Saldana as well as Queen Latifah for “putting her on” (giving Zoe a social conversation platform) this week on The Queen Latifah Show – it was some good stuff.

Zoe is preggo with twins! Did you know that? Well, I did not. Did you know that she is starring in THE BOOK OF LIFE and that it is in theaters right now? I did not know that either. Not because I’m not keeping up with the beautiful latina actress from Queens, but because, well… these days, movie trailers get far too little advertisement time on television. When did we decide that movie trailer enticement was no longer necessary on tv as much as it is online and on youtube? Nothing is worse than being force fed a random movie trailer, while desperately trying to get clarification on how to fix an editing software glitch via a youtube HOW TO video.  However, I would love to see a movie trailer on television during a commercial break of SCANDAL, EXTANT, or HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. Bring back enticing movie trailers to network television dear Hollywood. If for no other reason than to increase your bottom line.  After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

There are a lot of things we would not know of unless it were advertised or unless someone told us, which is why I watch The Queen Latifah Show, The View, The Talk, and as soon as I’ve an additional free daytime DVR slot, I’ll be recording The REAL TALK on BET. Are you watching it? I happened to drop in mid episode one morning during a channel surf and saw Tamar Braxton, Tamera Morrow and Loni Love sitting at the table and it caught my attention. BET is boldly going where no other talk show has gone before and has added a 3rd black woman at the talk show table format. The View was the progressive shiz when they put two black women on deck, but 3? BET is serious about definition. 😉

Daytime TV is doing alright
Diversifying the view beyond mostly white.

I see Rosie Perez is poised pretty nice
as Whoopi continues to serve insight.

It’s important to have diversity within ‘talk show glory,’
or I might not have come-up on Zoe Saldana’s rooted story.

No one has been interviewing Zoe on any kind of show,
so when I think of The Queens courtesy, I yell a resounding “YO!”

Zoe is beautiful, Zoe is bright.
Zoe’s a huge talent in the incoming tide.

Zoe is being offered all types of roles,
some lack match, but most are gold.

The game isn’t free and by all accounts it must be sold.
The Queen did her thing on daytime tv and hosted the talk of Zo’.

The season of FALL is upon us and I’m happy to be Falling into something more comfortable,
I’m Qui
always glad to talk-it-out with thee, because news stations be on ‘that dumpster bull.

The EYES have it

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cosmetic surgeryWell, you don’t like this and you don’t like that about your physical appearance.  So we’ve heard and thanks to cosmetic surgery you can change whatever you want to change about yourself.

I understand bodily imperfections – we’ve all got ’em. My love handles get shafted on the love though. It’s true. When I feel like they’re too visible, I’m quick to bind them in a girdle. It’s a temporary solution – sure, but it smooths out the tell-tale signs of all the candy that I’ve consumed since…

Wait a minute! This piece isn’t about me. lol! 😉  This piece is about permanent cosmetic solutions that often prove not to be “solutions” after all. And as for the girdle… well, we’re cool.

The EYES have it

So I was watching HOT TOPICS on The View yesterday and Renee Zellwegers face came up. I’m a fan of Renee’s and prior to seeing her face on The View I had noticed Yahoo OMG advertisements had been popping up here and there (online) with her picture on it. I would always dismiss the bait and decline to check it out, because Renee is a sweetheart and I’m still in love with her since Jerry McGuire, Bridget Jones’ Diary, and Cold Mountain.  I can’t seem to get enough of her Texas friendly nature, squinty eyes and cooky smile, but recent photos reveal that I have indeed had my fill. The squinty eyes are gone.

Some are questioning if she’s had plastic surgery(s)? And maybe she has, but how can we be certain that she wouldn’t have aged into wider eyes naturally? After all, that’s the only thing that changed. I think…

Speaking of “eyes” have you heard of that cosmetic procedure than can change the color of your iris from brown to blue? While researching premium eye drops (because I was only looking to knock out the tired red), I found this:


The EYES have itobviously, and are the first thing people see
when you’re walking down the boulevard or the red carpet on TV.

Now I rather like my eyes. Heck no – I love them truly!
They help me keep things in focus, thus I’m walking straight – duly.

My eyes are important to me, beyond vanity or questionable scandal.
My eyes are what helped me find a good girdle to bind these love handles.

I don’t want anyone telling me what I can’t wear. And don’t tell me it’s out of line.
So to the women that choose to go under the knife – it’s her prerogative and I am fine.

If it alters their career course – surely they knew the possibility was chancing.
We all remember Jennifer Grays story – she played Baby in Dirty Dancing.

Jennifer had a distinctive nose – it set her apart and we thought she was cute
She chose to do a nip and tuck and role casters chose to rebuke.

Not to teach her a lesson. Not to gain a ruined score.
She couldn’t land a good role, because we didn’t recognize her anymore.

I fear the same for so many – who choose plastic surgery today.
Especially when their appearance is what controls their living wage.

Everybody ain’t a Joan Rivers and doesn’t have the luxury to laugh-at-self.
So if the surgery is a miss – instead of a hit – your beloved career goes stealth.

I’m still a fan of Renee Zellweger’s. She’s still got that Texas style.
I will miss the squinty eyes, but I’m still digging that cooky smile.

Surely The EYES have it and I’m going to leave mine alone,
I’m Qui
A Texas girl viewing the world, from my corner in the ‘Tha Zone‘.

Love yourself and don’t change a thing.
God made you that way – )))embrace((( the scene.

News Peruse in June

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The term BIG BROTHER did not originate at the CBS reality show. Big Brother is the government. The reality show is a privacy infringing spin-off.

He doesn’t play sports, but his comedy balls;
Kevin Hart towers over NBA star whose 6’11” tall.

Arizona is known as “the healing place” – folks are always looking to the heavens.
It’s either Jesus Christ himself, or the Phoenix UFO’s from 1997.

I’m as shocked as you are – this was new news to me.
Stephenville, TX isn’t alone – peep the Phx documentary.

I guess I’m only bringing it up
because I’m out here in this Phoenix cut. 🙂

So how’s your mid-week so far? What good is new?
Did you happen to catch todays episode of THE VIEW?


The show was good and their HOT TOPICS were on point.
Co-hosting with ladies was Ana Quincoces from a reality show joint.

John Stamos was on the show. He’s quite the sexy flirt,
but somehow every time I see him, I crave greek yogurt.

The NSA has been in the news, because security is in question.
If the government wants to hear you – he has the Patriot Act connection.

After Ed Snowden told Americans that thier phone calls were being spied on
Most phone compainies denied any such, except la honest Verizon.

After 9/11 in 2001, congress voted to give phone-tapping power to the White House.
But when Obama took the reigns in 2008,  the Patriot Act became a louse.

Personally, I don’t appreciate anyone dropping in on my phone calls,
but then no one asked me to weigh-in my vote on the Patriot Act,  at all.

I suppose congress voted it into law, because the terror threat is real.
And with every terrorist act thwarted – it’s an action I can feel.

I am not sacrificing liberty for safety – but I do want to be safe.
I’m Qui
And this is a dialogue needing to be had all over the USA.

What are your thoughts?
How much does security cost?

The VIEW of a Happy Sister

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Gotta Love Sherri Shepherd and the man that makes her happy. Are you still watching The View? If you’ve been missing it – now is a good time to DVR it. They are currently running reruns and I was able to catch Barack and Michelle Obama during their separate visits to the couch.

But let’s talk Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally, (her husband of a year now). Aren’t they cute? This month is their 1-year anniversary. Ebony Mag spoke with her recently and reports this:

s a little girl Sherri Shepherd would sit in front of two TV sets with her grandma — one tuned to a soap opera, the other to The Newlywed Game. It’s no wonder she’d grow up to be the hardest-working sister in TV; recurring guest appearances on 30 Rock, a spin on Dancing with the Stars. Heck even, her own wedding was broadcast last August on Style Network. Currently, Sherri 45, does double duty as co-host of The View and as host of The Newlywed Game. The Game Show Network’s modern take on the classic program showcases three newly married couples from diverse backgrounds who face off in a series of question rounds. During each segment, a spouse attempts to guess his or her mates answer to questions about their relationship, ranging from the first time they met to the details of their love life. The couple scoring the most points wins. “I get to have fun,” Shepherd said in 2010 when she landed the game-show gig. “I’m not going to be arguing with anybody about whether we should pull the troops out of Afghanistan.” As she and Sal celebrate their one-year anniversary this month, we thought the time was right to ask this newlywed a few questions:

The Newlywed Game has its share of blush-worthy-moments, yet seem unflappable.

Shepherd: I am absolutely unflappable … sometimes the answers are so stunning, I have to laugh. ONe man answered that his wife should stay home, have babies and do the dishes. I was so shocked, I had to walk over– in my flip-flops because I take off my six-inch heels when I’m standing — and hit him over the head with my cards!

Do you and Sal ever play the game at home and answer the questions?

Shepherd: We never play the game at home. … I don’t wan tto konw which of my three girlfriends Lamar would like to get with. Yuck, and creepy!

The questions are hilarious. Do you help write them?

Shepherd: We’ve got great writers who do very well without me.

Are you still in the honeymoon stage?

Shepherd: It’s difficult to stay in the honeymoon stage with a 7-year-old who constantly jumps in the bed with us. We try to keep a spark, but it seems as if every time we kiss, Jeffery bursts in the room and gives Sal a look that says, “She’s mine, dude!”

How do you think you two would fare as contestants on the show?

Shepherd I think we’d fail miserably… and leave the show saying, “I can’t believe you said that wasn’t Aunt Janelle’s real hair!”

What life lesson have you learned from hosting the show that you’ll apply in your own marriage?

Shepherd: Laugh a lot, have a sense of humor and treat each other kindly. That will outlast everything.

What’s the craziest question you’ve ever asked a couple?

Shepherd: “If hubby had to make an adult movie with one of his wife’s girlfriends, who would it be?” And the classic, “Where is the weirdest place you’ve ever made whoopie?”

Awwww. What about a touching moment between you and your new husband?

Shepherd: Valentine’s Day was coming. I gave Sal a certificate to a spa and he never mentioned anything to me. I was on ‘The View’ on February 14th feeling very blue. Whoopie [Goldberg] kept asking me what Sal did for Valentine’s Day, and I was trying to put on a brave face as I evaded the question. All of a sudden, the lights went low “My Girl” started playing, and there was Sal in a tuxedo with roses in his hands singing the song to me. I burst into tears, because Sal doesn’t do in-front-of-the-camera stuff. So for him to step out of his comfort zone to serenade me [was] priceless. He had my heart.

How might you celebrate your anniversary?

Shepherd I’m surprising Sal with a trip to a remote island. Between the sun, the pina coladas and the atmosphere, hopefully, I’ll come back pregnant!

We wish Sherri well! It’s good to be happy.
Sherri looks great with her ‘Main Squeeze Daddy’.

I don’t keep up with her as much as I should; to stalk is to be lame.
Thus I missed the break-out news about her hosting The Newlywed Game.

All the same she is still gaming – as well as co-hosting The View,
I’m Qui
Happy like Sherri
& ENCOURAGING you to be too. Ooo!


Sherri & Sal get down at their wedding reception.
Check ’em out!


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They're Talking to ME

I was bound to watch it – it’s just what the doctor ordered (along with Mother Natures low temperatures) and it is fast becoming one of my favorite talk shows – along side of Tyra Banks and The View. Are you watching it? It comes on CBS @ 2pm/1pm CST. The Talk is hosted by: Julie Chen, Sarah Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson-Peete, Leah Remini and Marissa Jaret Winokur. Marissa was the former host of “Dance Your Ass Off”. Remember her? With the big hair and the big smile? Well on The Talk she’s working the audience aisle. She’s also toned down ‘the BIG HAIRSPRAY do’, added a blonde highlight or two and wha-lah! She’s back in business & looking good.

Though I’ve not caught an episode (yet) of Marissa sitting at the round table or perched on the couch alongside the other ladies. I’ve only been watching a week or two, because when it comes to adopting “new shows” I’m slow to move. I’m just picky. But the last couple of “Talks” I’ve tuned in to have been right on the money. Their current topics are dead on in vibe. I can honestly say I appreciate each woman on the panel and dig her individual vibe…what she brings to the table.

It’s a beautiful fresh bouquet of beauty, laughter, and relative life experiences. It’s a great afternoon pick me up. Tomorrow I’m sure to turn in because todays preview of Wednesdays show showed clips of Niecy Nash crying on the couch. Oh Lawd! Not Niecy. That’s my girl. I miss her on “CLEAN HOUSE“. Tempest Bledsoe is the shows new host and sticking true to how I do — I’m slow to move. I admit I have not tuned in yet to catch her in action. All the same, I KNOW I’m tuning in to The Talk on December 29th – I have got to see what the flower with the flower in hair has to say. Unnnn! (the noise Niecy is known to grunt). I wouldn’t miss it for a thing.

I’m sure I’ll hit the comment box with the details tomorrow.
Was Niecy crying out of happiness, or some sort of sorrow?

I don’t have a clue, so I won’t fictionally squawk.
I’m Qui
Instead I’ll update ‘my online conversate’ post Wednesdays broadcast of THE TALK.

Keep up with the conversation on TWITTER: TheTalk_CBS.
I’ll see you there.

The View of Barbara & Whoopi

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Ooops! There was an interesting glitch at the table today on THE VIEW
Whoopi & Barbara were the conversational timing conflicted two:

Should Whoopi Goldberg be worried about her job?

It seems as if Whoopi may have ticked off Barbara Walter’s on today’s episode of “The View.” The ladies were having a conversation about the increased security being implemented at airports. Whoopi Goldberg felt that the TSA agents need to be trained in a different method for patting down children.

Whoopi: I think you can’t pat down a child the same way you would pat down an adult, I think there has to be some training in there.
Joy: Can’t they use the x-ray machine…
Sherri: My son likes the walk through machines, but he has a tendency to touch the sides because he thinks the whole thing is fun.

Barbara: then you talk to your son before hand…
Sherri: I do, but he’s a little boy…
Barbara Nothing is perfect…
Whoopi: (talking across the table) Take care of business, Sherri.
Barbara (sternly speaking to Whoopi) LET ME FINISH.

After a moment of cold staring from Barabara to Whoopi – Barbara apologized to Whoopi, and then continued,
Barbara: This is all done for our safety.

Take a look at the timing for yourself and gage,
You can see the VIDEO on HELLO BEAUTIFUL’s page.

I don’t think there’s long term tension – conversational timing was a bit off, but got back on track.
I’m Qui
and when you truly “RESPECT” someone, it’s not hard or difficult to find your way back.

Bob’wa and Whoopi will be fine. 🙂
I believe this topic has no ax in it – to grind.
Viva La View & Viva La GIRL TIME!


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Torrential News Peruse

It’s a default of mine to keep ten toes on the ground.
Peep the NEWS PERUSE and how hard it’s going down….

First up is the rain – it’s hitting hard in the yard with no sunshine in between;
Its charted path is set to wet up TX – Welcome o’ Hurricane Hermine.

Then there’s the Tea Party, the Republicans and folks wanting to burn Qur’an books…
Ignorance is falling hard good Lawd and has non-intellectuals hooked.

Racial issues aren’t dissipating though thier surely at thier due
We’ve not moved a positive inch since President Obama was on “THE VIEW”:

So we’ve finally retreated from the war in Iraq
Post wasted lives and years we can never get back.

President GW Bush put us on this track
and now Republicans bark about getting the White House back?

…what the frick-frack?
What in the world have THEY done to positively warrant THAT?

Torrential evidence is proving that the elephant is in a violent slump,
I’m Qui
Reflecting wired news from this mid week view that we call ‘The HUMP’.