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Dying on The Young and The Restless

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soap-and-bubblesSo are we in the midst of some sort of cast member shake upor what? In the last few months we have lost the following characters in script: Austin (Summer’s brief husband), Courtney (Noah’s brief fiance) and Kelly [Stitch’s sister & Jacks brief ex-gf]. What in Sam Hill is going on?

Yesterdays broadcast displayed a surreal view of Jack marrying Phyllis while simultaneously under kidnap by… Kelly.

Yes! I know I said Kelly was dead in the first paragraph but the script keeps flipping post every affectionate gesture that Jack yields to Phyllis.

Yes! Jack and Phyllis were married a day ago and are now on their honey moon in some remote area and it seems that every time Jack kisses Phyllis or strokes her hair, the next moment shows him in wrist and ankle restraints in a similar room on a much shabbier bed with a gag in his mouth and he is yelling for help.

What the….?

Yep. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying over the last few days: “WT?,” and today hasn’t made me feel any more secure about any role being safe on my soaps. I do, however, have an additional “under the radar” concern about Kyle (Jack & Diane Jenkins son). Kyle just keeps showing up at the most odd and opportune times. He’s nowhere and everywhere with no alibi and hailing innocence. No one is that lucky or unlucky, so what are his intentions, motives and angles?

Is there any literal connection between Jacks turmoil’s and Kyle’s suspiciousness? Seems like a question out of the blue, but is it? I mean, currently in script these two guys are rogue. Jack appears to be living 2 different consciouses and Kyle seems to be a part of everyone’s sub-story. What are the writers up to? I’m Young, I’m Restless and I’m quite curious as to where this storyline is going and why the cast purge is so momentous?

I’d ask Lily or Devon ‘what’s up?,’ but they’re storyline is laying pretty low
after Hillary slept with Dad and son, writers are stumped on ‘where to go.’

Black folks can be quite dirty, but it’s not an easy write.
Daytime soaps are best served to the curb by our fam that is white.
The Black soaps rule the night via Tyler Perry. Right?

It’s quite the viewing delight and the storylines are best under stress,
I’m Qui
Glad to be alive to write and not Dying on The Young and Restless.

PS — While the cast line is starting to look barron
Police Chief Paul is focused on arresting Sharon.


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murdermysteryNOdinnerWho did it? Who did it? Who among kin
took an object to the back of the  head of Austin?

It was supposed to be fun,
but then Fen spiked the punch.

Abby Newman secretly invited each guest to party at her family’s cabin-stead
they all blacked out – and woke up feeling foggy in the head and Austin is dead.


Abby Newman, Summer & Austin, Fen Baldwin

Ooo wee. There’s a murder mystery on Y&Rthe writers are no beginners.
They’ve served up another death and didn’t even give them dinner.

Beyond the murder mystery (that will, for the next few weeks, drive viewers insane),
there’s also the blizzard snow factor and that missing air plane.

Oh yes! A plane went down – Neil and his family were on board.
Turbulence took them down after Lilly called Hillary a whore.

The plane went down, more precisely at the point when everyone was staring Neil in the face,
after he revealed that he could indeed see and was hard clutching a brief case.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.12.29 PM

Top Lft to Bottom Rt: Neil Winters, [wife] Hillary, [son] Devon, [daughter] Lilly, [her husband] Cane Ashby and Colin and Jill-Abbott Ashby

What’s in the briefcase?,” asked Lilly, Devon and concerned others.
This after Neil confronted his son and his wife on being lovers.

If mother nature were not the reason for the turbulence on that tragic plane ride,
bad energy from the fam, would be the blame for the crash and the pilots life.

Wreckage sprawled about 

Lying in the snow, Cane woke up first and began to yell and look around,
most folk regained their faculties, but Hillary is wreckage bound.

The plane was filled with family members only – the manifest wasn’t many;
so imagine the gut wrench of them all when they fail to locate Lilly.

The fever of our emotions were then thrown back to the cabin’s suspects and “who did it,”
that’s when Summer envisioned her hands ‘on an object’ and the spot where ‘she hid it.’

She ran to the couch, removed the seat cushion and screamed.
It seems Summer has killed her man — with no apparent reason at seam.

Oh my! Oh my! I’m sure she wishes it were a bad dream.
Now comes the work to find out why and what it all means.

Good work Y&R writers. I’m enjoying your hand at play,
I’m Qui
Voting you MOST INTERESTING for choosing murder on lovers day.

Having FAITH on Y&R

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Y&Rs FAITH 2015

[L-R] Alyvia Alyn and McKenna Grace

Yep! They did the switcheroo on us again. I had faith in the possibility casting agents  would do as much after seeing little Faith Newman (Alyvia Alyn) run away from home earlier this week and spit some lame sounding script line to Avery about being “scared of her Daddy.”

Now I know she’s not the script writer, but her line delivery was horrendous. She almost implicated that Nick Newman was up to unsavory and inappropriate actions, when what she meant to imply is the sadness that she was feeling because her father refuses to  marry her mother (Sharon Newman) for the umpteenth time.

The line delivery made me feel like I needed to call CPS, but having been watching the storyline closely I knew what little Faith was trying to say – still it didn’t sound good .

The Y&R Christmas broadcast reeled the view of a new Faith in place: actress McKenna Grace. Actually, McKenna is an old Faith given a new shot. The casting agents had used McKenna before to manifest the role of Faith, but after a brief storyline gap, Faith was returned being portrayed as as Alyvia.

I’m really glad McKenna is back on the show. It takes a certain kind of comprehension and chemistry to deliver some of the complex lines that the Y&R writers produce. Working with child actors isn’t easy and I’m sure being a child actor is no easy task either, irregardless chemistry trumps. The actor must have an understanding/comprehension of complex situations and delivery the line on-point or the scene is a bust and someone may end up calling CPS…

Welcome back McKenna. I look forward to seeing you in Y&R dimension.


Did you see the Christmas broadcast? Did you see the scene?
If you did — then you visually know what I mean.

I didn’t fall in love with the line and I didn’t feel compassion for the deliverer.
I felt like calling CPS and having them (for Faith’s own safety) remove her.

Faith was hiding under a table, hugging its leg and looking crabby
when Avery asked what she was afraid of, Faith responded, “My Daddy.”

Then the soap went to a break and I was like what?
Thank God it was a good family friend asking Faith as much.

If a perfect stranger received Faith’s response,
I’m sure CPS would have quickly come.

I didn’t know how to feel about the role that Alyvia was playing.
but putting McKenna in the game, means line-execution slaying.

I think Y&R is well on it’s way to birthing us another adolescent actress that we will love,
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Good morning to thee, I thought you could use a Y&R )))HUG(((.

Hug me back. I’m a hugger —  this is not a phase.
And by all means get back to having a Merry & Happy Holiday!