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This Thursday

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Keep it moving.

Let’s talk about world news?  For therein resides global views

Are you worried about what the world thinks of what happened on January 6th? Are you afraid that they will think Covid is all-over America and that America is sick?

I definitely think that what the world saw yesterday in the Capitol, at our Congress — is certainly indicative of our worst and not our best.

America, America, where has your swagger gone? Beloved America don’t be a saboteur and tear down your own home.

We must do better. America, America, ‘girl get it together. It’s possible to navigate turbulent weather — though it will require the bulk of us to proactively come together.

Do you want to do it, America? Would you like to start today? If you do, I’m down for it too, and Thursday is perfect first day.

The world is watching us, as we so often do watch them. America showed up yesterday in a mess-of-a-dress with no hem.

The entire debacle was caught on tape; seeing it live gave me the blues. The Capitol was stormed by the misinformed; just short of curly hats and curl-toed shoes.

I’m no jester and this is not what our country intends to look like — so thank you to Congress for keeping  composer and thanks, VP Mike.

Georgia, sweet Georgia, you have been on all of our minds. To Warnock and Ossoff: Way To Go on your new Senate shine.

I don’t know the depths of the pro’s that go along with one party at play – leading both sides of congress, beyond it was like this in 2008.

Oh! Let’s not forget about the monumental construction of the ACA. I’m looking for even more good to be born from a new Congress sway. 

Today is Thursday and the world has not yet changed the channel. Let the fire that is our blood, not ruin our fine constitutional flannel.

Democracy is flammable. We all know that it’s true. As a patriotic citizen, I’m extending my attentions to you.

America, what is it that is bothering you? What is your political and aspirational gleam? Please do not revert back to “stolen elections.” We must move beyond 2016.

Hill C. may have been robbed, but Democracy was not hindered nor stumped. Who knows what happened to my earnest vote? Was it counted or was it dumped?

I prayed that it was counted, but in uncertainty I did not sulk. I remained civil over the last 4-years;  for my country I have big love.

Yes, I love this country and I certainly love you. I pledged allegiance to the flag; the red, the white, and the blue.

My allegiance is to live a good life minus the fight & fuss. I still believe in the united intentions of our beloved America.

What about you and how do you feel? This Thursday, roll smoothly – every journey is not uphill.

It’s easier and wiser for us to work towards getting along — rather than delve into discord and chance history proving you wrong.

This Thursday:

T is For

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T is for the trumpet of la niece; Mary Trump is the loudest. T is for patriotic triumph and Americans are the proudest.

T is for more terrific times, and of course, Thursday. T is for thorough research and trendy verb play.

T is for togetherness; I miss you. Do you miss me? —  T is for the tight squeeze that we could remain in w/o unity.

Today I feel a lot of love in my community. I feel a renew of love between you and me.

T is for Thank You I am grateful for all that I have recently heard.  People in my red state will vote for unity’s sake. Tone is always word.

T is for think. Don’t you dare just go with the flow.  T is for thoughtfulness; exhibit as much during your to and fro.

T is for talk Don’t engage in it if you are not prepared.  Intelligence is weighed; each listener to parse his own fair.

C is for compassion. There’s always room for THAT today.  T is for the tenacity to kneel in reverence and pray.

Time waits for no man, and time is not infinite for any of us.  It is time we cut the –ish and focus intent on humanity and love.

We’ve done it before — and we gained the world’s TOP SCORE.

Let’s do it again. — Elect a new president and win.

Are you down?  T is for thwart. Thwart our role as world clown.

T is for your town. How would you like yours to look tomorrow?

I’m Qui

Thinking about we, and how we can thwart our COVID tally sorrows.

We can do it. Masks thwart transmission. — We can do it. VOTE to render this era into remission.

“T” up

A More Meaningful Monday

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It’s Monday again, but what does it mean?
Are we to comprehend what others say and unravel at the seams?

Me think not.
The day is young and the seat ain’t hot.

Is it?
I woke up early to Griot spit-it.
What about you? TAG! You’re it.

the-gavel.gifWhat are your intentions to see this day through?
It’s a friendly question from me to you.

What sayest ye on this Monday, good fellow?
Did you sleep well last night; was your weekend mellow?

Mine was. Regardless of the relentless hug
that Congress yielded to us; I call it love.

I rested well; meditated and stuff.
That’s what I do at impositions marked “rough.”

And I do believe that history will recall —
this era to be “rough” without an inked stall.

The moment is trying.
But I ain’t buying.


Life is intended to be lived;
to love to laugh, receive and give.

What are you giving today?
No hardness or bubblegum focus on the play.

Me? I’m giving encouragement, compliments, and love.
Starting with myself; I will begin with a HUG.

Did you hug yourself today?
Go on and list-it-out followed by a bullet point to PLAY.
It’s imperative that you don’t forget. Okay?

Inject and acquire more Meaning today.
Voice your opinion and comprehend the say.
Be mindful in the moment: A More Meaningful Monday.
Get up, get out, and get something; let OUTKAST play:


Today is a fine day because you’re alive and good moves are within your reach.
I’m Qui
and this day would have little meaning without you – pray for the dude whose under impeach.

In the spirit of “more meaning,” call it a good deed.
Let a blanket of love be our collective response and release.

The perfect way for this piece to end —
is to request more prayers for the loved ones of:

Kobe, Gigi, and Friends.

Make it A More Meaningful Monday.