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T is For

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T is for the trumpet of la niece; Mary Trump is the loudest. T is for patriotic triumph and Americans are the proudest.

T is for more terrific times, and of course, Thursday. T is for thorough research and trendy verb play.

T is for togetherness; I miss you. Do you miss me? —  T is for the tight squeeze that we could remain in w/o unity.

Today I feel a lot of love in my community. I feel a renew of love between you and me.

T is for Thank You I am grateful for all that I have recently heard.  People in my red state will vote for unity’s sake. Tone is always word.

T is for think. Don’t you dare just go with the flow.  T is for thoughtfulness; exhibit as much during your to and fro.

T is for talk Don’t engage in it if you are not prepared.  Intelligence is weighed; each listener to parse his own fair.

C is for compassion. There’s always room for THAT today.  T is for the tenacity to kneel in reverence and pray.

Time waits for no man, and time is not infinite for any of us.  It is time we cut the –ish and focus intent on humanity and love.

We’ve done it before — and we gained the world’s TOP SCORE.

Let’s do it again. — Elect a new president and win.

Are you down?  T is for thwart. Thwart our role as world clown.

T is for your town. How would you like yours to look tomorrow?

I’m Qui

Thinking about we, and how we can thwart our COVID tally sorrows.

We can do it. Masks thwart transmission. — We can do it. VOTE to render this era into remission.

“T” up

Yesterdays Hopscotch

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XO #ChildhoodFriendships

#TheHump wasn’t that high yesterday,
I spent a lot time outside; I went out to play.

I met a girlfriend in the leisure yard,
we spent hours on memories, they came fast & hard.

We spent hours on projecting and forecasting tomorrow.
Post 6-hours of hanging out our parting bore a little sorrow.

Because as much as we like hanging out and having fun
to do this long term? Time we’ve set aside equals none.

She promises she’ll do better, and I said the same.
In two different states we reside but the love remains

as tight as it ever was, for she is a girlfriend my childhood.
Just to know she’s doing well and is happy – does my heart good.

I didn’t learn too much new 411 that I didn’t already know:
besides she’s still living sangle and she’s still moving slow. 😀

I love that about her, yo! She moves slow and I move fast.
It’s been 35-years of consistency and our relationship still lasts.

She’s raising 3 kids with 1 in elementary.
When she can’t get away she lives vicariously through me.

She colleged long and started a family later.
I questioned my timing then, but now I feel I did myself a favor

by having my kids young (foregoing party time) I felt quite giving
today that time has been given back and I’ve no need for babysitting.

We’re living in two different acts of life – we are both the same age
but because I had children at 19, mine are on a grown page.

I now act as if I’m 19 because I’ve no kids in the house,
I’ve taken to travel like I’m paid to. I travel about.

Life is good, though as I mature,
I realize great relationships are an aging cure.

No matter your age, your childhood friends remain
the people they were when you first met — we met in 7th grade.

Yesterday we did behave while having girl time: we shopped and dined,
But not a minute before I got her tipsy off those orange juice mimosa’s of mine.

We finished up our playful eve
at a spa doing foot reflexology.

I tell you child,
a little Asian lady drove me wild.

It was only for 30-minutes
but she put every skill she had in it.

Woo! I enjoyed her plenty.
I was enamored, I tipped her $20.

She happily accepted and duly split the fee
with the masseuse that did my girlfriends feet.

Ooo wee.
What an awesome treat.

When was the last time you stepped away from the social fringe
and hung out with a real and true childhood friend?

For me, I am finding that I value them more and am hanging out more often.
Perhaps as you age in wisdom and grace, your heart for appreciation softens.

I’m an introspective person and time well invested speaks volumes to me,
I’m Qui
Hanging out with great friends, starting things up again – I’m excited about WE.

Life is great!
Go outside and play.


Or stay in and get old.
You have been told.

T is for Tanners Troubles

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Help! Somebody ring the bell! Call 911!
Tanner is in trouble and the look isn’t fun.

tanner STRESSED bw

Update at the bottom of the story

The usual ritual: Tanner, (my 2# chiuahuah) and I are usually up watching Morning Joe together (on DVR) as I sip a cup of jo, and this morning was no different. What was different is when Tanner got up to leave his beloved pillow to jump on the couch with me. Tanner isn’t allowed on the couch, so I didn’t understand the charted attempt. I made eye contact with the little guy and gently said, “No,” but he didn’t go away. He just stood there for a minute and then his posture started to deteriorate in front of me to a paralytic state. His right hind leg retracted first, then the left leg. Tanner tried to do a hand stand, but couldn’t pull it off and began to tilt over to the left. I started freaking out! “Tanner, what’s wrong?” I was trying to have a conversation with the poor pup. I started to massage him. I offered him water (for God’s sake), but he couldn’t drink it. His eyes were open, but his mouth was paralyzed – he saw the bowl, but could do nothing about it. (Now that I think about it, what made me think he would take a sip of water in that state? Human antics. When someone is in physical trouble, we always offer them a glass of water).

Well, it’s been two hours later and Tanner is still out for the count. Why haven’t I taken him to the vet? Well, this isn’t my first rodeo with a paralytic chihuahua. This happened to me a few years back with my beloved Chippy. Chippy was fine, running around the house playing with my daughters and then all of sudden he wasn’t fine. His tiny chihuahua body seemed to be going through spasms of some sort and physically Chippy became unresponsive. I called my husband at work, (he’s an engineer by degree, but was also an EMERGENCY RESPONSE TECH at the time),  he’s the calm one I run to when I’m in a panic. My husband told me to massage him and see if that works — when it did not I insisted on rushing Chippy to the Vet. Once at the vet’s the nurse confirms that he’s spassing out and is indeed semi-paralytic and said that the doc recommends an over night stay, and an IV. I inquired about the cost of overnight observation and the nurse estimated it to be about $800. I was strapped for cash and pretty sad about it. As I sat in the car trying to figure out a way to make this happen, I noticed it had been at least 5-hours since all of this first started. I called my hubby and informed him of my situation and conveyed that I was fresh out of ideas. He asked me to bring Chippy to his job. Once inside of the job’s parking lot my hubby walks over to the car to lay eyes on Chippy, the moment he called Chippy’s name, Chippy snapped out of the spastic grip and ran to the car window to greet him as if nothing had happened– and my world was happy again!

Total paralytic time: 5.5 hours.
Remedy: Time.

I didn’t get it then and I don’t get it now. Tanner is frozen and spassing. I have done a thorough body check and there are NO TICKS. I have contacted my Chihuahua Circle Of Friends and none have any concrete advice for me, except to wait it out at home or at the vets. It seems to be a degenerative issue, something small dogs are likely to suffer, (though I’ve heard of this happening to medium sized dogs too). The good news is that Tanner doesn’t appear to be in any kind pain. He’s sleeping and I’m sitting right here next to him, watching his every move.

I just want to be a good pet parent. I’m truly doing my best.
I could use any good advice to help Tanner past this test.

If you have any information to share, please send it on the double.
I’m certainly at wits end as it pertains to Tanners Troubles.

Grateful am I that Chippy made it through,
I’m Qui
with todays query: What will Tanner do? Stay tuned…

UPDATEdivider blk_south

[@11:11am] Just when I was starting to reconsider my “wait it out” watch,
Tanner stood up and began to walk.

This is the first time that this has ever happened to my little man,Tanner is BETTER I’ll make an appt. with his vet, for a neurological scan.

But I am really hoping that it’s just a small dog’s knack,
and that just like in Chippy’s case – it never comes back.

And so we conclude this tale, just like we did the last.
My chihuahua had a spasm spell, a few hours later – it passed.

Total paralytic time: 3 hours.
Remedy: Time.

Today I am happy, though I am not as ‘patient of a person’ as I’d like to be.

Thank you for all of your good vibes, things have worked out for Tanner & me.