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My friend is gone.

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Tina Jo Reese & Tavian Joseph Sabur 2011


Last night about 8pm, I received a call from a family member telling me that they had bad news. They asked if I were sitting, I said, “Yes.” It was my mother calling, (I put her on speaker), she wanted to let me know that “Tina Reese has died.”

I didn’t know what to say. I’m thinking, What? How? and Why? and then blank.  I laid the phone on the coffee table. She said, “Qui. Are you there?”

ME: Yes. Ma’am. I am. Pardon me, I don’t know where I went in thought. What happened? How mom?
MOM: She was on her way to her daughters [volleyball] game when she was involved in a car accident on the highway. Her daughter was notified as soon as word could travel. She arrived at the hospital to see her mother, but she had expired just minutes before.”

I sunk into the couch. My husband took the phone. I went out onto the patio to look into the sky and try to take this all in. My heart… crushed. My mind… blank. My voice… disabled.

I wrote a story about TJ Sabur in September of 2011 in a piece called, “My Baby is Gone.” 10-year old TJ was killed by a drunk driver while his mother, Tina Reese drove him to football practice during Labor Day weekend on Friday afternoon. When I made my way to the hospital to her bedside, she said, “Hello QuiQui. My baby is gone.”  There hasn’t been one day that has gone by since that she has not expressed her love for TJ, nor did she miss an opportunity to mention that they would meet again.

Folks. This is my current situation tonight. Tina and TJ have reunited.

It’s the best way I can put things together in my mind — the best way I can deal. Tina was a beautiful person and has always been a beautiful spirit. A positive force. May her memory and legacy remain in kind.

Here are the details to TINA REESE’s HOME GOING [Funeral]:

Tina Reese's Funeral Date & Time


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Say a prayer for TJ’s sister and Tina Reese’s little girl, Camille Cherry. She needs you today – she may need you tomorrow. I’m going to be here for her — for the long run.


My friend is gone, and is surely with her baby.
She was one graceful, all-inclusive loving lady.

Tina never missed a beat in being MOM OF THE YEAR.
When her kids needed support- she was there to cheer!

She was the designated taxi driver. Transporter of Goodness & Love.
God saw her driven purpose and ‘made way’ for her “above.”

TJ was there to meet her. You better believe I’m telling the truth.
Nothing happens by mistake – when He moves, I stand in mute.

I’m grateful to have known Tina and to be connected to her seed still,
I’m Qui
Aunti Qui to Cami. Because FAMILY CONNECT surpass DNA. For real.

Keep Tina’s family in your prayers… They need them to heal.

R.I.P. Tina Reese

I’ll miss you dear friend… dear sister.