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And so

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Mick gave us his word, before his word was dead.
That’s when I stood up to clarify the moment and said:


But he did. He took back what he said 5-hours prior
when the press corp was in the room and he had the floor.

Weird moments in time have been popping back up
since the media started rewinding “honesty cuts.”

You know, “honesty cuts?” That’s when someone has a moment of clarity
and blurts out the whole-hearted truth then pretends it was all parody.

You gotta be kidding me! And so I just thought I’d mention
what is constant reality in this era’s indention.

It’s an integrity issue and it keeps on happening —
“honesty cuts” show up before faux-talking-point dampening.

What does it cost you to live a big lie?

I wouldn’t know.
The “lie-laden route” is one I don’t go.

And so today my integrity is in check but not my Vertigo.
I woke up yesterday morning thinking I was on a boat.
Do you know Vertigo?

It’s a relative to TMJ so here I go.
I got this though.

It will not keep me from chatting it up with you.
It will not delay me from honesty and spilling the truth.

As sure as my beloved Aunt’s name is Ruth,
honesty and integrity should rank out-the-roof.

Put no ceiling on that, kinfolk.
And pray for those who lack its show.

Leadership qualities are the bombs and so
I’m eating up the course that’s on my degreed to-and-fro.
It’s a must, yo.’

Good morning kinfolk. What-it-look-like outside?
Are you up for the challenge? Are you down to ride?

If so, I’ll step off of this boat that dubs as Vertigo,
I’m Qui
accepting nothing in my way that keeps me from play, and so


Don’t be ON THE FENCE about it.


Oh, Happy Day!

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oh-happy-day_smiley-face.jpgI am one y sister this morning.
Yesterday was the last day that TMJ reigned at dawning.

I’ve researched more than my migraine could stand
with a laptop, 2 leads on and a tens unit in my hand.

A migraine lasted for more than a week; it wouldn’t let up.
Every day felt like a hangover; I was annoyed by every touch.

I was really in a bind and I’d really had enough.
Yesterday’s migraine reigned long and tough

until I learned how to properly stretch my muscles.
Smoothing my SCM, Masseter, and Suboccipitals was a tussle.

They were years tight.
I almost cried – I thought I might.

Okay, I did. WHAT? I’m just a girl
and TMJ doesn’t fit the frame of my happy-go-lucky world.

I massaged my muscles in between tens treatments and further learned
that if you don’t move the lead-pads every 20-minutes you could get burned.

Yep. I burned my shoulders a little bit —
but my muscles are more relaxed, so the process was hit.

Today I am grateful. Today I did pray
when I woke up and realized that I felt great!

Oh, Happy Day!

What about you? How’s your vantage view?
Is the family good? How about your hood?
I really missed vibing with you.

Please tell me that you haven’t been watching the news?
What’s the point? We, the people are the joint;
Not politicians.
Me & you.

So what’s up? What are we going to do?
Are you free for lunch? I’ve enough for two.

Let’s sit and make plans for tomorrow, quick.
Let’s be mindful of what we take in – bad ingredients make us sick.

So cut back on the news and read a newspaper.
Cut back on the flower if you can vapor.

Um, I thought you might want to know that too.
Of course when it comes to homeopathic stuff – I got you, Boo! 😛

Today I hump lightly in jest and in love.
Today I’m giving you and good health a big hug.


I’m so touchy-feely.
The human touch is oh so healing.

Hug me and I’ll hug your back – I’m up for a squeeze today.
I’m Qui
with no TMJ about me, singing  Oh, Happy Day!

Thank you for stopping my way.
I mean it, I love you, and have a fantastic day!

TMJ and Surgery Day

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Surgery was on the lower rather than on the top.  EASY!

Ever since April of this year, I have been bracing for Winter, when I would have oral surgery. Braces were installed on my teeth in April and the journey began to correct my lower crossbite issue.

I entered into this journey knowing full well that braces would not solve my TMJ issues and that my Oral Surgeon had suggested Double-Jaw surgery; taking a hacksaw to the roof of my mouth to move my upper teeth forward just a bit and then sustain the position with titanium screws. This procedure would leave me with a more perfect “bite” position and a more perfect bite may help lessen my TMJ symptoms, that include chronic pain in the face, neck, & shoulders, and 7-day migraines. It’s also good for yielding a limited ability to open your mouth for food or otherwise.

After doing extensive research and traveling the states looking for a TMJ resolve, I found that there is none. Not even surgery is a fool-proof way to halt the pain associated with involuntary teeth-grinding. Still, I was willing to give it a go, knowing full well there would be an 8-week recovery that includes no solid food for about 4 of those weeks. Which is precisely why I went all in on Halloween and Thanksgiving. I knew Christmas would catch my mouth wired and the pounds melting off, as my body will decide to eat its own fat because my mouth will be pizza deprived.

I’ve had plenty of time to think about surgery. If not in April when they installed my brace, then how about in September when I started to get this lovely underbite? It’s quite noticeable.

A few weeks ago I woke up and didn’t want to have surgery anymore. It just dawned on me that TMJ has a whole host of pains associated with it including 7-day migraine sessions. Why then would I add to my pains the 8-weeks of healing from major a surgery that still may not resolve the TMJ?  Post-Double-Jaw surgery its very common to start having “seasonal pains” where the screws are bolted.  Seasonal pains!? I researched the cons of wearing titanium and I don’t feel the pros outweigh the cons for me. I do not want to add to my pain bank during my sincere effort to lessen it by having surgery. What can be done at this point? I began to wish that I had more teeth on the upper row to override my new protruding underbite. I wished hard.

No manifestation.

I took my ideas to my Orthodontist a week ago and shared my regenerative wish with one of her assistants who replied, “That’s easy to do; to make your top teeth fit slightly over the bottom teeth. But it’s a cosmetic procedure, and not comparable to surgery.” The Orthodontist came in and clarified that by removing two of my molars from the right and left side of my lower teeth would resolve the underbite situation cosmetically but won’t heal me of TMJ.

NEWS FLASH,” I yelled out! “That’s exactly what my surgeon said:  “Surgery may or may not heal me of the TMJ issue.””

So what’s the difference?” The Orthodontist left the decision completely up to me.

Life is about choices. There will be blood – one way or another, but it doesn’t have to be by hacksaw.


happy divider

So I had mouth surgery the other day.
I forwent the hacksaw for a two-tooth parlay.

Call me cosmetic, call me simple, but I won’t be crappy.
Not succumbing to titanium screws is what’s making me happy.

Now, I will have to wear these braces for another year.
But at least my skull will be originally intact; ear-to-ear.

Now I just have to do something about all of that Halloween candy and Thanksgiving dressing that I ate.
Good thing I’m feeling Invictus; I can control my calories. I can control my fate.

I’m exercising today. It’s a beautiful morning, I’ll start with brushing my teeth,
I’m Qui
Dealing with TMJ; braces yield fewer migraines and there’ll be no hacksaw for me.


The Tide of The Teeth

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tide-rolling in.gifWhen I say, “the tide“, I’m speaking in metaphor for ‘the mood.’
I’ve been over here educating myself on the future and sitting on news.

The future of the tides that are charted to roll-in;
seems like they would come with a caution to the wind and a whole lot of gin.

Well, honestly, I’m not a drinker,
but God bless the child whose a habitual thinker.

I confess that I am her. Good thoughts cannot be bought.
But if you’re stuck on thinking about being in a rutt
’tis leads to stress and stress — we shall

Right? It’s good advice; avoid stress and pull through.
Perhaps you’re still curious about why I’m sitting on ‘news?’

Perhaps you’re curious as to the news in specific?
Well, I may as well face it – fam I’m getting braces
and pray my accessory not look horrific.

This is going down in a couple of weeks. I can no longer live in denial.
I’m going to be eating metal soon, especially when I smile.

And I suppose that’s okay, given the alternative way;
the longer that I avoid braces, the longer I’m succumbing TMJ.

Braces are the beginning of the process to correct my lower lateral crossbite.
I am told when I sleep, I grind my teeth all night.
The day-after headaches are out of sight.

After bracing my smile for about six to nine months
jaw surgery will follow to correct my mis-bite crunch.

Recovery time for surgery will be about a year.
Though I’ll be back to normal post-op, as week two nears.

And let’s be real, if someone is going to unhinge your jaw and put it back in place
a few features may slightly change about your face.

Yes. I have heard, I have researched and am finding it to be true,
that jaw surgery heeded when it is needed may leave a more symmetrical you.

However, before the surgery is approached,
the braces will move my top jaw goalline post.

underbit.pngFrom what I understand to be right
is that a week before surgery I’ll have a forward underbite.

I’ve been told that it may be noticeable too.
:/ Hm. I suppose that’s when I’ll pull back on selfie views.

What about you, kinfolk, have you ever heard of such?
I really don’t want to undergo surgery but this crossbite hurts too much

every time that I mis-chew.
This factors in well at my success to fat lose.

Because my TMJ is so kick-arse bad —
I mostly eat soft foods, as not to make my teeth mad.

It’s true. It’s true.
Therefore losing 30 pounds was easy to do.

And now comes the moment where I have to face it,
I can’t eat applesauce alone, for life; I have to get braces.

This is what has consumed my thoughts all weekend long.
I’ve since prayed up and am back to feeling strong.

I wanted a 12th opinion to say the last eleven doctors were wrong.
Instead “Getting Braces is Key” are the lyrics to my new theme song. 🙂

What we do
to control our truths.

Ol’ appleasauce has been a hero in pulling me through
when pizza and juicy burgers caused me to mis-chew.

Ouch and ooo! I mean, really. It’s true and have you ever?
I’m Qui
Still about steak and hard candy on my plate. I suppose the braces approach is clever.


IMG 1:
IMG 2:
IMG 3:

TMJ = Teeth Mouth Jive

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tmj-teeth-mouth-jiveScientifically if you grind and clench your teeth unconciously as a way of relieving stress then you may be suffering the effects of TMJ. Symptoms include sore jaw bone area, headaches/migraines, ear aches, over developed trapezius muscles as well as taut neck and back muscles. The symptoms list goes on and on, but these are a few of the immediate symptoms that I’ve been experiencing. It seems I’ve been Teeth Mouth Jiving for a while now, so my tight muscles have extended to my mid and lower back.

I live in Phoenix in a valley that is surrounded by beautiful mountains. When traveling within the state, depending on the elevation of the route my head can feel like it’s in a vice grip. It was unbelievable. This new level of pain is new to me, so last week I laughed off the unusual feeling, though today I am told by medical professions this head squeezing will likely intensify in years to come if I don’t correct the issue. It’s time to get serious. I have got to stop Jiving around with my Teeth and Mouth. It’s what TMJ is all about. If gone untreated long enough, it’s enough to make you pout, get a root canal and/or pull all of your teeth out. I should know.

In September 2013 I was rear ended in an SUV that I was driving and suffered whiplash. Two months later I had a cavity filled and the drama began. There was a post pain like never before that had nothing to do with the cavity or the filling, but before i could figure that out (6 months or more) I had a root canal done. It was my pleasure to do if it would relieve me of the constant toothache pains I was experiencing almost daily. The root canal worked for a month or two and then the pains came back and were stronger than ever. Mostly paining me at the left jaw joint, in front of my ear. In fact, to this day, if I need to blow my nose, I have to place the first 2 fingers of my left hand in front of my left ear, or the popping and sensitivity will nearly un-glue me.

So what is this Teeth Mouth Jive all about and is there a cure? In short, it’s about how you express your stresses and no — there is no “cure,” persay, but there is a way to correct it. I am early in my journey of resolution, but like I mentioned a few days ago I have met an amazing man with an awesome team and they are quite knowledgeable on what to do, how to do it and effectively relieve, re-set and get me through this. It’s been 3 intense years that I have been researching help. I have an excellent PPO medical plan and a pretty cool Dental plan situation, but this type of issue isn’t covered under either.


Click the picture to enlarge.

Really? What medical board would know about this debilitating condition and not cover it? The answer in short: All of them. It’s just not something the insurance companies deem a necessary, however, the pain is so chronic that the medical system will allow you to receive all type of experimental prescriptions that have life stifling side effects. Surely you’ve heard the narrators of various RX commercials ramble through [FDA passed] side effects including, heart, liver and kidney failure, yada, yada, yada including loss of life — due to taking APPROVED by your doctor, prescription drugs.

Really? Over Teeth Mouth Jive symptoms? Well, prescriptions for TMJ come in the form of valiums and various injections that were offered to me by one particular professional. He referred to the valium as a “happy pill.” ? His philosophy was to inject me in my face and neck with a cocktail of different B vitamins and botox for 3-6 months while maintaining a soft food diet. The end game would be a healed TMJ joint (from not eating hard foods) and the shots would ideally help with the pain. Though I am sure my liver would be fighting a new battle of bi-product effects from all the prescribed valium I may have ingested. That did not resonate with me.

A maxillofacial surgeon told me that a mouth guard or opting for TMJ surgery (where your jaw is broken, possibly altering your smile and no guarantee that your TMJ pains won’t return or worsen) were my main options. The mouth guard was $1200 and surgery is $2500. Our insurance pays for the surgery but I am on my own if I opt to just use


This .GIF show a Normal TMJ [pic 1], the second and third pics are what the TMJ looks like after grinding and clenching over long periods of time. Joint damage is real and very painful. 

the mouth guard. The insurance will not help in the meeting the cost. To be honest with you, the mouth guard sounds attractive compared to surgery and the unknowns it could render you.

Last week I found Dr. Eddie Siman and now I know about tens units (a more natural, RX-free way of relieving pain) and the necessity of a “happy bite.” Dr. Siman has a couple of ways to help me out long term. I’m excited. It’s not covered by our awesome PPO insurance, but then it’s not so expensive that it’s out of reach. It’s considered cosmetic surgery, so they offer quick application to associate DDS loan services and usually can have an answer of approval or otherwise for you before you leave the office. Me? I’m a cash kind of girl, so I’ll be hosting a bake sale soon… 😀

Hey! I need funding because my quality of life is at stake and I still want to eat steak in the face of TMJ.


I love applesauce – and I’ve been eating it a lot.
I can’t eat foods too cold, I can’t eat foods too hot.

I can’t sleep on my side, because it threatens the hinge of my jaw.
I can’t call the cops in this situation, it’s pretty much a “self assault.”

I can’t eat hard foods and crunchy foods are too rough on my gums.
TMJ can turn sour your eating hour – killing the savor of your favorite ‘yum-yum.

I thought I was alone in this dilemma and that no one could ever help me
But then I met Dr. Eddie Siman and good information has definitely blessed me.

He can help me and he can likely help you too, if you’re in this predicament.
The price is $$$ in terms of affordability – less than 6-months rent.

What’s your quality of LIFE worth? I require fine quality in my life!
I’m Qui
Done with TMJ disorder and all of this Teeth Mouth Jive. 😀

Now down to business: Should I bake chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookies?

Sleep thief – after my teeth!

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the-teeth-grinderSound asleep, quiet, and way past the twilight
I’m awaken by the sound, “crash, boom, pound!” —
it duly disturbs the still of my night.

I see nothing at the opened slant of my heavy eye.
The noise wained quickly – was it a car passing by?

Drifting back off to sleep, I ride the dreams that carry
then I see flutters of yesterdays rutters — it’s ye old Tooth Fairy.

But she is a flickering and fleeting blur,
though as the night noises rile up, the tooth assaults occur.

At one point, I was in so much pain that I could not sleep,
I started to feel like George Washington and opt to lose my teeth.

Just take ’em Lord Jesus! 🙂

But I’m no adolescent, my gums aren’t reproducing but permanent and otherwise mellow.
The perpetrator, my late night invader is that rigid grinding fellow.

Do you know him? Go-getters peg him best
as that dude who loves to ride your enameled vibe during times of stress.

He doesn’t want your teeth, he just wants to make the sound
of your top and lower teeth, in a ridge-to-ridge beef
doing ‘the San Andreas ground.’

Not a Clipse brother but I’m grinding and I’m doing so at night.
I wear a guard brace, between the gapped space to lessen the damage of fight.

Most of the time I sleep soundly, but as late at once a month
I awake to noise from my face, the guard is caught up in the crunch.

It sounds like there’s a thief in the house though no one is disturbed but me.
In my deepest sleep, I’m trying to retreat to alert my he that there may be a thief.

I awake to find a deep slumbering he and a home that it quiet,
I also am aware that my guard is mangled but fair – having survived the bone riot.

My God the pain that follows and lingers for days
and interrupts my daily broadcast of encouraging sun rays.

This bloody grinding has become a monthly phase.
No fairy visit or financial raise,

there is no corrective measure for this cousin to TMJ.
So I try to sleep harder and forget not to put the guard in place.

Thief! Thief! I declare thief!
I’m grinding so loud that I’m loosing good sleep.

Thief! Thief! Of charges – I count two.
Lack of sleep and grinding is something I shouldn’t do.

The oral surgeon understands and he offers a suspension-like mouth guard,
looks like DuPont manufactures it, and it would absorb the grind – good Lord.

There is another option, but far from it whilst I roam,
Doc says they could break and reset the structure of my jaw bone.

You better get on from here. Ooo child,
Doc said, it may or may not ‘change my smile.’

Hm. That suspension guard is looking better, durable and strong,
Doc said it will yield me help and only costs 1149 bones.
Now I’m on a fundraising jones. lol! 🙂

Life is good. I laugh and live for the write,
I’m Qui
Happy Monday morning to thee – to grind less is my plight.

It get’s better and better with each ray of the suns light.
Let me get my homeopathic‘ness on. Knowledge for a pain-free life.
ISO the silver lining via binded herbal writes.

Sore GUMS yield No Yum

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Not this gum... MY GUMS!

Not the GUM I’m talking about tho…

It’s been since May that I’ve been dealing with the issue of sore gums. I’ve been dating my dentist, steadily this year, as I had several cavities that survived the recession with me — so I definitely wanted to take care of those.

While dating the DDS, she informs me that I need 2 gold crowns on the lower/rear right and left molars. They were shot. So she filled quite a few cavities in one day and scheduled out the two crowns. I had one installed in May and one in June and my gums have been unbelievably sensitive every since. At one point they were so sore, that I was barely chewing my food before swallowing and developed the worst case of indigestion pain. It felt a lot like IBS because the food was not broken down properly for stomach process. I took Probiotic Digestive Enzymes for a few days and they broke down the food and assisted in painless passage. However, the sore gums persisted and eating food became more and more of a luxury. I imagine my attitude suffered quite a bit as well, I remember snapping at my kid and hubby when they complimented me on the dinner that I had prepared that I could not eat. After I apologized for my rudeness I made a smoothie and went to bed.

Well, we are now in the month of September and my gums are sorely beyond approach — with any type of food. Even bread is too coarse of a chew. You’d think I’d be on my way to changing my name to “Skinny,” given that I’m not eating as well as I normally would, but the truth is, I’m still as amp as I was before all of this happened, so no dice on changing my nick name. 🙂

So last night the pain kicked up strong while I was eating a bean and cheese burrito.  I could only eat half of it before hitting GOOGLE to see WT?. Am I allergic to burritos? On the contrary.

Long story short, at 10:22pm last night, I researched food allergies, and found nothing. Then I researched medication allergies, because I’m an asthmatic and take a rescue inhaler whenever necessary, not to mention the occasional ibuprofen and over the counter [OTC] sinus medication.  I have had asthma and poor sinus’ forever and have been taking the aforementioned meds at least for 2 decades on-and-off. So what has changed? What is new? I totally forgot about the new medicine my old doctor put me on in January of this year. I left her practice this Spring and found a new doc that doesn’t quite believe in over medicating when there’s a natural fix to prevent an issue [blood pressure and cholesterol]: diet and fitness. The new medications written to me were Amlodipine Besylate and Atorvastatin.

I don’t have a long history of high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels, but because of my Grandmothers history with the following conditions coupled by diabetes, I am a perfect candidate to follow suit (per DNA).  After 2-years of on-and-off, slightly elevated blood pressure and high triglycerides I decided to “give in” and take the pills my former doc advised me to take.   It takes a while to fully get into your system. They have been in my system for 9 months now and I have been having problems with my gums for the last 4 months, but chronically for the last 21-days.  Sore gums are a side effect of the prescribed drugs.

Thank God for the drive of research to know thyself. I was relentless in finding out what was going on with my body. I kept going back to my DDS office and she was over-the-top with kindness (at absolutely NO CHARGE) for the last 2 visits, because she’s genuinely concerned about my comfort level. Dr. Hilarry Douglas is the best!   Still, what I have not done is told my new physician/doctor about the sore gums, because I was so sure it was a dental issue.  That doesn’t seem to be the case a all in light of the new drug interaction information I’ve dug up.


Just when I thought the my teeth were failing
I researched my meds and then gripped the railing.

For at least 2 long months, I have been doing my thang,
out in public, trying to tough-it, while my gums were inflamed.

I knew not the cause and considered it a food allergy,
but it was nothing of the sort – it’s my medicine history.

I’m not sure what will become of the meds, my Doc doesn’t like them anyway,
I’m Qui
Working out and eating smarter. Ain’t no room for “medicate.”

Time to get on the GAZELLE burn some calories and play.
To you, sweetheart, Have a winning and knowledgable day.

Me? With new wrinkles in my brain, I’m well on my way.
Knowledge of self – Live your best life today!

PS… This is pertinent information to combat the sore gum route,
I started oil pulling, with coconut oil in my mouth.

It truly works wonders, if you’re mouth is tenderly sore.
It eradicated most bacteria and I wasn’t in as much pain anymore.

Following my morning and evening oil pull, I’d rinse with warm water and salt.
Good old sodium cleaned it up and commanded the tenderness to halt.

I also used ground cloves as instant anesthesia
It worked better than any RX. I call it an instant pleaser.