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Pardon me. Do you mind

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on January 6, 2020 at 4:59 am

Words add up. Do you mind…

…If I say “I love you” and “life isn’t easy but I can be”
should you and I decide to work in tandem as a team.

Do you mind? I hope not.
Because I’m crazy about you (lil’ snot).

It’s true.
What has this day in store for you?

Pardon me. Do you mind if I say
that I am glad that you stopped my way?

I’ve got two warm mugs filled with 6oz of jo.
pouring-coffee.gifOne for me and one for you. One sugar or fo?’

I just want to sit and sip with you for a while,
give you a few flowers and watch you smile.

Is that okay?
I’m always up for new things at the start of a new day.

It’s always new with you.
I can’t help but to show appreciation, boo.
Did I mention I love you?

I suppose I’m just having a happy and grateful moment.
Pardon me. Do you mind if I publish it and own it?

I hope not, because I’m doing it anyway.
I’m up posting and hoping you’ll chime in with your say.

I don’t mind, you know?
Go ahead, please take the flo.’

Worry not about what world leaders do.
Remember God? He’ll pull us through.

Pardon me, while I care not
to be anxious about squat.

coffee-toast.gifJoin me. Would you like a cup of jo?
Pardon me while I play the perfect host.

I’m into you, you know?
It’s a pleasure to focus and dote

on you and the capacity that we encompass.
Do you mind a little PDA; a hug/kiss?

We can keep the PDA private, if you like.
Save not the fact, that I love you to life.

When I put pen in hand I yield to ‘the write’
of whatever it is that needs injecting into life.

Actually, I’m digital and while my pen is tops,
this morning I’m posting to you via a laptop.

Still, I write whatever it is that needs to be said.
words-in-mind.gifGood morning sweetheart, keep a positive head.

Also, keep a prayer running in your heart.
Society has nothing on your spirit. Be smart.

The difference between living and barely making it —
is in your perception. Open up. No faking it.

Pardon me. Do you mind if I say “you deserve more?”
I’m Qui
and I’ve said enough – this is a 400-word score.