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A.M. Nookie

In Griot, News on March 11, 2011 at 7:25 am

She’s HORNY again

The 8.9 Earthquake that rocked JAPAN @ 3am – this morning,
is on its way to swamp Hawaii & disrupt San Fran’s yawning.
just in time for the suns dawning.

The thing that concerns me – because I’ve been to Hawaii before,
is that a lot of good folk are HOMELESS & live on the shore.

Not bums – they’re WORKING natives who can’t afford housing,
yet their outlooks don’t sulk – for THEY LIVE IN MAUI.

But imagine getting mother natures news in your tent through a radio view.
Or what’s worse — waking up w/ Poseidon — a surfers horror hue.

This is the headline of our early Friday morning flow,
I’m Qui
And I had to drop in & share that with ya’ – before I go.

Before I go? You ask– Where on Earth am I going?
I’m off to school – with my kid: A day of “parent showing“. lol!

Happy Friday babies! Ride the waves of good times and fond pleasures.
Today is a good day to do it – because opportunity doesn’t last forever.
However Tokyo’s earthquake proof structures have proved to be quite clever.

**3/14/11 UPDATE ** Japan’s recent earthquake status has been officially totaled as a 9.0 on the richter instead of the 8.9 that was originally reported.