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Being That

In education, Griot, News, Politics, Self Improvement, Video on November 2, 2020 at 6:32 am

Being that today is poised with anticipation, I’ve taken to writing, because tomorrow is election day and the electric vibe is exciting.

It could prove that American love abides; the states are united. Today is pre-election day and to be honest, I’m kind of excited.

I feel like Elizabeth Banks – remember her from HUNGER GAMES? Her skills contort like no other in any sort. I love her capacity frame:

And like Elizabeth I, too have voted, so tomorrow I’ll be rooting for you —- to go to the poll, may angel’s cover your soul while you vote on behalf of your truths.

Being that the hour is early where I am, I think I’ll make me a cup a jo. —But then again, anxiety rides caffeine like a yo-yo. So…

Maybe not this morn…

Perhaps “Tennessee Pride  and an egg that’s fried” is my next production born.

Would you care to join me? How do you like your eggs? — Tell me, are you well? What thoughts are in your head?

My thoughts have been all over the place; creative synapses are winning. Being that I’m not rich yet, my POC’s represent multiple beginnings.

A POC is a Proof of Concept – it’s what you draft when you have a story idea. A lot of the time, I make conception notes in rhyme and nestle the DNA right here.

It’s so much fun to do.  — Nestled-notations is something I’m into.

Notes keep me on track; idea harvesting is true.  — Nothing pleases me more than crafting a score after kicking thoughts with you.

Being that I just shared my POC/griot seed-sowing tendencies with you, care you to share a cool and unknown with me about your own truths?

I’m a writer, I am down to listen.  New content is born from your relative mentions,

— my creative soul defaults in a position to receive.  Creating content is as natural as my ability to breathe.

I am grateful and truly thank God for this.  — To always relate and communicate is my purposeful wish.

Being that I am nearing 400-words on this griot peace — I digress once more; composition retreat.

I just couldn’t bear not-checking-in with thee,

I’m Qui

God speed to all that is good and is destined for “we.”

Tomorrow is election day. Please do not sleep.

Comprehend the lyrics…