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The heart of the matter

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LookatYou - Mirror

No one has hurt you more than you, so let’s take a look at what we need to do to rectify that and get you back on the road to happiness and peace. If you’ve got a hand mirror near by, or even your cell phone, use it to mark your reflection. Look at you. Use your discerning eye to get a scope on The heart of the matter…

Once you’ve found it, then forgive yourself. It’s so very important. I already forgave me.

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We are our most productive when our hearts and minds are clear.
We’re still in the first month of this awesome Tri-5 year.

If you’re pressing to do good, be on the look-out for situations to show up lacking,
Keep your head up high, and if you must – cry, then send old lack packing.

For when you are doing your best
It is within those times that you are in a test.

Don’t be caught off guard by ol’ man stress.
He is a hurdle – to all who are doing their best.

Burned a few bridges that you now need to cross?
A dose of forgiveness will ward the ash off.

And you will repair those planks that need so,
And you will be more fulfilled in your soul.

And while you’re repairing you’ll have time to think
About the icebergs you’ve hit, that almost made you sink.

And you’ll be grateful to God that you’ve made it this far
by simply purveying The matters of the heart.

Don Henley was an EAGLES Band member and on this topic – he wrote a song.
I’m Qui
Glad that many others including India Aire have chosen to carry it on.

It has meaning.
The heart of the matter…

Let it go at the end…

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If there has been anything that has ‘rubbed you wrong’ this year, anything at all, I beg of thee to let it go at the end of this year. It’s not worth carrying over into the Tri-5.

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Let it go at the end, you don’t need that anyway.
You’ve kept a magnifying glass over it, now let it burn like hay.

Let it go at the end, if it’s not good for you.
Burdens aren’t in fashion – a lighter you is due.

364-days have passed and there is one more left on the books.
If you’re going out to party, make sure those peas get cooked.

My black-eyed peas are in the crock pot now, and cornbread is soon to follow.
I added a ham bone for seasoning – it’ll make tastier, the lucky swallow.

I’m looking forward to a new year full of more refined change.
I’m looking forward to 2015 — good ol’ Tri-5 is it’s nickname.

If there has been anything that has ‘rubbed you wrong’ in 2014,
Let it go at the end, ’tis an opportune time to change the beat.

5-4-3-2-1! Action!
I’mQui Signature Logo
and change is happening.

Enjoy the last few moments of this current scene,
I’ll see you in a few minutes, in 2015.