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Take Flight – Elevate

In Communication, Travel on January 3, 2017 at 5:00 am

this-end-upMonday came fast, did its thang’ and went real quick!
It rained all day in Harlem, the streets were slick.

I still went out because rain, sleet or shine
NEW YORK is exciting all of the time.

As sure as Tuesday is birthed more rain has come with it,
But I’ve got a plane to catch – so I won’t be able to kick it.

Though regardless of my location whether ground or in air
I love staying connected & kicking it with you anywhere.

Good morning baby. How did you sleep last night?
I slept quite hard before catching this flight.

The time spent in flight today will be 6.5-hours
Never mind a soon to relax, cocktail or a shower.

It ain’t happening.
Until 9pm I’ll be metal wing flapping.

“Good social action” can happen if your flight is less than two hours long.
Any time over that – too much talking is bound to go wrong.

I enjoy a socialize strong but I’m not much of an airplane talker.
I don’t drink much water either – because I don’t want to be a walker. 😀

So here it is Tuesday, Monday had passed and Wednesday is in route,
I’m Qui
Feeling quite fly with thee. For that’s what this day is all about.




An even HAPPIER Friday!

In Communication, Griot, Self Improvement on April 1, 2016 at 10:25 am

q2-25th-bday-qui-44Monday was great and Tuesday was even better.
Knowledge comprehended; game sharper – tongue wetter.

Hump Day came along and brought goodness on its back.
Smiles softened the miles covered… in the sand, I saw 2 sets of tracks.

Thursday came in briefly and quickly spent the hours of 24,
then I wake up to a beautiful weekends start. My Fridays, I do adore.

“Encore!” I honestly say that — every 7 days,
I’m Qui
Happier again and poised to win on this another awesome Friday.

What have you got up for the weekend?
Take time out to DO YOU#SelfPreserve spend.

So it is…

In Griot, News, Politics, Self Improvement on November 4, 2010 at 7:22 am

So it is that the Republicans won the house and the Democrats keep the Senate. Personally…I think it’s a good thing. No one party should to control “everything”. Diversity is key. And so it is that we have another opportunity to utilize bi-partisanship. History will be told through our (individual and collective) actions…

Tuesday came and Tuesday went
You spoke out – your vote was spent.

I appreciate all who participated in the midterm votes.
I really missed the input of the “young American folk“.

And so it is that two parties will rule the governing weather
I pray we are productive and not counter in working together.

The world is watching and reaping global attention is cool.
The world is watching – let us not act like ignorant fools.

For those that don’t like Obama @ least he cares about your health.
Right now good health in many families — is a luxury that’s stealth.

And so it is that THURSDAY is upon us and I’m feeling lucky today.
Life is good in my personal hood – and that is better than okay.

This mid term election season has rendered wisdom to many – including myself.
The final turn out reminded me, it’s best we that come together for the good of the countrys health.

Let’s do it! I’m all in. I kind of dig working it out,
I’m Qui
saying Oui! I think positive bi-partisanship is what it’s all about.