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Early Monday

In Griot, Self Improvement on June 21, 2010 at 6:26 am

Early Monday morning, I’ve got to get up, get out and get a job.
Sure I work for myself, but my home improvement “needs list” is a mob.

I’m into saving money, and not into spending the very last dime;
I’ve been holding off on working outside-of-the-home but now it is time.

Early Monday morning, I’ve got to figure out a steadier way
For my childs competition cheerleading tuition to promptly get paid.

Early Monday morning, I have film editing that needs doin’,
But if I don’t get a job to fund it –soonmy reels will go to ruin.

Early Monday morning before I do anything else, I usually stretch
Then I do some devotional reading to help me ace the days unseen tests.

Early Monday morning, stretching is absolutely the thing I’m into
and if I can get a little nookie on the side that counts as cardio too.

Oooo! ‘Talk about rising, striving and winning,
I’m Qui
may this Early Monday morning find us both willing & skillfully grinning

…because “the day” awaits…