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Say Cheese with the NYPD

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Say Cheese for the NYPD 2014

.  Or perhaps you’d like to say, “Ouch!” instead of “Cheese” — judging by the picture reflections that the NYPD received on Twitter when they Twitted out a request for the public to share with them their favorite pictures taken with the NYPD and instructed them to include the hashtag #MyNYPD Pictures. The request went viral and returned dimensional #NYPD reflections from “a diddle doe – to them locking up Joe.

Talk about a campaigns #EpicFail.

The NYPD was hoping to revamp their look via social media by requesting the photos. This morning, their looking at themselves in the mirror and they don’t like what they see. I understand that feeling.  I often look in the mirror and am disgusted by what I see when I don’t have the proper matching shoes. It’s not a look to be proud of.  So imagine how the NYPD is feeling this morning. What a reflection.

blue_diamond divider

Well, everyone has flaws – none of which we like to hear of,
though a bigger blow is seeing those flaws in the the face of your mirror.

And what’s worse than that, is how their actions make the towns people feel.
It kills their respect for the police on deck – yielding a culturally negative appeal.

When I look into the mirror and I don’t like what I see,
I just change my shoes to another hue, (word to the wise: NYPD).

It’s not the shoes that you’re wearing, but it’s the soul that walks within.
If you want to regain the peoples respect, replace the scour with a grin.

Instead of stopping law abiding folk in traffic, because you just want to kill time,
try helping that man on the side of road. His hood is up… it’s a visible sign.

You don’t have to be a mechanic to help that man on the side of the road;
it’s  yielding an exhibition of compassion, instead of hounding the law abiding soul.

A negative PD reflection is not solely the flaw of New York,
I hear the other 49 states are united in the same kind of sport.

Violating peoples rights, because you were a blue suit,
is nothing to be respected for. The people don’t find you cute.

Disrespectful actions. You’re killing the honor of ‘the blue.’
Don’t believe my assessment? Check the Twitted pictures for the truth.

Again, this reflection is not solely New Yorks finest own,
I’ve seen the same pics in the Lone Star state as well as in the Zone.

Now, I’m for the good of us all – I’d love to see a new PD mindset in all 50 states.
Perhaps this discussion of #MyNYPD pictures will cause officials to do an ‘about face.’

We can do it! We can do it! Let wisdom & compassion be a ‘man in blues fixture.’
I’m Qui
and it’s either change your ways, or accept the rotten cheese that you see in the pictures.

You don’t have to dig me or my point-of-view. Feel free to disagree.
Just be sure when it’s you whose forced to endure, don’t forget to Say Cheese!

Eating stale popcorn in the dark

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I’ve been frequenting Harkins Theaters, United Artists, and Cinemark quite often as of late. In the matter of a month, I’ve seen IDENTITY THEFT (3 times), THE CALL, OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN and OZ the GREAT and POWERFUL. Some were fresher than others, though the popcorns staleness extended  beyond my medium sized bag in OZ.

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I first met the two Sandy’s at Harkins Theater in Chandler, Arizona. I was so enamored with the chemitstry, that I flew 1500 miles south and decided to see it again at United Artist 8 in Fort Worth, TX (on the service road of I-30). UA has the stalest popcorn by far, but I did enjoy their $5.00 matinee price and the great company it afforded me. Since it was my second time seeing IDENTITY THEFT, I paid the way for one of my teen casted actresses and a fairly attractive female film producer.

But I didn’t stop there, a few days later, I sponsored another actor’s film fare at The Movie Tavern in Arlington, TX (on the service road of I-20). TMT has much more to offer than stale popcorn, so I forfeited the idea of popped kernels and made a b-line for the bar. The bartender is heavy on the sprits during the matinee slots and the fun of watching IDENTITY THEFT was all the more comically spent. Laughter rang as Melissa McCarthy sang (in the car with Jason Bateman). Gotta love a Sociopath.

Cinemark Theater in Keller, TX (on the service road of N. Hwy 35) facilitated my 3D view of OZ The GREAT and POWERFUL. You can find my brief review here: There’s no place like home.

Sunday was the perfect time to take THE CALL that would lead me to The Rave Theater (in Northeast Mall, Fort Worth) and Halle Berry in an epic girl power flick. reviews and responds to THE CALL saying:

Here’s the story, in a nutshell: Jordan Turner (Halle) is a 9-1-1 operator who talks a teenager named Leah Templeton (Abigail) through a harrowing nightmare, in which she must escape and take down serial killer Michael Foster (Michael Eklund.) And that doesn’t even begin to describe the 96 minutes of insanity you’re in for when you go see The Call.

Friday night is as good a night to visit Harkins Theater (in Chandler, AZ) again, for a little bit of stale popcorn, Rolo’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups while watching OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, starring Gerard Butler (Leonidas from 300). Save the work of me retelling the tale (including spoilers), I think I will let MovieFone divvy this bromance review: 10 Things You Should Know about Olympus Has Fallen.

Why is it even though I’ve eaten well prior to the theater, I always seem to buy
a big bag of stale popcorn to go with the film in my eye?

There’s no nutritional value and it’s rarely ever fresh.
When calorie counting is a must, this move can be a mess.

Movie theaters know what they are doing, fanning the smells of fresh popped corn,
And while you may easily stomach the show, your tummy will churn in alarm.

But you’d have it no other way. Popcorn is synonymous with your favorite box office star.
I’m Qui
And movie-theater-visiting is what fancys me while Eating stale popcorn in the dark.

All in ‘they Kool Aid

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So Chris Brown and Rhianna have a new slamming collab out – have you heard it? Jam It!

It’s the first kind of public interaction they’ve had in a long time. I like the song and wish them both well– but they’re not a couple. They’re just two artists jamming in out the studio. They are not an item…not a couple. In fact, Chris is currently in a relationship with Karrueche Tran. And even though he’s been spending time with Rihanna as of late, Karrueche says she and Chris have an “open relationship” – so no stress.

Don’t start none – won’t be none,
Karrueche seems like she’s a lot of fun.

It’s about time women understand,
just because you date him – doesn’t mean you own the man.

Just because he dates you – you are not on “Ye ball and chain”.
Relax and take it easy – your coolness won’t be in vain.

Karreuche is doing the dang thang & she’s doing it dating Chris.
He’s not compliant in returning her calls quickly. But she’s still the GF Ms.

He comes and goes as he pleases. Including kicking it with Ms. Rih-Rih.
Karrueche is right not worry – for Karrueche is a hot little she.
Oooo Wee.
Something tells me, that after Chris B.,
she’ll easily rebound with another “popular he”.

And so all is well. And no foul funk.
Unless you count The FIGHT INVITE -Twitted by @CMPUNK.

He doesn’t like Chris from the time he put his hands on Ms. Rih.
CMPunk took it seriously and can’t let things be.

He said he’ll choke Chris out – he said so in no verbal rage.
I believe CMPunk is a wrestler on a professional ring stage.

He’s not the only spectator that seems to have something to say.
Chris and Rihanna have moved on but folks are still All in ‘they Kool Aid.

And because of … they will continue to get paid.

Kiss Kiss
I’m the ‘Don’t drink kool aid’ Ms.
I’m Qui
Wishing all parties involved the happiest bliss.