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Monday Morning after the yawning

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happy-morning-modelGood morning Monday. I slept like a baby; no chatty dome.
I was up early sipping jo and feeling girly in my serene home.

I’m a homegirl by DNA – I’m sure. Meaning, I enjoy being domicile.
I marinate in my own place and emerge in the public with a refreshing smile.

It’s worth it and ooo child! If everyone caught on to ‘this way,’
there’d be a lot more transit smiles and more hand waves.
There’d be less bird-flipping and more safe driving engaged.
We might even get into mindful thinking and end senseless road rage.

We might.
I do love the evolution of life.

It’s time to do it again.
The last evolution brought Trump and Putin in.

Good morning Monday, mayhem ain’t your friend.
Hating anyone in your heart (overt or covert) is a sin.

There’s another white supremacist rally is planned for Charlottesville.
They’ve put out their own PR. Their use of gall is unreal.

Unity is in a bad place; though there’s still time to heal.
Hate is easily washed away if you let the love in your heart spill…


Peep this Mike…

Good morning Monday. We’re alive, life is good, hence,
Is there anyone among us who understands VP Pence?

He spent tax dollars flying from Cali to Indiana yesterday for the game
and decided to leave after some players took a knee – to emphasize “lame.”

Not “lame” as it pertains to how he feels about the players protesting for equal police protection and rights
but lame as in he and the prez used this stead to spread a little divisive light.

Pence then again, on the taxers payers dollar and dime
flew back to the West Coast to Vegas grind.

I’m sure he wasn’t hitting the casino’s but he is on a gamble.
He’s playing a game with the American dollar. Something we can’t handle.

Obviously. Right?
Ask Tom Price about those flights…

Alright. That’s enough.
Life for those in power is pretty rough.

Though Bob Corker has shown big guts!
He’s been calling the prez’s tiny twitter bluffs.

I’m praying that we’ll all be okay; for the future, I want to see her.
I’m Qui
and when I say “I,” I mean “WE” – so what’s with poking at N. Korea?

These are the headlines that we all should refuse.
This is the kerplunk of a real News Peruse:


notice the ripples – they affect you too.

Say Cheese with the NYPD

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Say Cheese for the NYPD 2014

.  Or perhaps you’d like to say, “Ouch!” instead of “Cheese” — judging by the picture reflections that the NYPD received on Twitter when they Twitted out a request for the public to share with them their favorite pictures taken with the NYPD and instructed them to include the hashtag #MyNYPD Pictures. The request went viral and returned dimensional #NYPD reflections from “a diddle doe – to them locking up Joe.

Talk about a campaigns #EpicFail.

The NYPD was hoping to revamp their look via social media by requesting the photos. This morning, their looking at themselves in the mirror and they don’t like what they see. I understand that feeling.  I often look in the mirror and am disgusted by what I see when I don’t have the proper matching shoes. It’s not a look to be proud of.  So imagine how the NYPD is feeling this morning. What a reflection.

blue_diamond divider

Well, everyone has flaws – none of which we like to hear of,
though a bigger blow is seeing those flaws in the the face of your mirror.

And what’s worse than that, is how their actions make the towns people feel.
It kills their respect for the police on deck – yielding a culturally negative appeal.

When I look into the mirror and I don’t like what I see,
I just change my shoes to another hue, (word to the wise: NYPD).

It’s not the shoes that you’re wearing, but it’s the soul that walks within.
If you want to regain the peoples respect, replace the scour with a grin.

Instead of stopping law abiding folk in traffic, because you just want to kill time,
try helping that man on the side of road. His hood is up… it’s a visible sign.

You don’t have to be a mechanic to help that man on the side of the road;
it’s  yielding an exhibition of compassion, instead of hounding the law abiding soul.

A negative PD reflection is not solely the flaw of New York,
I hear the other 49 states are united in the same kind of sport.

Violating peoples rights, because you were a blue suit,
is nothing to be respected for. The people don’t find you cute.

Disrespectful actions. You’re killing the honor of ‘the blue.’
Don’t believe my assessment? Check the Twitted pictures for the truth.

Again, this reflection is not solely New Yorks finest own,
I’ve seen the same pics in the Lone Star state as well as in the Zone.

Now, I’m for the good of us all – I’d love to see a new PD mindset in all 50 states.
Perhaps this discussion of #MyNYPD pictures will cause officials to do an ‘about face.’

We can do it! We can do it! Let wisdom & compassion be a ‘man in blues fixture.’
I’m Qui
and it’s either change your ways, or accept the rotten cheese that you see in the pictures.

You don’t have to dig me or my point-of-view. Feel free to disagree.
Just be sure when it’s you whose forced to endure, don’t forget to Say Cheese!

Eating stale popcorn in the dark

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I’ve been frequenting Harkins Theaters, United Artists, and Cinemark quite often as of late. In the matter of a month, I’ve seen IDENTITY THEFT (3 times), THE CALL, OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN and OZ the GREAT and POWERFUL. Some were fresher than others, though the popcorns staleness extended  beyond my medium sized bag in OZ.

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I first met the two Sandy’s at Harkins Theater in Chandler, Arizona. I was so enamored with the chemitstry, that I flew 1500 miles south and decided to see it again at United Artist 8 in Fort Worth, TX (on the service road of I-30). UA has the stalest popcorn by far, but I did enjoy their $5.00 matinee price and the great company it afforded me. Since it was my second time seeing IDENTITY THEFT, I paid the way for one of my teen casted actresses and a fairly attractive female film producer.

But I didn’t stop there, a few days later, I sponsored another actor’s film fare at The Movie Tavern in Arlington, TX (on the service road of I-20). TMT has much more to offer than stale popcorn, so I forfeited the idea of popped kernels and made a b-line for the bar. The bartender is heavy on the sprits during the matinee slots and the fun of watching IDENTITY THEFT was all the more comically spent. Laughter rang as Melissa McCarthy sang (in the car with Jason Bateman). Gotta love a Sociopath.

Cinemark Theater in Keller, TX (on the service road of N. Hwy 35) facilitated my 3D view of OZ The GREAT and POWERFUL. You can find my brief review here: There’s no place like home.

Sunday was the perfect time to take THE CALL that would lead me to The Rave Theater (in Northeast Mall, Fort Worth) and Halle Berry in an epic girl power flick. reviews and responds to THE CALL saying:

Here’s the story, in a nutshell: Jordan Turner (Halle) is a 9-1-1 operator who talks a teenager named Leah Templeton (Abigail) through a harrowing nightmare, in which she must escape and take down serial killer Michael Foster (Michael Eklund.) And that doesn’t even begin to describe the 96 minutes of insanity you’re in for when you go see The Call.

Friday night is as good a night to visit Harkins Theater (in Chandler, AZ) again, for a little bit of stale popcorn, Rolo’s and Reese’s Peanut Butter cups while watching OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN, starring Gerard Butler (Leonidas from 300). Save the work of me retelling the tale (including spoilers), I think I will let MovieFone divvy this bromance review: 10 Things You Should Know about Olympus Has Fallen.

Why is it even though I’ve eaten well prior to the theater, I always seem to buy
a big bag of stale popcorn to go with the film in my eye?

There’s no nutritional value and it’s rarely ever fresh.
When calorie counting is a must, this move can be a mess.

Movie theaters know what they are doing, fanning the smells of fresh popped corn,
And while you may easily stomach the show, your tummy will churn in alarm.

But you’d have it no other way. Popcorn is synonymous with your favorite box office star.
I’m Qui
And movie-theater-visiting is what fancys me while Eating stale popcorn in the dark.

All in ‘they Kool Aid

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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

So Chris Brown and Rhianna have a new slamming collab out – have you heard it? Jam It!

It’s the first kind of public interaction they’ve had in a long time. I like the song and wish them both well– but they’re not a couple. They’re just two artists jamming in out the studio. They are not an item…not a couple. In fact, Chris is currently in a relationship with Karrueche Tran. And even though he’s been spending time with Rihanna as of late, Karrueche says she and Chris have an “open relationship” – so no stress.

Don’t start none – won’t be none,
Karrueche seems like she’s a lot of fun.

It’s about time women understand,
just because you date him – doesn’t mean you own the man.

Just because he dates you – you are not on “Ye ball and chain”.
Relax and take it easy – your coolness won’t be in vain.

Karreuche is doing the dang thang & she’s doing it dating Chris.
He’s not compliant in returning her calls quickly. But she’s still the GF Ms.

He comes and goes as he pleases. Including kicking it with Ms. Rih-Rih.
Karrueche is right not worry – for Karrueche is a hot little she.
Oooo Wee.
Something tells me, that after Chris B.,
she’ll easily rebound with another “popular he”.

And so all is well. And no foul funk.
Unless you count The FIGHT INVITE -Twitted by @CMPUNK.

He doesn’t like Chris from the time he put his hands on Ms. Rih.
CMPunk took it seriously and can’t let things be.

He said he’ll choke Chris out – he said so in no verbal rage.
I believe CMPunk is a wrestler on a professional ring stage.

He’s not the only spectator that seems to have something to say.
Chris and Rihanna have moved on but folks are still All in ‘they Kool Aid.

And because of … they will continue to get paid.

Kiss Kiss
I’m the ‘Don’t drink kool aid’ Ms.
I’m Qui
Wishing all parties involved the happiest bliss.

News Peruse

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Italian Cruise Captain says he ‘Tripped’ into Lifeboat & Couldn’t get out. [?]
Oh that’s what that whole”Abandon the boat with 4000 guest afloat” – was all about.

The Keystone Project had it’s neck on the chopping block…
The President has killed it and the Reublicans are hot!

ABC’s Modern Family is a show of familial modern day love.
On Wednesdays funny episode, Mitch & Cam’s daughter said “f*ck”.

Their 4 year old daughter, Lily said “the word” about four or five times.
It’s got the Parental Control Community up in arms about script lines.

Two hands were found in an LA park where a human head was found –
Recently someone cut up a middle aged man and spread his body parts around.

Uh-Oh, Uh-Oh Rick Perry done quit
And its noted he’s going to be backing Gingrich.

Rick Santorum’s on the surge again.

This GOP race is quite the show.
Thanks ROLAND MARTIN for twitting out ‘the know’.

Single Ladies new season series – will be slightly different from the past
Denise Vasi has a look that’s quite catchy & she’s replacing Stacey Dash.

I sure hate to see Stacey dash out on us,
I’m Qui
I had hoped that keeping “that gig“, was worth the fuss.
She’s young. She’s fabu. I wish her love.

PS… Stacey Dash is on Twitter.
Hit her up if you miss her. (-:


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No longer under Italian lock and key
is Seattle’s Amanda “FOXY” Knox’y.

Occupy Wall Street is still going strong
All in the name of this economic wrong.

Twitter is keeping the #Trend in high top choice
where the lay man is FREE to propel his voice.

Are you listening?
Herman Cain’s numbers are glistening.

I’ve been enjoying his mind and his point of view.
I just wish the very luck he’s had would be the general for me and you.

Luck? Not all in totality. Herman is a real and smart guy –
who took the lows life dealt him and clawed his way to high.

Respect is due, but glossing over a race’s issues is an absurd lure.
Mr. Herman Cain knows he’s not ‘gone win this thang
But the run could boost sells – during his book tour.

Intelligent man. He’s a siezer of opportunity.
I think that his existence is culturally good for you and me.

Every black person doesn’t think alike and Herman Cain is proof.
We may disagree, but I’m still digging he; Intellect is far from fool.

Sarah Palin is being harrassed and felt the need to letter vent
about people sending her ‘hate mail’ – for NOT running for president.

Michele Bachmann is moving at a steady slow;
a downward spiral in the like’able polls.

Dear Rick Perry:
Is hunting at “N******head is scary”?

I should think so
and it shows in the polls.

And so the news goes: Republicans sure act funny
when faced with the idea that they’d have to choose Romney.

I don’t know about Mormonism — so I shall not speak on.
But it sure is cold, to not have the Republicans soul to back you up & lean on.

Chris Christy said no and now we’re back in the debate lane.
Last polls show a Ron Paul glow followed by a close 2nd from Cain.

Politics – Shmolitics. I am duly having fun,
I’m Qui
Promoting myself like Herman Cain – without the presidential run.
I bid you good day with this NEWS PERUSE sum.

This Birthday Weekend

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Omg! Omg!
Whose The Birthday Girl? — I am she!

So the weekend is fast approaching
and the triple digit temps have been encroaching.

But that won’t stop me from birthday celebrating;
Gathering with friends, breaking ends and relating.

There’ll be some red wine, good conversation;
Chopping up future plans about game elevation.

There will be lots of good head in the house – because I cannot resist.
There will be GRIOT rhymes on a fly and on a dime – for I’m the GRIOT Ms.

This Birthday Weekend will find me flawless and fly.
Breaking ends with stylish friends, will surely get me by.

I’m sure to hit the MAC Counter and divvy funds to paint a prettier she.
I’m sure to stock up on shades of matte, because the lips are important to me.

I plan on cutting the rug – oh yes I do like to express through dance.
I plan on hitting as many scenes as I can, for celebrating is my entrance chance.

I’m a workaholic. I really don’t go out too much.
So this weekend will be spent, reaching out and keeping in touch.

I won’t be spending it on Twitter or by watching CNN.
I’m the birthday sheOoo Oui! Ooo Oui!
I will spend it on friends.

Not to be compared to Jennifer Aniston and that ivory casted show.
Because most of my friends have deep melanin skin & can conjur up an afro. 🙂

Not to exclude any of my white friends and fam, for they too are good to go.
They don’t deep tan, but in my heart they stand – and we’re working on their afro’s.
I just have more brown friends than whites – YO!

This Birthday Weekend will find me partying at home, at the mall, and letting loose at the pub,
I’m Qui
Approaching four decades of birthday celebrates — and looking forward to this one with love.

is a
please believe.
xxxx –KISSES– xxxx

Preacher trapped in a rappers body…

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Meet Norris J.

He sho’ makes positive rap sound cool. In fact, he’s “THE COOLEST” inspirational rapper I know and his swag is easily comparable to Will Smith.

So if you’ve found as of late that you’re driving music has been reduced from: jamming the latest rap song in it’s entirety -to- only jamming the instrumental – you are not alone. I’ve even taken to freestyling (making up rhymes about me), because I refuse to be a held hostage to “lyrical trash” over dope beats.

I just wont do it.

However, thanks to Norris J, LeCrae, Common, Mr. Pointman, and a local (DFW) cat I know named Groovy — I too can jam a rap joint in its entirety during my road transitions.

I learned of Norris J last winter through an internet shopping executive and she absolutely couldn’t say enough about him. She immediately googled him (on the spot) to make an informal introduction. I’m not easily impressed when it comes to rap – you know this. I like WORDS. They matter to me. I like them to make sense.

Words don’t seem to be of much value to the fad rapper, and the moral of the story is usually: GARBAGE (pronounced gar-bahj).

However, Norris J is on something entirely different. The beats are jamming and the chorus hooks are easy to get stuck in your head. In fact, the ONLY DIFFERENCE between Norris J’s raps and say those of Jay Z or Drake, is simply in THE WORDS he chooses to use – especially in his hooks.

It’s minor adjustments like these (new trends), if caught onto can make a huge difference in our culture and the comprehension of value in our youth. Think about it. They repeat everything they hear…

Norris J is cooler than a fan on HIGH.
Though I won’t lie –
I was NOT looking for another rapper to come nigh…

Then all of a sudden:

This weekend I had the pleasure to network in a little fun,
that’s when I met VeniceMr. Norris J’s mom.

She’s his No. 1 fan. She’s honest in her bias view,
but she was in good company, because I’m an INJ fan too.

After listening more intently and being inspired by every spoken sentence
I knew I had to tell you about Norris and work his mom’s name all up in it. lol!

Norris J is a lyrical beast overlayed on beats and his swagger does deem him a hotty!
Not to mention his insides are good, he’s a “Preacher trapped in a rappers body”.

That last line is a quote from “THE KINGDOM”kin to the headlining video joint,
I’m Qui
CONVERSATION RULES THE NATION and this brothers rap lyrics are on point.

PS — This is good news for me and my youthful intellectual kin,
Thanks to an elite few we too can jam rap in our cars again.
Let’s support positivity & we’ll POSITIVELY WIN.
Hit up REVERB and get your Norris J order in!

Of course he’s spreading good vibes on FACEBOOK and TWITTER too.
Befriend him and “LIKE” his pages —you know how we do. 🙂

REELing in “For Flow”

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So you were wondering HOW TO break into the film industry? What to do and where to go? How about starting with a little schooling and formal education and then straightaway to the film festivals?

You’ve got to support the festival of events that will eventually support you. Right? After all support begats so support, so you know I was all too excited to hear that my “reel brother” from NY Kesav Murthy Wable was bringing his film “FOR FLOW” to last weeks 5th Annual Texas Black Film Festival to be screened along side my own submission. I was ecstatic!

I met Kesav/DeeGrand on Twitter. Yes – I said Twitter. As of late, I have met more than a few people who profess to be “networking guru’s” but they’re not connected to TWITTER. I don’t know about them, but with no budget for major mass marketing, I rely on free networking through sites like Twitter and Facebook as well as mass emailing to get my message out.

Let me clarify: I don’t use FACEBOOK as much as I used to, back in the day (2006), because now my Mom, and grandma are on it and well let’s just say it’s not the same.

Back to Kesav (actor, writer, TWITTER follower): He won the 2006-07 Indo-American Arts Council (IAAC) inaugural South Asian Playwriting Fellowship at the Lark Theatre and Play Development Center for the piece, “For Flow”. Wable, with the help of co-producers Randall L. Sawyer and Stephen L. Smith (together, “25 to Life Productions, LLC), staged “For Flow” at Theater for New City — for a successful three week run. Kesav then adapted the play into a short film, shot and cut by Jason Camp, ( which was an official selection at the Texas Black Film Festival and is nominated for best short film, winning an honorary Award of Excellence from the Canada International Film Festival. One of the actors in “For Flow”, Vladimi Versailles (Kane), can be seen in theaters across the country in the film “Mooz-lum”.

Wable’s first play, “Ashoka’s Wheel”, was selected as part of Chicago’s Rasaka Theatre’s reading series in 2004 and the next year, featured as a finalist in the Chicago Dramatists’ “Many Voices Project”. As an actor, he appeared as ‘Darius’ in Yong Soo Pak’s film Antigone 5000. He has performed in numerous stage productions including King Lear as ‘Edmund’ at the Underhill Theater, Brooklyn; as ‘Hossein’ inKhaddish in East Jerusalem at Theater for the New City and Murellus in Julius Caesar at Harlem’s National Black Theater. Kesav is also a graduate of Brooklyn Law School, ’08 and a practicing attorney.

It’s obvious Kesav has talent and can REEL’y blow…
He’s also pretty versed in script skills thus presenting: FOR FLOW.

You know SUPPORT is my thang and Kesav was right up my ally;
I’m a #Networking Queen and Twittering is on “my daily tally”.

If you missed “FOR FLOW” at the TBFF strut,
perhaps you can catch it in Vancouver, Canada.

This brother is on the move and his reel skill is making its rounds.
I had to “PUT HIM ON” because his go getter spirit deserves a pound!

My short film “THE CAUCUS” was composed like a PSA – I’m bound to educate,
I’m Qui
digging Kesav
for Twitting me out to network support and reel relate.

Stills from FOR FLOW

PLOT SYNOPSIS: Shot on location, in the birthplace of hip-hop. Two MC’s (rappers) wait for a record producer on a lonely street corner of the Bronx. Their meeting will change that corner forever.

Pimped Out & Talked about: CONTROVERSIAL NEWS

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Controversial News - Terry McMillan & Bishop Eddie Long

“All news ain’t good news” and so it stands in the case of Terry McMillan. The “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” author is back in the news, but her current groove is anything but good news. Peep what she said on TWITTER about Will & Jada Smith “pimping out” their kids:

“The Smith children already act like child stars. There’s an arrogance in their demeanor and behavior. I find it incredibly sad,” McMillan said on the popular social networking platform on Jan.27. “It feels like the Smith children are being pimped and exploited. Or, they’re already hungry for fame. What about 4th grade?” Terry continued, “A lot of A-list movie stars shielded their children from the Hollywood-world until they were old enough to decide. Look at those who didn’t. Look at Lindsay. Phoenix to name, but a few. They miss out on childhood. It’s more important than fame.”

Later on Terry apologized in reference to the botched seam
Specifically for using the word “pimp” – but stands by ‘what she means’:

“I apologize for using the word pimp and exploit in referring to the Smith children. It was insensitive of me and wrong. Twitter is not the best forum to express some things. I didn’t know folks would take my opinion so personally. It is amazing, though, how fast an unflattering comment gets retreated versus one that’s flattering. I’m done with this issue. My opinion isn’t going to change anything. There are a lot more important things going on in the world right now. My Mama used to say: ‘They’ll talk about you if you do. And talk about you if you don’t. Let ’em talk.’ Some folks look for a reason to criticize you. They’re getting off on it and are saying much worse things than I did. I’ve got work to do. I hope everybody who has something important to do today besides worry about the Smith children, does it. And for those of you who were so offended by what I said or thought I was being disrespectful, unfollow me. So, I’m on blast? Too bad when I talk about what’s happening in the government, the GOP, racism, love, etc., doesn’t go viral.”

We know Terry isn’t hating on the Smiths. [?] She was just dropping a neighborly word.
It just wasn’t true of the legendary deux, though I pray other doting parents have heard.

It’s truly crazy how many adults ARE indeed pimping out their kids.
Fortunately for Jayden & Willow, those parents aren’t the Smiths.

Meanwhile mediations behind-the-scenes are lawful and certainly not wrong
which brings us back to the the ‘character hack’ of Bishop Eddie Long.

Recently he gave an interview to Channel 2
since the media ripped his story & bid him adu.

So quick to swoop in and scrutinize private lives
then dart off at the whimsical cost of the next sensational rise.

Here’s what Bishop Eddie long had to say
in his brief (no personal questions) interview the other day:

“It’s a wonderful celebration of a time when our nation needs hope, when people need to see people who rise up and are doing great things and actually making a difference in someone’s life.”

I don’t know what he meant, or what the comment is in full reference to,
but if you click the link of what he had to say, you can peep the video view.

Every man is innocent until proven guilty – and so applies to the Bishop as well,
I’m Qui
Acknowledging that all news ain’t good news thus our thwarted “news peruse” spell.

We’re pulling for the good of both Terry & Eddie — and definitely wishing them well.