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What happened to TROY DAVIS

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Is best put into words by Judge Greg Mathis. You don’t have to like YOUR HONOR, but RESPECT is IMMINENT:

Who will the next Troy Davis be?
Will they be family to you and me?

We usually don’t care if it’s not us or our kids,
however, we should be concerned about JUSTICE BEING HID.

Politicians: Scared of a row called skid, while holding political office.
“Karma is coming back”, says the writer, a QE wisdom novice.

The state of Georgia definitely has blood on their hands.
Way more than was shed by Larry Byrd, across Texas lands.

Larry was decapitated by a White supremacist,
Troy was executed for something he never did.

What happened to TROY DAVIS is a hellish nightmare indeed.
Thank God for the 48 HOURS broadcast of FREE The West Memphis 3.

Justice is a hard girl to get at, but I heard she still keeps in touch,
I’m Qui
Praying for the collective we
, because the doubtful death penalty is just too much.

My Baby is Gone…

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UPDATE 10/3/14 — R.I.P. Tina Reese. She has reunited with her son.

So I received the most disturbing call Friday afternoon, the caller on the other end was so distraught that they could not verbalize. I heard the tears, I felt the gut wrenching pain through the phone. The caller said, “Yesterday evening, (9/2 Thursday) in Arlington, TX (Nathan Low & Petra Dr.) a drunk driver hit one of your best friends as she was taking her 10 year old son to football practice at 5:30 in the afternoon. The drunken SUV driver ran through a four way stop sign and rammed his vehicle into my girlfriends Honda Accord and severed her sons spine, crushed his rib cage and caused massive head trauma. He was transported by ambulance to a local hospital in Arlington, TX and then care flighted to Cooks Children hospital where he was pronounced dead Friday morning after 4 a.m.

Meet Tavian Sabur, the son of Tina Reese and the little brother of the recent high school graduate/college freshman Camille:

Tina Reese’s Baby – 10 year old TAVIAN SABUR

Click below to see TJ’s Home Going:
Part 1. featuring Henry McClellon & Dr. Molly Dempsey-Robertson
Part 2. featuring Camille Cherry (TJ’s big sister)
Part 3. featuring Minister Kyle Cavin

Tina is my sister from another Mother and Mister. Tina is currently in the hospital healing from internal and external injuries that are (by the grace of God) not life threatening.

The moment I made my way to her bedside and announced myself, she squeezed my right hand with her right hand, (lying stoic in neck brace), and said to me in a soft voice, “Hello Qui Qui. My baby is gone.

What now?

Labor Day was 4 days away & had not even begun,
The drunk driver was early in his alcohol fun.

The drinker was foolish in his vehicle run.
The life that he took exceeds any prison sum.

T.J. is gone and the drunkard has already posted bail,
$10,000 in total. Are you serious? Epic law fail.

Tina’s Baby is Gone though he’ll never be forgotten.
If Walter doesn’t pay with his life – justice is rotten.

Not jailed for a few months and a license suspension.
I said, “Tina’s baby is gone” – how’s that comprehension?

I’m numb tonight and this is all I can think about.
Tina lies on her back whispering because she can not shout.

Camille has lost her baby brother and the world needs to know,
We will not be silent after being forced to let Tina’s baby go.

Mothers Against Drunk Drivers is an outstanding organization.
I will support them even more now – given our current unfortunate relation.

Please keep Tina and Camille in your earnest prayers – then light a candle for T.J.
Please insist that law makers reign hard on drunk drivers in their sentencing phase.

I pray God speed over Camille’s pain and Tina’s physical & spiritual wounds,
I’m Qui
The pain is deep. No Mom should have to bury the treasures of her womb.

Please be safe on this Labor Day Weekend.
Don’t drink and drive or allow a friend…


Viewing is Sept.11@ 3p.m.-5p.m. Moore Funeral Home
4216 S. Bowen Arlington,Tx

Funeral is Sept.12 @ 11a.m.
Moore Funeral Home & Memorial Gardens
1219 North Davis Drive
Arlington, TX 76012

Also CiCi’s in Arlington (@Sublett & Cooper) is holding a BENEFIT in TJ’s HONOR Friday 9/9/11 @ 9pm – 12am $8 Buffets instead of the usual $4.99


It used to be ALL GOOD in my hood

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***To read the JULY 2012 UPDATE on this article
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K104 has been [97.9] BEAT OUT

It hasn’t been the same since NANNETT LEE left the gang…

[RADIO in Dallas, TX] What happened here? Dallas was known for playing the crunkest street jams on the radio and K104 was at the helms.

The year was 1993 – SKIP MURPHY was on the scene and NANNETT LEE was a part of The K104 Morning Team. The laughs were great, the community support was fantastic and no one could rally up the people for a good cause better than K104 and The Morning Team. It’s true. They became an a.m. staple. Only K104 could start the day off with a corny inspirational “I LOVE SCHOOL” song sung by sunday school kids and have the whole community not only ‘love it’ but actually look forward to it at the start of their day. Once in the car and in route to work/school the a.m. chemistry and 4-1-1 couldn’t be beat. We laughed. We cried. Sometimes we laughed until we cried — and the community was on one accord.

Then there was GREG STREET at 6 o’clock and shortly thereafter we were introduced to SKIP CHEATHAM and Flava TV. Remember that? Good days.

The summer of 2003 one of my homeboys from TN rolled through Dallas on business – I was playing chauffeur for the weekend. I asked him about his music preference, (which CD he’d like to listen to) – he quickly replied, “K104 is cool. Dallas is the only city I can travel to and not have to bring a ton of CD’s. The songs they play are stupid sick compared to the local air waves in Memphis”. What a compliment. He hasn’t had IT work in TX for a minute, but I’m sure when he does visit again he’ll bring “a ton of CDs” because the music here is garbage and the morning show is anything but something you want to wake up to. [smh *shaking my head*]

When K104 was at the top of their game: WIG was the Producer of The Morning Team and SAM PUTNEY (fan of a “big legged woman” ;)) played the Weather Man. I say “played” because I don’t think Sam had the necessary credentials to be a meteorologist, his assistant or his gopher — but it sure was fun to hear his take on this crazy Texas weather among other things. Their chemistry was proper and raw with Skip Murphy and Nannett Lee heading up the a.m. party. At the time, Skip Cheatham was the new kid rocking the afternoon slot. Flava TV is how we largely became familiar with the good-looking golden brown brother who really couldn’t host his way out of a box – but he looked great trying.

It was good times. Then all of sudden we wake up to ☛ NO NANNETT LEE. No Nannett Lee? Wait! Let’s rewind…The path that Nannett was on before she dropped into former radio host oblivion was gastric bypass surgery and getting fit. She was also hosting a weekly comedy night at Addison Improv: “PHAT TUESDAYS”. It was quite the popular weekly and was my whole reason for even socializing at the establishment. Nannett Lee is someone you WANT TO see. The amount of fun you could have in the presence of Nannett’s Comedy was SO BIG it made her look like a waif. That’s saying a lot, considering at the time she had to be in upwards of 250 +/- lbs on a 5’3 frame. She is hilarious and affectionately relative. Her fan following is HUGE. Which is cool, because Nannet looks almost half her former size & is apparently in collab with some other show doing “finger food cooking”. I found a couple of videos on YOUTUBE of Nannett cooking (2010) – Check ’em out: Click HERE.

K104 and The Morning Team

Chris Arnold, Skip Murphy, Nannett Lee, The WIG & Sam Putney

Anywho, to make a long story short – Nannett got fired, for some bull corn excuse
and Skip Murphy took the opportunity to tell the public and ☛ ☛ insert “the juice”
that was a cross breed between “maybe” and “factual truth”.

But it really seemed like the “air-it-all-out-show
was nothing more than a kick-in-Nannetts-side on the low.

Skip Murphy said something about her, HR & “being tardy”
Then one year later ol’ Skip lost his seat at the party.

K104 landed on her feet and scooted Skip Cheatham into the spot
But then just a year or two later – lil’ Skip slipped the knot.

Management (in swift motion) duly CUT HIM too —
as well as their ‘loyalty to family’ per the listeners view.
and now the station is boo boo. lol!🙂

Oo-oo-oo You know I just wonder why
Blacks don’t support blacks but will criticize their lacks – as if a high.

There was no reason for Skip M. to act like Nannett’s firing was on point,
Then without telling listeners before hand – he, too abruptly exited the joint.

Skip Cheatham was quick with the rebound; and a REBOUND is all he was.
He was boring as hell, but gave 150% each spell –so I give him “respectful” ❀HUGS❀.

What the station did wasn’t right and all of its loyalty has gone away.
I’m not interested in getting Wild with Buck or listening to ‘the green’ Lady Jade.

K104 today gets no car play when I’m in the drivers seat,
I’m Qui
and if I want to hear that “trash called radio rap” I digitally search: THE BEAT.
Ooo Wee you never should have gotten rid of Nannett Lee.

Whispering Ghosts withold No Secrets

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The Ghost Whisperer & Jack Bauer

Yep! I’m a fan of “The Ghost Whisperer” starring Jennifer Love Hewitt as Melinda Gordon. Recent reports cite that she and her former co-star/boyfriend Jamie Kennedy have split up. The 30 year old actress from Waco, TX is once again single and it’s not entirely a bad look for her. Considering Jennifers recent quotes about “being cheated on alot”, I’d say perhaps the recent split could be a blessing indisguise.

The dead are talking…and she is listening. Do you watch the show? Have you ever watched an episode? I suppose it’s for SYFY types like myself who believe in the whole “life after death” thing. Me? I’m not psychic, but I am quite sensitive. My 5 physical senses work pretty good, but my sixth senses are what really guides me alot of the time. I think I could easily classify myself as being “intuitively STRONG”. How about you? Have you ever seen a ghost? How about an Angel? Have you ever spoken to either? Perhaps to answer favorably to either of the latter questions would classify you as “a loon” to your peers — maybe “slightly off”, therefore you banish the thought that your intution could be anything other than “a hunch” or “a coincidence”. Either way — I always give first credit to GOD for all of my intuitive interventions. I don’t believe in coincidences, and I always listen to my gut. Are you listening?

The Ghost Whisperer series is well into it’s 5th season and I don’t see any reason to stop it anytime soon. I’ve mentioned before that “the afterlife” must be a pretty hot topic to many because show’s like this one – just won’t go away. CBS knows a money maker when they see one, and well…. 104 episodes aired (and counting) would definitely classify as “a success” by any shows standards. Right? I didn’t even know Jen was from TX until today — what a refreshing credit to the Lone Star State. Jennifer has an awesome career and stars in an awesome show. I must say I liked it alot better when Aisha Tyler was on it, but I think she traded her ghostly gig for more freedom. Since then she’s gone on to do several shows including her current animation role on FX’s “ARCHER“.

I’ve been a fan of Aisha Tyler for years, especially during her short stint on FOX’s 24. She was honing the helms of CTU until it was discovered that Aisha’s character [Marianne Taylor] was a double agent & well….the writers of the show had to “put her down”. 24 is so unpredictable. That’s why we love it. The roster is chock full of dead characters…just like The Ghost Whisperer. Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) knocks ’em off and Melinda Gordon listens to them afterwards. Perhaps these two could “hook up”. lol! What do you think?

Naked on The Grassy Knoll

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A Window Seat with Erykah Badu

A Naked Erykah Badu on the grassy knoll in Dallas where President Kennedy was shot, is stirring up all kinds of controversy over the last two days. The video “WINDOW SEAT” [watch it HERE] is phenomenal (if you ask me) and for a plethora of reasons: Unbridled ART being #1.

Ms. Badu walks the downtown streets of Dallas towards the exact spot where President Kennedy was assasinated. During her walk she sheds her jacket, shirt, pants, bra and panties — ultimately revealing the “EVOLVING” tattoo (message) across the upper part of her back (between the shoulders). Once she reaches the approximate spot where President Kennedy was shot, we hear gunfire and a shapely NAKED Erykah Badu falls dead in the road. At that point we hear the following narration:

“THEY (playing it safe) are quick to assasinate what they do not understand.
They move in packs ingesting fear more and more with every act of hate on one another.
They feel more comfortable in groups – LESS GUILT to swallow.
They are us. This is what we’ve become: Affraid to RESPECT the Individual.
A single person within a circumstance can move one to CHANGE;
to LOVE herself;

By God Erykah is right! WE are THEY –collectively.

More over that, the video demonstrates Erykah being “one person within a circumstance” — a circumstance that the city of Dallas is now investigating for possible copyright infringements. As you can see, (Watch Video HERE), it doesn’t look like too many copyright laws have been infringed upon besides the few seconds of audible narration that opens the video. However, in all honesty — THAT too would be easy to recreate with Final Cut Soundtrack Pro. The video reel was shot and edited to have a “dated & historical feel” much like the original footage archived of President Kennedy during his visit to Dallas, TX. GENIUS!

The video is GENIUS in two parts, [1] by recalling history & stirring up discomfort and [2] comes in an obvious plea found in the songs chorus:

“I need you to want me.
I need you miss me.
I need yo’ attention!
I need you next to me.
I need someone to clap for me.
I need yo’ direction.
Come back – Come back Baby.
Come back.”

I’M BACK 🙂 and I’m so glad I’ve got a WINDOW SEAT into the vision of Ms. Erykah Badu’s artsy exhibition of history and present — to date. What did you think about it?

I need your Support, I need your Love, I need your Attention,
I’m Qui

Repping Qui Entertainment with Insightful BLACK ART mentions.

Thank you for the oblige…

VH1 HIP HOP HONORS ‘key-in’ on The SOUTH

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VH1 2010 Focus
Straight from the mouth of Fab5Freddy: “The 2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors is focusing in on the South this year” and instead of airing in October (as they have years before), the PARTY will POP OFF in JUNE! “Get out!” I said, while i-chatting in TX with the Legendary Hip Hop Statesman broadcasting from his NY home.

Don’t you just love technology? You gotta’ love it, especially when the feed you’re taking in is dropping mad information about this years VH1 Hip Hop Honors honoring The Geto Boyz, Slim Thug, Bun B, and on and on and on… It looks like the ATL will be represented, as will the boot (Louisiana), Florida, and the VA. Yep! Timbalands contributions run deep. Whenever I think Hot VA Hip Hop Producers: Timbaland, Magoo & Missy are among staple thoughts. Amen? I’m anxious already – it’s going down in JUNE. The count down is on! Stay Tuned…

Fab-Nelson-George-2010 Click HERE to relive the HONORS

VH1 Hip Hop Honors will be focusing in on the south
What an interesting choice – during this musical drought.

When I first heard the news, I shreaked where I sat.
Because I’ve heard no new music in my southern hood to warrant that.

But when the Hip Hop Statesman clarified, they’re going back to the start
And focusing on the foundation of the southern rap movement – @ heart,

I began to relax easy and let Fab continue to paint the view
that looked alot like focusing on key figures — who are well past thier due.

Oo-Oo-Ooo The Geto Boyz ain’t new & ain’t cut a track in 2 decades
But it’s never to late, (while breaths in your face) to be awarded the honorable accolade.

Hey-eeey! I’m diggin’ it – I’m diggin’ it. Last years broadcast was a HIT!
What an honor it is, to have geographical dibs in the Hip Hop Honors gig.

My wig is happy! Good information and technology highlighted the score,
I’m Qui
Residing in the South –kicking it with ‘The Legendlike Harlem is next door.

The 2010 VH1 Hip Hop Honors Awards Show will air: June 7th @ 9/8c