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They're Talking to ME

I was bound to watch it – it’s just what the doctor ordered (along with Mother Natures low temperatures) and it is fast becoming one of my favorite talk shows – along side of Tyra Banks and The View. Are you watching it? It comes on CBS @ 2pm/1pm CST. The Talk is hosted by: Julie Chen, Sarah Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson-Peete, Leah Remini and Marissa Jaret Winokur. Marissa was the former host of “Dance Your Ass Off”. Remember her? With the big hair and the big smile? Well on The Talk she’s working the audience aisle. She’s also toned down ‘the BIG HAIRSPRAY do’, added a blonde highlight or two and wha-lah! She’s back in business & looking good.

Though I’ve not caught an episode (yet) of Marissa sitting at the round table or perched on the couch alongside the other ladies. I’ve only been watching a week or two, because when it comes to adopting “new shows” I’m slow to move. I’m just picky. But the last couple of “Talks” I’ve tuned in to have been right on the money. Their current topics are dead on in vibe. I can honestly say I appreciate each woman on the panel and dig her individual vibe…what she brings to the table.

It’s a beautiful fresh bouquet of beauty, laughter, and relative life experiences. It’s a great afternoon pick me up. Tomorrow I’m sure to turn in because todays preview of Wednesdays show showed clips of Niecy Nash crying on the couch. Oh Lawd! Not Niecy. That’s my girl. I miss her on “CLEAN HOUSE“. Tempest Bledsoe is the shows new host and sticking true to how I do — I’m slow to move. I admit I have not tuned in yet to catch her in action. All the same, I KNOW I’m tuning in to The Talk on December 29th – I have got to see what the flower with the flower in hair has to say. Unnnn! (the noise Niecy is known to grunt). I wouldn’t miss it for a thing.

I’m sure I’ll hit the comment box with the details tomorrow.
Was Niecy crying out of happiness, or some sort of sorrow?

I don’t have a clue, so I won’t fictionally squawk.
I’m Qui
Instead I’ll update ‘my online conversate’ post Wednesdays broadcast of THE TALK.

Keep up with the conversation on TWITTER: TheTalk_CBS.
I’ll see you there.

New Hosts

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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

Steve Harvey is the New Host of FAMILY FUED starting Fall 2010.

His comedic skills on this conservative show – is a real chancer.
He’s so raw, that when I heard the news, I clapped & yelled: “Good Answer”.

Jasiri X is the New Host of Intelligent Hip Hop. Based on this brothers delivery I’m becoming more convinced that his HIP (in Hip Hop) stands for “High Intellect Person”.

Enlightening, Educational lyrics backed by eXemplary beats and eXceptionally insightful videos.
If you didn’t know Jasiri X – Peep the “REAL GANGSTERS” video; hence YE SHALL KNOW:

Have you noticed that Don Lemon is getting more show Hosting time these days on CNN? Awesome. He’s informative, intelligent, and easy on the eyes. lol! God bless CNN. 🙂 Don tackles topics that are far less appealing but so necessary and revealing. He has my full support and viewership. His main gigs seem to broadcast on the weekend, but last week he sat in for Rick Sanchez and I was all too giddy to see him during my weekday grind.Ow! This rising host invokes a sweet pucker out of me. Muah!

TJ Holmes CNN career is casting a positive new light too,
though I don’t understand what ‘the hold up is’ on his extended view.[?]

But I won’t complain….How could I?
CNN is of late quite pleasing on the eye.

Let me stop now, as there are a host of HOSTS that I like:
Oprah, Tyra, and Kiran Chetry put a tasteful spin on ‘the mic’.

Soledad, Tony Harris and Whoopi Goldberg definitely diversify ‘the view’.
I’m just glad television is extending the gamut of African American hues.

Show Hosting is soooo a cool thing to do,
I’m Qui
and I like it so much, I’m online ‘Hosting’ you.

**PLEASE KNOW: I apprecaite you for continuously rolling through.***

News Peruse

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Oh my goodness gracious, I haven’t talked about ‘the news’ in a while
But that didn’t stop it from being made & going ‘rogue wild’.

Ooo child — have you heard of multiple stabbings in multiple states at hand?

Turns out they may have all been done at the hand of an Isrealite man.

What in the world could have been his brotherly plan?
The US backs Isreal on the (‘iffy ally) soil in which they stand.

So everybodys got problems; life can be bumpier than the phenomena Himalayas.
Idol contestants find problems to exceed mountain peaks – just ask Fantasia.

Recent divorce papers, being filed by the wife of an “ALLEGED” alduterous man,
puts Fantasia at the heart of the break up during her ALBUM RELEASE stance.

So you didn’t know about Fantasia’s New Album? Well go on and jam a preview of it today.
Besides can’t nobody top the BREAK UP between Jennifer & Brad for Angelina anyway.
Hey-eeyy! 😉

Tyra Banks stays on my television – I’ve been digging her flow;
Her shows are an asset to our culture and insightful like…WOAH!

The links will lead you to a show entitled: “RACIAL PERCEPTIONS
and naturally “the most racial guest” would have been from Texas!
God bless the ties that connect us

Mel Gibson & Dr. Laura Schlessinger know what I’m talking about;
she recently went on a rant and ‘The N-Word’ was flying out of her mouth.
IGNORANCE is not limited to the ‘in house’ South.

Burrying “the word”
was just a lie in the form of a weak verb.

We’re at the end of our business week and wouldn’t you know
The weekend has partying for my future in tow.

I’m the birthday girl in a few short days
So “the news could bare blues”, but all I see is sun rays.

I’m Happy, I’m Healthy, I’m Loving dear LIFE,
I’m Qui
Perusing the News bidding you a PRODUCTIVE stride.

Regardless of what the medias pushingEverything is going to be alright.


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OMG! I thought that the BROWN vs. The BOARD OF EDUCATION case update was bad (children choosing the white doll over the black doll; good traits vs. stereotypical negatives). Leave it to Tyra Banks to find a panel of beautiful black women in a plethora of complextion (shades) to re-define…rebirth…BROWN vs. The BOARD OF EDUCATION.

The women were indeed BROWN and alot more mature than the children that participated in the study in 1954, but the results were unfortunately still dismal: The lighter skinned guests complained about being compared to whites or “mixed kids” when they are proudly 100% black and loving it – while the darker skinned sisters complained of being viewed as “slave black” and taking the brunt of every negative connotation and stereotype put upon the black race. One male guest on the panel admitted he doesn’t date black women, because they “just seem angry – like they sleep with their fists balled up”. Yep! He was black too. Hatred inside of our own race is our own problem.

Slavery was devicive – YES – but when do we come together to claim and love our own…to love ourself?

Beyond Tyra‘s insightful expose’ of necessary views
We continue to comb through and PERUSE the NEWS:

The oil well tests are extended – amidst real concerns
If the well line isn’t completely repaired-
an explosion won’t be spared
and Louisiana will again be burned.
THOROUGH WORK. When will we learn?

Research within the AIDS foundation is still a necessary HIT!
Have you heard about the VAGINAL GEL that could greatly reduce our contracting risk?

I love me some Wesley Snipes – to the credit of Mo Better Blues it’s true.
So I’m sad to report he’s going to “the big house” to serve a few.
A brothers TAX PROBLEMS have seeped back through.

Then there’s a racial misunderstanding about Shirley Sherrod that’s sensationally growin’.
To peep my thoughts on the USDA situation, peep the Griot laid Poem.

I’m Qui
on some urban hues


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is quite the up standing man
He apologized publicly & re-extended his professional hand

Mrs. Sherrod is in thought. Mrs. Sherrod has stood strong.
Mrs. Sherrod is a gracious woman whose been done so boldly wrong.

Vilsack said asking for her resignation was his decision and his alone
and that he was not in any way influenced by the “WH” home.

Selling “The V-jay jay”

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Oh don’t act like you don’t know what IT is. Oprah has educated you enough to know that “V-jay jay” is a “nicer” (less penetrating) word to use in lieu of the word “Vagina” in casual conversation.

Speaking of casual Is there anything “casual” about selling sex? Is prostitution considered “casual sex”? How about if you’re not a skilled prostitute and are justseeking to sell your virginity? Is there anything “just” about the sale of such? It depends on who you ask.

A few months back TYRA asked that very question to a 22-year old virgin who is currently taking bids to SELL OFF HER VIRGINITY. So far bids have come in between 1.5 – 3.8 million dollars. Peep a couple of clips from the show::


Now I’m sharing video 1 & 4 out of 6 from TheAlphaMale73‘s YouTube page, (it’s the only users page I could find the COMPLETE run of the SHOW on – so enjoy it before YOUTUBE takes it away).

Are you PRO-Choice?
Do you believe in Womens Rights? Do you think a move such as selling your virginity will be seen as “empowering a woman” or just another sensational move that would not empower women but mark the virginity seller with a historical scarlett letter? It’s certainly up for debate. A womans right to do what she wants is one thing, I (personally) do not feel empowered by the sellers actions, though she claims that is exactly her intention.

She plans on losing her virginity at the BUNNY RANCH in Nevada, under Dennis’ (pimp like) watch. It’s legal in NV and Dennis (+ 2 of his best whores) were also present on Tyra’s panel [see 2nd Video in line up]. When and if Dennis provides “the place for the sale to go down” he will also be signing on to reap HALF of the bid. HALF? If the virgin reaps 1 million, Dennis gets half, and he didn’t have to marry her and divorce her in the state of CA to do so. 🙂

The worlds oldest profession is still open & going strong
though ever since Rahab did it – it’s been a scarlet wrong.

Now a new girl is born & likens to it; a woman with an educated mind in tow,
She’s strapped for cash, has a virginic lap & feels this is the way to go.

The concept is reaping bids of mad cash flow including tenative bids from a few celebrities…
Is 1.5 -3.8 million enough for you to soundly (in mind w/o love) to give up your virginity?

I remember giving mine up…it was scary and the moment taught me alot,
I was in love with the dude and willing…I was scared and he was hot!
ah….the fond memories of intimate naughts.

I remember him taking my goods, with all kinds of sweet things to say
I remember thinking “Thank God its done” — I had to lose it (virginity) one day.

And I must say, the young man was my sweetheart, my monogamous bf —
But we soon broke up after the nut – when I confessed, I didn’t like sex.

I love sex today – though the first time hurt like hell to me,
I’m very fortunate we had prior chemistry – he treated me like a queen.

It still HURTED – so I quit. Though today, I like it JUST SO,
If there’s no pain to gain — there’ll likely be no encore show.

There really is something to be said about ‘THE WAY a woman is broken in’ @ her first time
She’ll either continue to do it ‘for the love’ or she’ll continue do it for ‘the dime’.

As for Tyra’s beloved guest in all of her 22-year old Virginic Glory,
I’m Qui
‘wondering, “Who really wants prostitution to headline thier intimate story?”

There’s a time and a place for everything…
Please don’t whore IT off @ “your beginnning”.


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I’m a chic who likes an intellectual throttle;
Who knew I’d dig the hostess of Americas Next Top Model?
I’m not a model though intellectually I am: TOPS –
and I’m finding Tyra’s talk show topics to be kind of hot!

She’s sharp, she’s fresh, and a tad bit silly.
She’s informative, high social and response/quip witty.
Have you watched her lately?
She’s quite the captivating lady.

She’s young, she’s cool and her interests are current & fair
Though I still see the her as the cute guest star from: The Fresh Prince of Belair.
Do you remember that?
Before Will Smith’s industry clout was as heavy and fat?

Life has been good – I duly dig them both,
and I am very well Banking on TYRA’s Show
to continue to be cool, relative and strong.
She’s the perfect chic to click with once Oprah is gone.

She’s practically O’s talk show daughter – O is her mentor at the very least.
I’m sure Tyra has every intention of being a shoo in for the talk show beast.

I definitely would,
I’m Qui
Enjoying the views that reflect my hood.

Relativity & Support are both understood.
I’m Banking on Tyra – ‘cause she’s on some Good.