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Why look at us, we made it to the weekend.
Here we are again, as stars in our universe; united kin.

We compose humanity; we are all only men.
The prefix “wo” is akin to your best-rib friend.

Remember our chronicled begin? I do love that bind.
He who chooses to chew on Proverbs will enjoy a fine dine.

Why eat Proverbs Rt Pt Arrow It’s always relevant, fulfilling and real.
It’s a light in the dark, a flint spark; a blueprint to our collective heal.

Hope has the mass appeal of a better feel and that is why we’re motivated to keeps trying,
I’m Qui
Communing with you is why I do what I do and that ain’t no lying.

Who are you and what are your intentions for the day?
• If you intend to make a positive impact, I suggest first ‘you pray.’


Give “im” the slip.


A little off kilter

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I don’t know why —
but all isn’t right.
We’ve got violent incites
taking African American lives.
This is not the way to our universal thrive.

But it is a sign — one that I don’t mind adding a filter,
because weak folk are on a slippery slope and A little off kilter.

So let’s talk about it. Let not your hearts be hardened
regarding the unlawful deaths of so many including TrayVon Martin.

African Americans aren’t acting out – but are quietly marching in the streets.
If you’re as outraged as I am about it all: then do come and march with me.

Even though the perpetrators skin is light, we know hate has no color.
So we’re labeling recent killers under the ethnic box of: OTHER.

OTHER — Because this will not boil down to “race”.
The connective line between these crimes is “unjustified hate”.
I can not and will not relate.
To live in a wold divided is not my fate.

Now I’ve seen races on a whole move positively towards one cause;
And I’ve seen races recognize inner wrongs and put the perpetrators on pause.

Though I’m not seeing that happen at current – so I’m applying a filter
and proclaiming I love all people, but a few are A little off kilter.

It’s like a rash of HATE has broken out. It’s like we’re seeing evil’s will.
It’s like the OTHER race thinks they are the only ones who can pick up a gun and kill.

They are not the only ones who can, but they are the only ones that will.
Though I believe in pushing positivity and killing is not my thrill.

My mind is strong and rooted in faith.
The God I serve does not condone hate.

So to those OTHER folks who are frustrated to the point
That you loose your cool and forego your unified anoint;
All I can say to you is: PULL IT TOGETHER,
Strengthen your sail and brace for foul weather.

Because if you’ve done the deed
and uprooted a seed:
KARMA is coming for you.

The Bible says: An eye for eye and a tooth for a tooth
If you’ve taken a life the same may be taken of you.

God is the avenger, I’m just a Griot messenger adding a filter.
I’m Qui
Still with “the power of we” even though some folks are A little off kilter.

Distance yourselves and let them wither.
UNITED times are on the horizon and soon to come hither.

America: The Story of US

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Did you catch The HISTORY CHANNEL last night? “AMERICA: The Story of US” If you didn’t — don’t worry, the same episode: “Civil War” will air again on May 12th @ 8/7c and a new episode: “Cities” will air on May 19th @ 8/7c.

I caught the late night re-run of the broadcasted show;
The CIVIL WAR was bizarre and both sides went ‘for broke’.

If you missed the first broadcast day – take heart it’s coming on again
The History Channels reflective panel — opens up @ our countrys begin…

Fighting “within the house” doesn’t make us look any more “functional” or smarter,
May outside forces observe: United Blood will always be thicker than water.

I’m digging the Historical recap of the haps – so far,
Finally a show – where our ancestors are “the star”.

AMERICA: The Story of Us airs May 12th @ 8/7c on The History Channel