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Y & R rarely sours…

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Victor_NewmanVictor Newman’s behavior is becoming something of a dump.
It seems the writers of Y&R are lending him reckless characteristics like Trump.

Victor Newman was always tyrannical and that fact was never hid;
however, as of late Victor has been going completely off the grid.

Pulling a gun on Luca and later instructing Adam to kill him
then in a hospital room he yells at family – for not feeling him.

Are you serious Mr. Newman? Has the time finally come for you to retire?
Whilst it be to “the failure of mob bossing” that you really want to expire?

I know the writers are behind the scene cooking up an ending fit for a sire.
Victor Newman rules all and barns none. Upon his exit — may all feel the fire.

Now I’m not saying that this character is about to kick the can,
I’m just saying are you watching the antics of our beloved matriarch man?

He is out of control – and where is the nerd Natalie storyline going?natalie-the-yr-nerd
I’m watching the writers hands and the seeds that they are sewing.

Small sucklings are growing and the cast is restless still.
Nikki  was in a paupers nightmare on todays fare that was quite a chill.

Nick-NewmanNobody cared about Nikki and Nicholas Newman was married to Lilly.
I knew it was all a dream then. A serious Interracial love on Y&R? That’s silly.

They are not about that script. John Abbott and Aunt Maggy couldn’t pull it.
Writers let the bi-racial couple marry  then their camera time bit the bullet.

Relilly-wintersmember that? So NO. Nick will likely never bed Lilly.
But let’s say it DID happen, the episode would be illy!

People would tune in just to be turned out and it would be the cover of all soap mags!
Future headline:  “Nick’s surely headed for ruins – this WINTER’s the best he’s ever had!”

The divisive folk would be all mad.
Boo!! to the divisive. An intermingling won’t be had.

If you’re wondering if I’ve forgotten about Cane’s light melanined ash?
I have not, but their relationship is a passing gas.


Remember when Phyllis was playing homie-footsies with Shemara Moore’s Malcom?
That wasn’t even a possibility once the dark skinned Darius McCrary joined sum.

darius-mccraryFeeling the freaked out vibes of fair melanin viewers cracked me up.
Darius was let go. His blackness literally did not make the cut. 😀

But I was glad that Y&R had tried.
Here we are today – and Victors shine is fried.

There’s a lot going on in the uncertain storyline of the day,
I’m Qui
wondering if this is the beginning of Victor’s rile and file away?

In which direction is the writers hand leading us in sway?

I remain Y&R

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The Young & The Restless is so my joint.
It’s a great way to pick up soap opera points.

In Dallas it comes on at 11:30. In Austin – they’re an episode ahead.
In Arizona it comes on 11:00. I’ve got a default switch in my head.

If I’m asleep at 11:28, at 11:29 I’d spring straight up in bed.
And dare I miss a single scene, I rewind the DVR thread.

It’s serious folks and what happened this week was wild.
So I wanted to kick the storyline around with you for a lil’ while.

Do you mind? You’re so kind. Let’s talk about that life
that is Sharon Newman, Victors current and Nicks ex-wife.

Oh yes. Sharon’s still married to Victor – her ex-husbands dad.
Tides are low, she was Tuckers hoe and her reputation has gone bad.

Just this week she burned down the Newman’s main house.
Adam just so happened to save her. The blonde was a drunk louse.

Adam Newman lied to his wife Chelsea about where he had been,
because he couldn’t fathom telling her he’d been nursing his friend.

Sharon is also ex-wife to Adam Newman too.
And his current wife, despises her like Ooo!

Sir. Victor Newman, the patriarch is perched in a hospital bed,
he suffered a mild seizure from a bump he had on his head.

This week he gathered his children: Nick, Vikki and Abbie too
and told them he was giving up the fight to retrieve Newman from Jacks sole view.

Yes Jack Abbott owns Newman Enterprises, he took control this week.
And the way Victor Newman is scripted to respond is a low show of weak.

Vikki Newman seems to think he’s just challenging his children
to see if they could recoop the business and reel the namesake back in.

But Billy Abbott really hopes that Victors retreat from retribution
is the perfect entrance for he and Vikki to exit the fam confusion.

Nick is in a quandary. He’s dealing with a lot.
Pursued by Phyllis and her sis. Nick’s quandary is hot.

Where on Earth can you get such good dirt of incestuous seduction?
I’m Qui
Y&R writers are doing great with their weekly filth eruptions.

Are you watching?

Who killed Diane Jenkins

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Even though Victor Newman sits in a jail cell
after having confessed to the murder of Diane Jenkins — HE DIDN’T DO IT. Even though Nicholas Newman had a tiff with Diane Jenkins prior to her getting her head bashed in at the creek — HE DIDN’T DO IT. Victoria Newman didn’t do it. Nicky Newman didn’t do it. Deacon didn’t even do it. I’m no sleuth but I am an avid Y & R follower and I’m pretty sure the crazy arsed Patty did it. Patty is Paul’s sister. She’s crazy and insane and I think Adam Newman incited her to do the murderous thang that was done to Diane Jenkins.

Now there’s no NEW CONFESSIONS out yet that support my theory, but Patty has recently been worked back into the scene as “Myrna” — Genevieve‘s housekeeper, who recently had facial reconstruction after surviving an explosion that Colin (Genevieve’s ex-husband) allegedly caused. Before the explosion happened, we always heard Jack Abbott speak of Myrna to Genevieve in passing conversation, but never really got to put our eyes on the seemingly shy housekeeper, until the writers decided they needed to finally close the chapter on “WHO KILLED DIANE JENKINS”.

I imagine they didn’t want to pen it on a staple cast member, so they brought the loony toon Patty back from padded lock up to take the blame. It’s not so much a ‘classic move’ as it is an easy move. BLAME IT ON THE VILLAGE IDIOT – or at least the town loon if you need to close the case soon. I also predict Adam Newman had something to do with commissioning her to kill Diane. Ahhh, Adam is so good at persuading, (or so the writers WRITE IT as so). I’m never sold on his bird brain schemes — but without them, it wouldn’t be “the soaps”.

The facts are not all in and no one has been seriously charged for Diane’s murder. Victor Newman sits in jail under blame, at his own hands. In his mind, he thought Nikki Newman killed her while under the influence of alcohol, (she’s a recovering alcoholic). Nikki couldn’t remember if she’d killed her or not, so Victor swung into action and took the blame to avoid his former favorite stripper and ex-wife from going to prison for murder.

Alas, Nikki didn’t kill Diane and Victor sits in denim behind bars for nothing. With so much time on his hands he’s recently asked Sharon Newman, (his former daughter-in-law) to marry him and he put at least a 4 carat rock on her ring finger. Nikki and Nicholas are outraged that he proposed and that Sharon is wearing the ring. Victor stands to confuse his grand children born between Nicholas and Sharon, as they currently call Victor ‘Grandpa’.

We’d all classify this as trailer trash or Jerry Springer type stuff,
If the writers didn’t make the characters bank balances so rough.

They are stinking rich and their trash supersedes a trailer.
They are a hoarders dream –> they stack legacy paper.

They’re fictional and exciting and filthy alike.
They are the staple to so many who love the afternoon soap life.

Aye! I am one who loves soap in the afternoon. Perhaps because I’m a writer.
As trashy as Victor Newman is acting – he’s quite the distinguished exciter.

So Who killed Diane Jenkins? Well don’t be looking at me.
I’m Qui
That Young & Restless She & I’m pretty sure the answer is Patty.