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Gotta Get It In – WORK

work fun difference— Its 6am – I was up at 3.
Gotta’ get that #FitnessIn. Gotta’ do it for me.
It seems I move best when the fam’ and the sun is asleep.
It’s the perfect time to do for Qui (key).

Calories stick to the bone if we don’t move it.
There’s one in every bite – you must lose it!



The Beat Goes On

After I hit the sauna, I’m stretching for home,
to chronicle creative ideas marinating in the dome.

Redline/re-writes and cinematography wits
are what I need to be adding to pending scripts.

An informal table read will go down this eve,
A few friends and I will sit and read.

We’ll tweak more lines – I’m pretty sure,
then its off to the publishers eye for reel cure.

If we intend to win, then we must step up and hit it.
Re-write and re-write. I’m OUT MY MIND with it!



Most Of All, I Feel

Hope for the day, and hope for tomorrow.
I focus on this song, to combat most sorrows:


I focus on the things that I can do to help someone else out.
I’m more ap to give one dap, than to start a bout.

I ain’t bout ‘dat life – I live on a reel positive tip,
I’m Qui
and I’m much too HAPPY to bust you in the lip. lol!

Most Of All, I Feel blessed because you are here.
It’s the weekend baby, raise your coffee mugs and cheer:

Now get to work!

DON’T make me break my foot off in yo’ ass

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Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 8.55.53 AM— It’s Friday! It’s Friday! It’s the weekend alas!
I woke up this morning with the inclination to laugh.

You remember MAD TV and comedian Artie Lange?
He was always ‘doing the most’ when he was doing his ‘thang!

This was long before our bi-racial President Obama,
when MAD TV saw the genius in a black child with a white mama.

Black mom’s go hard and their unintended comedy can be a gas,
but not as OUT THERE as MAD TV’s white moma, who’ll put her “foot in yo’ ass!”:


DON’T test Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn + Carl CrawfordNow, I don’t have any problems with anyone – I do not have any beef,
But throw shade on Evelyn Lozada and she’ll return with the heat.

It seems like Wendy Williams has been talking a little too much again,
in an effort to beef up ratings, she dug into her “so called friend.”

The friend was Evelyn Lozada — see, she just had a baby,
and Wendy implied that she did it for money – an accusation, quite shady.

You don’t throw shade on a friend. They’re too few of them in this world,
especially when the friend you dump on has sold your husband shoes for his side girl.

Yep! Evelyn took to Twitter and blasted Wendy (in kind) and with all do respect.
And I’m thinking Evelyn ain’t lying, because Wendy hasn’t responded yet!

BOOM! Wendy Williams: Your daytime show does not make you invincible, big or bad.
You’re lucky Evelyn put your marriage on blast and not her foot in yo’ ass:

Evelyn Blasts Wendy Wms


DON’T Disrespect Me & Mine

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.43.31 AMLadies will be ladies and talk, but men, are much more crass,
this next video found a dude selling drugs at work and the boss put his foot in his ass.

Literally. I’m serious. So if you have a weak stomach, please don’t press play,
It’s like a fight between the matador and the bull, but the boss didn’t feel “Ole’!”



DON’T think Karma’s Sleeping

That's 33-year old Jeffrey Travis White giving the video taping motorist the finger before he CRASHED

That’s 33-year old Jeffrey Travis White giving the video taping motorist the finger before he CRASHED

My God, my God, what’s going on here?
It starts outs with a jeer and ends with a cheer.

God doesn’t like ugly and He will get with ya’.
You’re not above reproach, ol’ Karma’s ‘gone get’cha.

When road rage goes wrong and you’re filming the whole ‘thang,
You’re unlimited in pressing rewind to see ‘a fool crash in the rain’:


The moral of the story is, DON’T write a check that you cannot cash,
or the payee may find a viable reason to put his ‘foot up yo’ ass!’

It’s the weekend! It’s the weekend! It’s the weekend alas,
I’m Qui,
Peace and Blessings – It’s real talk, walk-the-walk and laugh.


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I am fortunate to have a great friends-connect on Facebook. Every week I find one or two posts on my FB news feed that makes me: laugh, think, shake my head (smh)  and sometimes even applaud out loud (aol).

Today is as good of a day, as any, to share a few of the interesting Facebook Tid Bits vying for time on my news feed:

Does this ever happen to you, even though you mean well? Don’t forget to be a blessing during your moment of traffic stressing…

Laugh at yourself

Wealth Inequality In America SHOT

Knowledge. Empower


This pretty much speaks for itself. At 1:05, I get a rude awakening. At 1:41, he starts talking about you. At 2:24, he says a “bad” word. At 3:50, he kind of breaks my brain. At 4:50, he lets you know how broke you really are. At 5:20, he rubs it in. And at 5:50, he points out that reality isn’t close to what we think it is…


Give a little Love SHOT

Click video picture to START the video

Love is free – give a little. I especially like to give it to those who act like they don’t want or need it. Have you ever met a person that refuses to shake your hand, because they want to come in for the hug? That’s me. My hugs aren’t always physical in deed, I’m also quick divvying out supportive hugs via encouragement and assistance. In fact, I’m loving on you right now in sharing this video. Will you take it? Equally as important is – Will you pass  it on?

What are you doing? Where’s your pride? What are your working hard for? Did you know it’s really NOT an ASSET if it’s on your arse? TD Jakes breaks it down in 2 minutes, check it out:

He's preaching to the choir... Right?

happy divider

There’s a lot of laughter involved here and a little bit of thinking,
Christian Road Rage is funny but Wealth Distribution is stinking.

A request to pass on more love is an easy task.
Be guilty of producing more than you consume – save more cash.

Put the money in the bank and not on your body.
Let fitness be the reason folks call you a hottie.

Get in the gym and ball on the court,
I’m Qui
Tid Bitting with thee with the Facebook sorts.