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Merry Christmas – from The Maxons

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Broadway Opening Night Celebration For

Merry Christmas baby, under all pretenses!
Last night the fam and I went out to see FENCES.

This morning I awoke, washed my face and put on clean clothes.
I confess I wear a sophisticated dress; I want to avoid being Rose.

The beloved playwright of last night never received high ratings from Neilson,
but you can bet your bottom dollars, I am all tuned in to Mr. Wilson.


Frederick August Kittel is AUGUST WILSON

AUGUST WILSON wrote the play and it’s been on Broadway many, many times.
Fences if about patching and mendin’ – I knew seeing the film would produce a rhyme.

The director’s vision was on time.
Yesterdays BLACK LIFE – looks like mine.

I’m thinking why and how? – in my mind, because the years have surely passed…
still the feel of the scene (it being a black thing) has survived; outlast.

How could this be? When the film started up in 1946 or so?
It’s the last days of 2016 and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Yo!

If you change the low housing to middle class suburbs —
You’d have been in my backyard or on my neighbors perch.’

Ouch! That hurts: Same economical issues and relationship whoa’s.
All of that stuff we thought over that TIME we had learned from and let go.

Rose’s life said ‘NO. We aren’t passed too much. ‘
August Wilson is that play write of whom I’ve got mad love,

but damn bruh! That was relatively ‘the joint.’
When we exited the theater, I heard a 60’s-something white womans point,

She said, “That was Horrible!!!” when another person asked her for her film review.
I wasn’t sure about her feelings o’ demure – because that’s the world she lived through.

She was surely approaching 70’s door, she lived through Rose’s era; day and time.
The theater was filled with senior citizens looking to re-live ‘some kind of sentimental shine.’

I think they thought, (because of the setting of the play write)
that this was a film would remind them of ‘yesterdays light.’

Mmph. Imagine the somber faces that exited the theater with me.
After ‘Nigger this and Nigger that,’ was expelled by Mr. Washington, D.

fences-lyrical-posterDenzel was phenomenal in the film. Who would think as much,
that he in one script could make me consider recoiling from him – my love. 😀

He was quite convincing as Troy Maxson, he was bogged down with the mundanes of life.
And I, will not be Rose; Viola Davis exceptionally played Troys wife.

Have you seen the film version of the historic and relevant play FENCES?
Don’t go with a faint heart, the weight of yesterday and today may break your winces.

In the end it was a good for everyone to see how it was and realize what’s going on now.
The last thing we need is another fence. For no reason. For no vow.

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow can be whatever you like.
Merry Christmas baby, I fancy #Griot on the mic.

I fancy retelling tales to you in rhyme,
“the going-on’s of the day” — line for line.

And so today is the Sabbath and the last one of this year,
I’m Qui
Merry Christmas to thee! For the annual sum, I bid you prosperity and cheer!



Good people know…

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Good people know each other. Good people can’t help the effect
of what happens when they get together on productive terms and connect.

Not exactly highlighting Vernon’s good, a winter series heats us best,
however,  just as we climaxed on Empire, we had a family death.

Vernon Turner took one to the head– ’tis Andre’s wife delivered the blow.
The writers were riding smooth sails then instructed to “make a head roll.”

Lee Daniels didn’t have a problem with it – to keep all characters, I’m sure that he tried.
Malik Yoba said he was shooting episode 12 when he first learned that his character would die.

He died in episode 12 — Talk about an impromptu early retirement.
Malik is good people indeed, he’ll land again in a good environment.

Empire went out pretty good, and Vernon died for no good reason.
Please believe I’m hooked and can’t wait to jam it again next season.

Olivia Pope is good people, the new guy at the bar is the payer.
Olivia is in search of something more, she’s acting as “the role player.”

She’s all dolled up with no conversation, ready to tangle and twist.
I like the cut that Shonda’s giving…a shade of grey is in our midsts.

And then there’s American Crime. Have you been watching this cast at play?
Good people know, that this is the show, and we miss not a broadcasting day.

If you haven’t been watching, lucky you – it’s still quite early,
we’re on episode two, not much back work to do, if you jump on now and hurry.

I’m digging the network’s. TV is quite seasonably greasy.
They’ve got black folks reigning yolks, like living life is easy.

And it can be, if you set life up to allow you the room to grow
and network with the like minded, because Good people know

how to band together and make fantastic things happen.
Shonda and Viola Davis keep #HTGAWM cracking.

Good people know good-and-well that if you get in trouble
your best bet is to call 1-800-Keating on the 911 double.

No need to commit murder, Good people know,
that while living black you’ll attract harrass;
Legal up or to jail you go.

American Crime is a good show of that and Mr. Carter Nix
is currently under lock and key for being in the wrong mix.

He’s the black dude that’s accused of killing Barb and Russ’ son.
I know good people when I see them and most parents are #1.

Matt’s parents represent a demographic, but they don’t represent mine.
John Ridley has it going on in the creation of American Crime.

He’s got my Thursday evening time slot and my viewing attentions;
I couldn’t refuse highlighting this hue – good creation deserves a mention.

Are you watching any of these shows?
I am because Good people know

variety is the spice of life and that, this will never change.
Good people also know, the tide brings and takes shows
they need your viewership to maintain.

To all Good people that I know, I do beg of thee,
to give American Crime a chance to make tv history.

So far, I’m digging all that I see – yippee and yo!
I’m Qui
Watching a little TV, because Good people know…

What’s REEL’y up.

Where is DRUCILLA today?

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DrucillaDrucilla! Drucilla! Won’t you please come back?
Neil is in trouble; his heart – filled with lack.

He married a girl named Hillary and she delivered the slash
that rendered his relationship with Devon to the trash.

I knew the marriage would be a farce, long before she ever said, “I do.”
She recited her vows to Neil when it was clear that your son was her Boo.

Shame on Devon too. Yes! He has earned the right to feel shame.
Things are such a familial mess, you’d be a reckoning change.

Drucilla! Can you hear me? [Changing direction] Can you hear now?
Make your way back to us anyway… anyhow.

You last dropped off of the scene via a very steep cliff,
You’ve been gone long enough to heal a leg, an arm and a hip.

If your heart is still in it – come back and look after your man.
If anyone knew how to organize chaos – it was you who lead the band.

It’s not fair for the only 2 black male residents on the show
to have to fight for the love of 1 woman, especially in the snow.

Yes girl. Neil, Lilly and Devon were in transit – elevation above ground,
when a winter storm appeared with quick alarms and knocked their plane down.

Jill, her hubby and his son were also on the plane.
Jill Abbot’s former “faux son” is your son-in-law, Cane.

Yes girl. Cane Ashby is from Australia, and his physique ain’t at all bad.
He’s crazy about your daughter Lilly and Jill Abbott married his Dad.

Hillary is new. You don’t know her. She’s not been too long around.
Seeking revenge after her moms fatal alcohol binge – brought her to town.

She blasted your family via the internet – in hopes to defame to no end,
and somewhere between getting busted and making folks feel disgusted,
she became Devon’s girlfriend.

She was sleeping with Devon on the low, after he inherited billions of dollars.
This was not good info for his sis to know — for he knew she’d scream and holla.’

Thererfore, he and Hillary gave no clues and raised no flags of alarm,
but the moment Devon tended to his real gf, ol’ Hil fell into Neil’s arms.

Devon eventually broke it off with his real gf but Hillary dated Neil in stride.
Devon egged her on to cut it off, but Hillary preferred “the chase and hide.”

You know the game “chase and hide,” you’re among the best who played it at will.
You had the same situation in your life, at one point, between brothers Malcomn and Neil.

The Y&R soap writers intended for Hillary’s scene to be like yours,
they may be right – it would be Hil’s delight…
Drucilla: Make it all a blur!

Hillary isn’t you and you have been M.I.A. on Y&R for too long,
I’m Qui
and I know its wishful thinking but “Baby Come Back” is still my song.

Drucilla, Drucilla. Where art thee?
Victoria Rowell: If you see Dru, please have her to call Qui. 🙂

 By: Bootha Vandross [formerly BooNaap]
 Boonaap - naapyupu

divider blk_south

But then…

Believe it or not and just as fast as I can write,
I found an article on Y&R  that nearly blurred my sight.

It seems Ms. Victoria Rowell has filed a law suit
against Y&R, and the details aren’t cute.

As much as I love Y&R I am saddened about the news
I must respect Mrs. Rowell and her in-house knowledgable view.

You can read the summary of the story HERE – and get this,
she’s suing for re-employment on The Young & The Restless.

I read this after my previous article – where I’m begging Dru to come back.
When there’s a vibe in the air, I usually catch it like that.

I will usually hit directly on a headline that is trending today
without reading a headline prior – without knowing the quoted say.

Anyway, Victoria’s gripe also covers the lack
of respectful treatment given to talent that is black.

Another gripe that she has is — and get this,
Y&R has no black producers that are executives.

This is quite believable, I just bear and grin
knowing the writers don’t understand how to connect brown kin.

I love the array of melanin tones that they have allowed to be mixed in,
though Darius McCrary may have been too black- thus his role had to end.

I laugh about it myself. Dark skinned folk aren’t just a rarity on Y&R
I think most black folk are surprised that Viola Davis is a serial star.

It seems to be, (and pardon me, my observation is from a chic who’s black),
that soap opera roles fashioned for us, are a bit thin and lack.

While I do recognize the lack of blacks, I am not quick to complain,
because other soaps struggle to cast any. Other soaps remain lame.

But what Victoria is trying to do, is to “even the playing field” at the risk of her own sorrow;
Victoria Rowell is going through the trouble to sue, for the young actress that will come tomorrow.

Rosa Parks didn’t take a stand for herself, she did it so others after her could have a seat.
Victoria is doing the same thing here. I pray Y&R will consider her concerns and meet.

Until such time, Neil will be in a doozy
and Hillary will be the “misplaced” floozy,

when it didn’t have to be like that — if we understood ethnic kin
and gave consideration to hiring at least 2 more black women.

Make one of them a single mother and the other perhaps a stripper.
One could be on “the struggle” and the other one could be richer.

One can fondle Devon and the other could call Malcom back.
Lilly will still have her Cane and Neil won’t be in a love lack.

I still want Drucilla to come back – for my own loyal viewership reasons,
I’m Qui
Connected to all that is young and even the restless during this season.

Baby Come Back!

Victoria Rowell


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Photo Flipbook Slideshow Maker

Here’s ‘your watercooler crib sheet’ for the month… and it is as follows::

1) A Song for Trayvon
Chaka Khan Leads the Charge

Is it time for another “We Are the World” or “That’s What Friends Are For”? Apparently so, according to Chaka Khan. The supersongstress gathered an impressive group of friends together to record “Super Life” in honor of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed young mangunned down in Sanford, Fla. Eric Benet, Angela Bassett, Kelly Price, Kenny Lattimore and Boris Kodjoe are among the celebs who donned hoodies for the recording of the song.

2) Juneteenth
Free at Last!

June 19th lives on in our history because on that day in 1865, Texans finally got the news about the Emancipation Proclamation — two and a half years after it had been signed.

Junteenth is a holiday or has an official observance in more than 30 states, including Texas, Alaska, Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin, Louisiana and Kentucky.

So toast with BIG RED soda pop and trade your raggedy clothes for something more upscale. it’s Juneteenth tradition

3) Best-selling Artists
No Bootlegging Allowed

In honor of Black Music Month, we scoured the records at the Recording Industry of America and found the handful of our artists who made the best-selling-of-all-time cut. No one is in the top 10, but the following made the top 100 list: Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Prince, 2Pac, R. Kelly, Jay-Z, Boyz II Men, Janet Jackson, Luther Vandross, Earth Wind & Fire, Sade and OutKast.

4) Black History Moment
Another African-American Invention

Edward T. Gilliam was the first Black man to earn a professional engineering license in the state of New Jersey. In 1976, as a mechanical engineer with Allied Chemical, Gilliam created a viscoelastometer, a device for testing solids in tire manufacturing that ultimately led to better ways to extend tire life. Despite such a significant breakthrough, a state official omitted Gilliam’s name when listing new licensees in a 1977 ceremony. Now 92, Gilliam (an uncle of former Pittsburgh Steeler QB Joe Gilliam and Boston College basketball coach Sylvia Crawley) was recently honored by the National Society of Black Engineers and touted for overcoming adversity and racism.

5) Oscar Update
Science Fiction Takeover?

Both Oscar winner Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis have told EBONY they would love to star in sci-fi movies, where they can expand their repertoires. Well, the wishes of The Help starts have finally been granted: Spencer is currently filming the thriller Snow Piercer a story about a rebellion staged by the few humans who survive global warming; and in March 2013, Davis will star in the movie adaptation of award-winning sci-fi novel Ender’s Game, a tale about a child who is trained to kill an alien race using video games that might not be games at all.

Ebony Magazine June 2012

The HELP – Aug. 12

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There’s never a dull moment in view
When reading the good ol’ E-W.

Obviously I’m a subscriber. The current issue [#1157/1158 June 3/10, 2011] boasts Jason Bateman on both covers, [double issue] and the two movies he’s starring in this summer, along side of other cool articles like BEST OF SUMMER 106 Things You Will Love. And then there was a short write up on a new film coming to theaters August 12th starring that crazy gal from Halfway Home Octavia Spencer. Do you remember Halfway Home? Unfortunately for me, there’s no footage of Halfway Home on YouTube, so I can’t share the view, though please know, Ms. Spencer is a fool.

So Octavia is mostly known for her comedy roles, however, from what I’ve read, (on the COMING SOON poster) her latest role in The Help — is more serious and touches on racism during the 1960’s. Octavia and Viola Davis play the maids to Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain. From all that the book indicates, this is a story of strength betwixt all of the women. In brief I understand that the reporter who gives the maids a media voice is white… So it’s not a hate story. I think its meant to be a historical reflection of our history while playing up the strength of the silver lining. I’m sure to catch in it theaters on August 12th. CLICK HERE to see the trailer then Peep what Entertainment Weekly said about it::

It’s a woman’s world in The Help, the adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s ubiquitous best-seller about some brave African-American maids daring to voice their experiences to a young white writer (Emma Stone, 22) in early-1960s Mississippi. Oscar nominee Viola Davis, 45, plays deep and deeply wounded Aibileen. Davis says the team of black actresses brought a particular sense of urgency to their roles. “These are the stories of our mothers, our grandmothers, our great-grandmothers, ” she says. “To the naked eye these characters could be full-out sterotypes, and it was our job to make them real.”

The pressure to tell a hard story with care brought out the loving best in the cast, according to Bryce Dallas Howard, 30, who plays Hilly, a wretched Junior Leaguer bent on humiliating her take-no-guff maid Minny (Octavia Spencer). “To be able to work with this ensemble of women,” Howard says, “it was like I was hanging out with all of my most supportive girlfriends and then all of a sudden there’s this movie that was made.” The cast’s camaraderie delighted director friend from Jackson, Miss. “There was an air of selflessness that you just can’t believe,” he says. “They were a family.”

It’s a common complaint that there aren’t enough rich roles out there for women, let alone women of color. So it’s material of this caliber into the hands of the aforementioned actresses, as well as Oscar nominee Cicely Tyson, Oscar winner Sissy Spacek, the formidable Allison Janney and The Tree of Life star Jessica Chastain. “The cast reminds me of the ensembles from The Color Purple, Fried Green Tomatoes, Steel Magnolias,” says Spencer, 39, “I’m so proud as an actress.”

Karen Valby

I don’t suppose I can say much more…
Our reflective history is never a bore.

I look forward to supporting the film on August the 12th,
Then duly come here and hammer out an in-depth: TELL.

It’s the beginning of a new week and my schedule is made.
Thank God times have bettered — I’m now ‘the reel maid’.

LOVE IT!!!! 🙂