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Embracing 9/11

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The OTHER SIDE of The Game

9/11 Birthday Babies

It has nothing to do with Erykah Badu’s rendition [The Other side of The Game], but more as it refers to the 24-hour display that September 11th reflects. Sure some exited on 9/11, but many were also born on this date. The astrological calendar calls them VIRGOs.

This is the month of the Virgo. Do you know any? They are by far some mystique folk. Their astrology icon is a lady packing wheat. Most astrology icons are animals, besides the duplicitous Gemini, but that’s another story for another month. The Virgo’s are friendly and out going to an extent. My sister is married to a Virgo whose birthday happens to be today: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brother-in-Law. Their union is among the rare. I am friends to and related to quite a few Virgo’s that contently roll solo – easy. So easy, I couldn’t imagine them getting married and succumbing to the rules that clearly state ‘the world does not solely revolve around you.’ I think bro-in-law finds his shoe to be a bit snug, but by outward appearances, you’d never know — because he’s a Virgo.

Virgo’s are smart. Virgo’s are sexy. Virgo’s are great friends. Virgo’s are like that big square piece that doesn’t quite fit into the circle shaped slot that is for regular purposes. They are of a custom design.

Aug 23 – Sept 23

Virgo’s are awesome parents and great friends. They are also good at making something out of nothing and that something will likely become a big awesome deal to others who observe it. Like in the case of the sexy bachelor Fab 5 Freddy. He is all that and a dozen of 30 x 30 canvases, but not quite for general purposes. I’ve spent quite a few 1-on-1 days with the Legend and he is not “normal”. He is fascinating, exciting, creative, intelligent, witty, but not, silly, mundane, cool’less, or regular. Even in his bathrobe, he’s not regular. His mind is always in progressive thought and his actions are swift, (often leaving others behind). Not because Virgo doesn’t care for them, but because opportunity is at hand – at such time he realizes he can do more good going forward, than staying behind to explain his next step. The Virgo has foresight and more often than not, he has insight. It takes a special mate to pair up with a Virgo and keep a balanced measure.

God bless Jay-Z, because Beyonce is surely a Virgo.
And heaven knows how he manages the day to day flow.

Michael Jackson is a Virgo, as is Charlie Sheen.
We’ve watched them both through the televised screen.

They are not “normal” their shape does not fit
within lifes general slots – thus they are a hit!

They are that virginic icon packing a-bundle-of wheat.
They can be terribly rough – then unbelievably sweet.

Though without them, life would lack an exciting treat,
I’m Qui
And for the Virgo — I remain open minded & sweet.

The world would be incomplete
without the wheat packing V.
)))Happy Birthday((( to thee.


We’ll never forget

A young memory. We’ll never forget.

I remember the day very well. My now 21 year old and 15 year old were both in elementary school. We were getting ready to drop them off when we heard about the airplane hijackings. Once we reached the school and walked inside to deliver them to their classes, we heard an overhead announcement say that one of the planes had crashed into a high rise in NY and with my youngest daughters hand in mine , I fell on my knees where I stood, (in the schools foyer/entrance).

You know 911’s story. I know the wound is still fresh.
Somehow it hasn’t vapored off – not even with Osama’s death.

I still think of those children and nothing I can say will bring them back.
Here we are a decade past and our enemies are still …click here to contiue