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A jamming weekend

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FALLBACK was 1 of the 9 bands that reigned at The 2014 PLUGGED IN Concert. Website broadcast COMING SOON.

FALLBACK was 1 of the 9 bands that reigned at The 2014 PLUGGED IN Concert and they ROCKED the house! Web broadcast COMING SOON.

Friday night, was the PLUGGED IN Concert showcasing 9 bands of reign–
then Sunday brought with it, talent and gimmick via those VMA’s.

I jammed my way right though it; rock, popped and rapped out loud.
The youth know best, no need to stress – it’s what their music is all about.

Fun, fun and more fun. It’s quite the nifty trick
It’s what they do when they’re with their crews – no word of politics.

And that’s a good thing to me. They’ll get to it soon enough.
Cherish the days of fun and raves, before politics comes up.

A jamming weekend has no limit, to any particular age.
Please feel free to skip NEWS TV to get down at a get-together or rave.

Let go and think about nothing. Like you used to when you were a child.
Lifes mundanity hails its vanity – though I bid you to let go and go wild.
Ooo child.

Life is whatever we make it.
If you have an opportunity to jam – do take it.

Post A jamming weekend dashes in a winning Monday.
I’m Qui
Jamming productively – and encouraging you to press play.

Start with this JAM of the day:

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 8.56.55 PM
A jamming weekend


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FUN at the Homecoming DanceThis weekend Perry High and Hamilton High are celebrating their homecomings. I remember my own high school homecoming. The football game was pretty cool (for a social networking ground) and the homecoming dance was off the chain. I did the smurf, the sheik, and the South Dallas drop. Do you remember any of those dances? Which ones were you doing? Good times, for sure.

Today twerking seems to be all the rage, but it’s certainly not new in my neighborhood. I suppose the scrutiny spotlight came on once Miley Cyrus tried to do it at the VMA’s. It’s certainly not for everyone. But she’s young and she’s hype. Personally, I would rather her do it today – at 20 years old, than to wait until she’s 40. If you think her muscleless hiney was flabby at the VMA’s imagine its hideousness 20 years from today. No sir. You don’t want that. 🙂

All twerking aside, I turned to Tim Milgram to cop some new moves. Tim is a choreographer and he’s light on his feet. If you’re still doing the cabbage patch, or the running man, STOP NOW and cop some of these moves:

If you really want to jam
Peep this white girl that gets down.

I don’t know her name, but she headed up Missy’s HOT BOYZ vid,
They had to put her in front – her precise moves should not be hid.

Each step is on point. Every dancer kept it real.
Choreography credits go to Martijin Sedgfield.

Check the videos and cop the moves that you can bust,
I’m Qui
on this homecoming weekend at the crib, kicking up dust.

Dancing is an awesome sport and great exercise too.
When you drop your kids off at the dance – take a minute & roll thru.
I’d love to dance (ie,…kick dust) with you.