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In the Interest of RESPECT

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When I was 18, I just knew that I was grown,
though my respect for my Mom kept me from doing all-out wrong.

My character proved to be strong.
And that was cool.

I later learned that being grown means more than graduating from school.

It takes each of us working on self and facing the tough issues with no choke.
We must inform ourselves on how the world works, understand your values, and commit to vote.

Every election is crucial and this one — all the more.
I prefer to talk love and TV shows, but democracy is what I adore.

November is an opportunity for us to unite and score.
Please stay optimistic. I do implore.

We must.
The land of the free is ours and in God we trust.

Look at your USD money.
God is all in the text, honey.

Women’s Rights and Health Care
is a humanity issue, not a grizzly bear.

Why is some of Congress in favor of killing Women’s Rights?
When you vote in November, remember WHO and vote your plights.

What do you want the world to be? In which direction would you like he country to go?
Think wide and beyond your social eye; research before you go out to vote.

Voting is not about popularity. We need infrastructure on the roads and reformation in the laws.
Midterm votes are most important in scope. Please go to the polls; don’t hem & haw.

Wait for what?
Women’s Rights are under attack in the U.S. cut.

Men are making laws about women’s bodies. Let us make laws regarding them.
What’s good for the goose is good for the gander; the goose is her – the gander is him.

November is coming fast, and I’m approaching each day with more hope,
I’m Qui

Good morning to thee. What’s on your mind? DON’T FORGET TO VOTE.



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Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Karma is real and something you will definitely feel. Please put into life what you want out…
Karma is real, please know the deal —what you wish for others is what your life will be about.

Taking care for your life because you and yours are all that matter.
Choosing to put God on the back burner will deliver you faster

to a place of stall and stagnation;
a place so dark that you don’t recognize your own nation.

First thing is first, remove yourself from all audible noise
then go into your prayer closet and tell the Lord

what it is the news anchor, newspaper, or your neighbor said,
then thank God for the wisdom and peace that is about your head.

Thank Him for angels of protection that are encamped around you
and to lead and guide you all the way through.

I am listing these prayers to help you out in “a thick,”
when life is serving you poo, karma is recording such biz.

Karma often looks like revenge for the sake of God’s kids…
and maybe it is. After all He did say that “revenge is His,”
and that, dear loved one, is square biz.

So please take heart in not knowing what man is going to do.
Build all of your confidence and faith in God – He will deliver you.

Be guilty of living mindfully, loving unbiasedly, and having a penchant to pray.
Good morning fam, happy is WHO I am. Let’s go DO SOMETHING GREAT.

6/27/2022 @ 1:05pm/E

Tomorrow the 1/6 HEARINGS will start up again.

Just last week the Committee adjourned and declared postpone;
put all on ice until July. BREAKING NEWS: “It’s back ON.”

Oh me, oh my.
What new 411 has come nigh?

With hands outstretched towards the open sky,
to the tube like bond glue, I will be a watchful eye.

YOU: Carry on with your Day 1 fun
as NEW NEWS continues to break, I will divvy a sum.


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Clarity and meaning.

I like to HIATUS. I really do love to do me. I pause the writes and hop a flight to spend a few nights in Cali or the NYC. 

Once in my accommodations I kick back and relax. I meditate and pray for bigger faith and God has got my back.

Creativity does not lack, new concepts are in the bag and I am grateful for that. 

As of late, I have been on hiatus in the era of Corona  – where masks and shield glass is all up on us.

Everyone should be mindful of spittle, cough and sneeze. The people are conflicted on what to do, who, and what to believe.

Please believe in the number of Americans that have died from this virus. Mask-up and handle up to help thwart our ill-spirals. 

The idiocracy of our day is on display as I travel to and fro. Let us find unity in community; let us focus and vote.

Our country is still young and we don’t relish in “choke.” If we have something to say, let us show up to the polls and vote.

I love the U.S. and I love you. It’s between you and I what we decide to do.

Though if you are still into the red, the white and the blue, I suggest bridging more understanding between me and you.

Where did MUTUAL RESPECT go? We can get it back. Let’s recommit to our unity-values and pin discord to the mat.

Tell outsiders who seek to interfere – to ‘mind your business and ‘get back. Forgo arguing on social media; don’t wear the mad-hat. Let bots troll on thots — you’ve got nothing to do with that.

Take a break sometimes and breathe; take a break from the societal fuss. To self preserve is still my word, so Do You HIATUS?

This morning I slept in and I’ll be having brunch in bed,

I’m Qui

thinking about we. Please marinate on what I’ve said.

IDIOCRACY is a movie, not a goal:

Avoid idiocracy. Vote.