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Hump This

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Good evening beloved. How are you today?
Are you propelling forward in a bold and defined way?

My journey is a mixed bag; I’m enjoying the route.
How’s that project that you’re working on, working out?

Mine are going well; I am working on two.
I’m spearheading both while Griot’ing with you.

Wear many hats much? Indeed, I do.
It’s fun, it’s exhausting, and worth it, too.

What’s going on in the news is interesting indeed.
I’m concerned about Congress and Manchurian seeds.

Need I say more?
It’s election time, again. Someone’s going to score.

Uh, 1-2. Uh, 1-2. Your life is about you.
Uh, 1-2. Uh, 1-2. What you do unto others will be done to you.

Uh, 1-2. Uh, 1-2. Let us comprehend what is good for the whole.
Uh, 1-2. Uh, 1-2. Worship no man in this land, lest you torture your own soul.

The warmth in the air makes me appreciate the Fall and Winter months even more
and reminds me to enjoy Earths temperature scale and show ungratefulness the door.

Are you still up for fighting COVID? We have all come so far. 
Are you up on ‘thangs going on in Ukraine? Godspeed the end of war. 

Are up to date on your boosters? Let’s not repeat our past.
I pray that our healing is something you’re feeling — because lock-down can’t come back!

Dearly did I miss traveling, so I recently returned to traveling the skies.
The act-a-fool passenger did not show hide nor hair; logistics were serene and nice.

Perhaps I’ll  do it a little more, or at least take more road trips.
Time is nonrefundable, familial love is wonderful, and like wine – anytime is a good time to sip.

My biological pouted lips delightfully stretch to smile 
as I enjoy technology, the weather, and you for a while.

What have you been up to, child? I pray thee do tell 
so that I can hump-up on your good fortunes for a spell.

Life is good. Lord knows the tube can’t show it all.
Still, I’m tending serial seeds that are thriving without stall.

Moving forward in progress means everything to me. What about you?
I’m Qui
Humping Happy on this evening. What are you humping onto?

Days left in the general work week are two.
Make them count for production towards the good of you.

Happy & Full of Hope

In Communication, education, encouragement, Griot, Networking, News, Self Improvement on March 2, 2022 at 7:32 am
Photo by Kelli McClintock on Unsplash

Happy and Full of Hope? Yep-yep. I am feeling it.
I was up early talking to God about Ukraine’s pain —He’s healing it.

Yesterday the world was watching the “War in Ukraine” scene…
Hate cannot stand when Love comes-in and leans.

The Ukrainian people know what I mean, and I feel “them.”
Those who wish them harm, karma stands ready to “hem.”

The world need not walk in dim, when the light is on.
Love is love, give somebody a hug and differentiate right from wrong.

Photo by Mark Duffel on Unsplash

The world is waking up to the idea…
Let love push hate out like diarrhea.

Hate is thick and is not picky,
but it can’t repel Love, because Love is sticky.

Stick-it to everyone you see today
and watch the face of opposition wash away.

DO IT. This prompt isn’t exclusive to Nike.
DO IT. I’m already strengthened knowing that you’re like me.

The day is at hand; please HUMP me.

Words don’t ever stump me because I like to Play.
I am Happy and Full of Hope on this beloved day.

How are you this morning? Please come-in for the hug,
I’m Qui
Griot’ing about WE. You deserve what you give: Love.