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We made it through

In Griot on December 26, 2010 at 9:59 pm

We made it through another Christmas

My wish was
for all to go smooth.
And in the end – all was real cool.
Nobody played the fool or hinted to: cut up
and our 5 course meal was more than enough.

We told stories and watched baby videos
of days long gone on a VHS roll.
Memories whose weight superceeds that of gold.
We’ll have to convert them all to DVD – if future generations are to behold.
My digital conveying services were then promptly sold. 🙂

No. I’m not a jew. I’m a free lance artist who rarely minds working for free.
I’m a black chic with a skillful list – I’m just glad my fam’ is down to support me.

So we made it through another end
And facing a new 52 week begin
I’m Qui
May 2011 follow suit – I’ve got plans for you & I to WIN!