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BIG SHOES, little feet

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or BIG FEET, little shoes – either way they don’t fit and it’s not a good look!

This piece is for my girl, Wendy Williams
who’s always good for some 411 spill-yum!

It seems her husband has polished UP  his “side chick” reelin’
and purchased her an 800Grand home – that Wendy ain’t feelin.’

More tea, for the spillin:’

This is all about KARMA. Karma ain’t no chump.
She has come for Wendy Williams. She will come for Trump.

Karma is real, I didn’t make her up.
Live by the sword – heal your own cuts.

I talk about karma all of the time
and Wendy keeps gossip lit & on shine.

So when gossip is addressed to Wendy and Kevin – alone
somehow it ends up at his side chicks home.

Must be the mailbox label (see video)… Karma ain’t no chump,
I’m Qui
Good morning Wendy Williams, today you bear the GOSSIPED Hump.

Dear Wendy: Regardless of the charted facts,
karma and all – I’ve still got your back.

We all have issues that are hiding in our secret pockets –
the point is NO ONE enjoys being the butt of GOSSIP.


Reel Life

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FilmProjector_ReelTapeAnd so with the release of Bey’s little sister kicking Jay-Z in the gut,
Solange is now a night show favorite; the absolute jokes butt.

The reason for the fight isn’t one that the family will soon tell,
and any publicity for little sister is good vs. no new record sells.

Disagreements and fights happen to us all – it’s not a rich mans tout.
Living and learning, loving and burning – is pretty much what it’s all about.

So Bey, Solange and Jay are working-it-out & determined to Twit out no squawk.
If you’re interested in living a quality life, peep Tyrese Gibson’s talk:

He’s not talking about Beyonce, he’s not talking about her little sis,
He’s not slam dunking on Jay-Z because he knows that would be a miss.

Tyrese is wise in his video ramblings, in fact, he unselfishly does it to share,
effectively implying ‘when you need encouragement, he’d like to be there.’

He’s in and out of court these days, regarding child support, per his baby’s moma.
She wants more cash, thus Ty’s life takes its own dash of “common drama.”

His inspired video-byte-posting idea has become a Facebook staple.
You ask why some people do what they do? It is simply because they are able.

wendy-williamsThat brings me to T.I. and Tiny – they are able to do quite a bit.
Between the hip hop power couple are kids that total about 6.

It was in the news a few months back that the relationship was falling hard,
when the two got into a heated debate backstage at the Grammy Awards.

Recently Tiny went on the Wendy Williams Show to dispel rumors that the seas are rough,
and couldn’t leave the WW spotlight without talking about her boobs and her butt.

Wendy asked if they were real, if Tiny chose the knife to keep appearances up?
In short Tiny said, ‘she’s not s’ked of the cosmetic edge – it’s great for a nip and a tuck.

T.I. continues to rock massive venues and his hits list is sure.
As sure as Chili dropping news about a TLC Australian tour.

She told Wendy all about it, and at 43, her skin is still glowing.
Chili also happened to mention of the tour, that Lil Mama is not going.

It’s hard work going on tour, singing and dancing on a fly.
But TLC did it all the time and never short-winded was Left Eye.

Kerry Washinton + HusbandLil Mama has performed with Chili and T-Boz before
and omitted an entire line of rap lyrics on the LIVE floor.

TLC was like, ‘Oh no! That can’t happen no more.’
Therefore LM won’t be making the upcoming tour.

Last but not least – in this line up of ‘life so crazy,’
is the April 21st delivery of Kerry Washington’s baby.

Alas! Isabelle is here and Kerry Washington is a mom,
I’m Qui
and Life is to be lived, for reel. What an experience. Its the bombs!

DON’T make me break my foot off in yo’ ass

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Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 8.55.53 AM— It’s Friday! It’s Friday! It’s the weekend alas!
I woke up this morning with the inclination to laugh.

You remember MAD TV and comedian Artie Lange?
He was always ‘doing the most’ when he was doing his ‘thang!

This was long before our bi-racial President Obama,
when MAD TV saw the genius in a black child with a white mama.

Black mom’s go hard and their unintended comedy can be a gas,
but not as OUT THERE as MAD TV’s white moma, who’ll put her “foot in yo’ ass!”:

CLICK HERE to see ARTIE portray a WHITE Mama


DON’T test Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn + Carl CrawfordNow, I don’t have any problems with anyone – I do not have any beef,
But throw shade on Evelyn Lozada and she’ll return with the heat.

It seems like Wendy Williams has been talking a little too much again,
in an effort to beef up ratings, she dug into her “so called friend.”

The friend was Evelyn Lozada — see, she just had a baby,
and Wendy implied that she did it for money – an accusation, quite shady.

You don’t throw shade on a friend. They’re too few of them in this world,
especially when the friend you dump on has sold your husband shoes for his side girl.

Yep! Evelyn took to Twitter and blasted Wendy (in kind) and with all do respect.
And I’m thinking Evelyn ain’t lying, because Wendy hasn’t responded yet!

BOOM! Wendy Williams: Your daytime show does not make you invincible, big or bad.
You’re lucky Evelyn put your marriage on blast and not her foot in yo’ ass:

Evelyn Blasts Wendy Wms


DON’T Disrespect Me & Mine

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.43.31 AMLadies will be ladies and talk, but men, are much more crass,
this next video found a dude selling drugs at work and the boss put his foot in his ass.

Literally. I’m serious. So if you have a weak stomach, please don’t press play,
It’s like a fight between the matador and the bull, but the boss didn’t feel “Ole’!


DON’T think Karma’s Sleeping

That's 33-year old Jeffrey Travis White giving the video taping motorist the finger before he CRASHED

That’s 33-year old Jeffrey Travis White giving the video taping motorist the finger before he CRASHED

My God, my God, what’s going on here?
It starts outs with a jeer and ends with a cheer.

God doesn’t like ugly and He will get with ya’.
You’re not above reproach, ol’ Karma’s ‘gone get’cha.

When road rage goes wrong and you’re filming the whole ‘thang,
Below — you’re unlimited in pressing rewind to see ‘a fool crash in the rain.

The moral of the story is, DON’T write a check that you cannot cash,
or the payee may find a viable reason to put his ‘foot up yo’ ass!’

It’s the weekend! It’s the weekend! It’s the weekend alas,
I’m Qui,
Peace and Blessings – It’s real talk, walk-the-walk and laugh.