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OMG! I thought that the BROWN vs. The BOARD OF EDUCATION case update was bad (children choosing the white doll over the black doll; good traits vs. stereotypical negatives). Leave it to Tyra Banks to find a panel of beautiful black women in a plethora of complextion (shades) to re-define…rebirth…BROWN vs. The BOARD OF EDUCATION.

The women were indeed BROWN and alot more mature than the children that participated in the study in 1954, but the results were unfortunately still dismal: The lighter skinned guests complained about being compared to whites or “mixed kids” when they are proudly 100% black and loving it – while the darker skinned sisters complained of being viewed as “slave black” and taking the brunt of every negative connotation and stereotype put upon the black race. One male guest on the panel admitted he doesn’t date black women, because they “just seem angry – like they sleep with their fists balled up”. Yep! He was black too. Hatred inside of our own race is our own problem.

Slavery was devicive – YES – but when do we come together to claim and love our own…to love ourself?

Beyond Tyra‘s insightful expose’ of necessary views
We continue to comb through and PERUSE the NEWS:

The oil well tests are extended – amidst real concerns
If the well line isn’t completely repaired-
an explosion won’t be spared
and Louisiana will again be burned.
THOROUGH WORK. When will we learn?

Research within the AIDS foundation is still a necessary HIT!
Have you heard about the VAGINAL GEL that could greatly reduce our contracting risk?

I love me some Wesley Snipes – to the credit of Mo Better Blues it’s true.
So I’m sad to report he’s going to “the big house” to serve a few.
A brothers TAX PROBLEMS have seeped back through.

Then there’s a racial misunderstanding about Shirley Sherrod that’s sensationally growin’.
To peep my thoughts on the USDA situation, peep the Griot laid Poem.

I’m Qui
on some urban hues


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack is quite the up standing man
He apologized publicly & re-extended his professional hand

Mrs. Sherrod is in thought. Mrs. Sherrod has stood strong.
Mrs. Sherrod is a gracious woman whose been done so boldly wrong.

Vilsack said asking for her resignation was his decision and his alone
and that he was not in any way influenced by the “WH” home.