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I can’t say enough about…

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The last few days — for they have truly impacted me,
but then these are “the usual vibes” I take away from the NYC.

I was merely dropping in to hiatus and perhaps write a little,
but hooking up with Fab5Freddy made all of the difference in the middle.

4/19/16 @ 10:30am I receive a text from the legend extending a lunch date. I accept! I call an Uber and get to Brooklyn pronto! Upon arriving at the address, I see Fab outside on a landing looking towards what obviously is a film production in process. “Yippee!! I’m going to be up, close and personal. I was bursting at the seams with curiosity as to what type of film was being shot but I restrain my curiousity and instead open up to absorbing as much of this experience as I could. I met an interesting dude while on set, a director, Vikram Ghandi. He mentioned a documentary film that he shot in Phoenix, KUMARE and how he enjoyed the experience. I researched the piece and while I haven’t seen it yet, the concept of the film and the way Vikram went about approaching the films production is a tale in itself. I can’t wait to see the piece. I met dozens of other characters while I waited in earshot distance of the filming and I’ll write about them on a later date. It was a good time that I can’t say enough about…

Fab and I did not spend as much time together  on this trip as I would have liked, for instance, we didn’t share one meal. Not even lunch. He was working. However, what we did share was far more substantial. We talked for what must have been hours…well, he talked and I listened – intensely. I learned a lot about a lot of things though especially about him. At one point I, actually thanked him for ‘clarifying and filling-in-the-gaps about his life on things that I honestly did not know.’ I then said, “the only reason I’d never asked of you this information prior is because I was sure you’d told this story a million times and I didn’t want to…” before I could finish he said, “No I haven’t! I don’t go around telling people my personal life information. You’re special.”  ——

I promise to God, I thought I was going to fall out.
The words were subtly said, but came with BIG ENERGY – no doubt.

It took me seconds to collect myself and work it out.
I’m thinking, ‘Words you’d want one to say – has been said aloud.’

Internally, I piped down, and then turned my face back to the legend, (Yes! Imagine that. I actually snapped my neck to the right away from Fab when he said that and was facing the wall while I collected myself. Length of time wall watching: 7 seconds +/-). I politely re-entered into conversation with a question and he continued to paint historical reminisces and references that I otherwise would not have ever known. How blessed am I? How lucky can you be? I’m all of the above and recognizing such is key and this was the foundation of everything that he told me. He was not coy in letting me know that he is blessed and he knows it.

He took me to his art studio in Harlem and I saw his mind burst with color and boundless energy…


He talked about appropriating art and how he pays homage to
and how the CAMPBELL SOUP TRAIN CARS were “exactly that” too!
Art appropriations.

I can’t say enough about his art. I really can’t. I can’t afford it either but who wants to dwell on that? 😀 I don’t. But I did linger in his presence and gained new perspective as to how he does it, his motivation and… honestly most answers came back having to do with ‘something from his life.’ The kid from Brooklyn. He was close to his mother, or as he put it, “My mother and I were close.  Unusually close.” Fab lost his mother a couple of years ago, but when I was in his presence, I felt her. I smirked. I wasn’t going to bring it up, but then he did. He feels and recognizes her energy. Again, I was taken. It’s not everyday someone converses with me about being cool with energy that they cannot see. I am very cool with it and I talk about it often, so certainly I was “heart warmed” and dimensionally informed about the legend when he spoke of his mothers energy around him. That’s #Good411.

fab5-subway-carsWe talked more about that famous Campbell Soup art on the subway trains that he painted too. Very cool backstories emerged. Very movie’esque stuff – still. Even though his film WILD STYLE incorporated and cross referenced a lot of what was going on with him at the time – being involved in the early days of HIP HOP, however it’s his early days of art development and his parental & familial influences (in the round) that is quiet appetizing. His life is a cool movie that we haven’t seen yet. I saw some of it when he told it to me the other day. Obviously it left a reel impression on me, therefore I can’t say enough about…


4/23/16 @ 6am — When something turns out better than you originally expected – ever say ye something similar aloud:
“This is so good. So very good. I can’t say enough about…” ?

I do on occasion. I love being caught off guard
and for what I experienced in New York – I must thank the good Lord.

I have to, because however were things orchestrated to be so cool — yo?
Not only was I on set with and visited studio with but I also accompanied Fab to vote.

Yo! Yo! Yo!
April 19th was their day to Vote.

I was thrilled to tag along. It was a well painted community picture
to top the earlier part of the day – spectating on set and meeting Vickram.

Meeting Jimmy and Chris was a whole ‘other act on its on.
That’s why I’ll write of them in the latter; comedy was strong.

Brooklyn. Brooklyn.
She can’t go wrong.

I really can’t say enough about her, I was sent there via Malcom X Blvd,
I’m Qui
and I had a good time in the NYC. Thanks Fab, supporting cast and the good Lord.

Now it’s time to get to work. I’ve got film scripts to tighten up and kick out…


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Tomorrow is the next Presidential Debate.
I’m hardly on fire and don’t mind the wait.

I’m ready to vote – my decision is made.
I bid thee God speed in casting your say.

And while you’re at it, please do KNOW for sure
That your employer can’t tell you who to vote for!

Carlton got married this weekend to his fiance of two months.
He’s still witty and she’s blond pretty – I pray their union yields big fun.

He’s also still dancing – the eagle has talon
and is teaching folks via The Body by Vi challenge.

Jessie Jacksons son is resurfacing in the news
He’s under financial scrutiny per the Feds Investigative views.

Tahj Mowry, is more than Tia and Tamara’s little bro,
He’s the star of ABC’s new series scene: a Baby Daddy show.

Yep! Tahj is still on his grind. Tahj is doing quite well.
Tahj was serious about his, and forfeited the limelight of jail.

A healthy girl is all the rage!
Check out these curves – and try to behave…

Fall is at hand, and Winter is destined to begin.
How are you recovering from Summer as it pertains to your skin?

Starting your legacy early is a delicate process – that’s known to go wrong,
Unless you’re Fab5Freddy spreading WILDSTYLE in Honk Kong.

It’s all good for this brother and WILDSTYLE is new again.
I’m among the genuine elites to call this living legend a friend.

It’s MONDAY across the globe – and I’m starting it with my hair down,
I’m Qui
Sipping the jo, passing on Reel-In-The-Know and glad to have you around.

October 17, 2012

Did you see the 2nd Presidential Debate?

Obama and Romney are making presidential debate history.
The way the masses are tuning in is a telling mystery.

Did you see it? If you didn’t, I am sure that you have heard,
Romney went rogue on a terroristic stroll and wanted to flip the moderator the bird.

Candy Crowly brought him back to planet earth with the transcribed hard cold facts,
the president said ‘terroristic’ in the rose garden” and Romney had to chew on that.

Testosterone was high in the room and entertaining was the show.
But if you thought the Pres was a push over – I’m sure that you now, better know.

Romney held his own (or rather his own feet to the fact-checking-fire),
I’m Qui
I enjoyed the 2nd debate and will be attuned Monday down-to-the-wire.